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 Kaguya, Kazumi [Shinigami]

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PostSubject: Kaguya, Kazumi [Shinigami]   Sun 04 Oct 2009, 3:25 am

Shinigami Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Kaguya, Kazumi

Age: 150

Visual Age: 15

Gender: Male


Personality: Sly, clever, cunning, shrewd, crafty, dark, secretive. These may be some of the words used by others for an explanation of Kazumi’s personality. They are a lie. Within the depths of his quick wit, and mysterious actions Kazumi is a rather lonely person. He has never, since his days in the Rukongai ever, had a real friend and has remained alone ever since. He can’t remember his parents, if he had brothers or what his life was like in the real world, which is why he is so resistant to companionship, and usually nonchalantly disregards others’ attempts to befriend him. Of course, Kazumi never shows any of his insecurities, which is why he is such a mysterious person. He smooth actions, along with his sleek movements only support their reasoning.

Appearance: Standing at 5’9 and weighting about 185 pounds young Kazumi has a slender, yet powerful build, which is usually hidden under his clothing, giving his opponents the illusion that he is weak. His eyes are a luminous light brown, and tend to change between light and dark depending on his mood. He has light caramel colored skin, with black wave’s circulating around the bulk of his head, extruding from the middle of his scalp like a ripple in a pond. Kazumi can usually be seen sporting a haori-like black blazer coat, which he would wear in any weather. Mounted on the center of the back of the blazer is a sheathe where Kazumi stores his blade. Under the coat is normally a plain, solid colored t-shirt of almost any color, never pink. He only wears denim pants, usually of the colors black, or blue with no designs or special symbols, only a belt.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 5'9

185 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Light or Dark brown

Nicknames: Kazu

Reiatsu Color: A light metallic Grey

Reiatsu Power Level: Would like to be 11th division captain, if approved.



Tends to skip pleasantries and dive right into battle

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


~Events Leading to the Joining the 13 Gotei~

Kazumi seated himself in the back of a small bar of the Rukongai. It was nothing more than an old run down shack where all the drunks and failures of the Rukongai came, Kazumi included. The dark brown encrusted walls were revolting, along with the smell of old yeast and sweaty gym socks. The bar was lined with stools, and there were tables strategically placed all around. Glass was everywhere; you could hear the cling of a bottle colliding with someone’s head every now and then, a cause for a little entertainment.

Kazumi did not have many things to do these days, he could not remember his life as a regular human soul, so there were no memories he could look back on, and so he would often spend some time at this bar. It provided a little entertainment in his life seeing as he had little to none in his home. This day he had been having a drink all by himself when an old man stumbled upon him, having been drinking heavily the man tried to mumble something to Kazumi before falling flat on his face onto the stained oak floor. Kazumi chuckled and took another sip of his drink. The man stood with an agitated grit of his teeth. Before Kazumi knew it the man was upon him with an empty bottle of alcohol aiming directly for the temple of his head. “Ha-ha,” precisely ducking his head to the back the bottle flew past his eyes. Kazumi stood smashing a bar stool in order to get the lengthy part of it off. Kazumi held a blunt instrument which was one of the stools legs. Kazumi drilled the man in the chest, knocking his petite body to the hardwood floor. Several thugs in the bar saw what happened and charged at Kazumi. He made quick work of the lot, breaking several of their limbs and smashing them in the head rendering them unconscious.

“Nice try old man, but you should have aimed more carefully.” Kazumi helped the old man up, Sorry if I hit you too hard but, around here there isn’t much to do, whenever I get some action I take full advantage of it.” Kazumi had a thirst for blood and battle yet he did not realize it yet but his body was fully aware. The old man dusted himself off, and spoke while rubbing his head, “Quite some power you got there. You know there’s a place for people like you.” Kazumi’s right eye brow rose slightly and he seemed interested. “Ah yeah, where might that be?” “Oh you’ve never heard of the 13 Gotei? Well they are what you may call the protectors of the spiritual world, they are said to face off against many powerful opponents, which I believe is just for you.” “I’ll look into it,” Kazumi strolled out the bar whistling and carrying a jacket slung over his shoulder.

~Years in the Academy~

His eyes pierced the air like an arrow shot from a bow. Kazumi could feel the intensity rising, and rising, steadily rising until he disappears in what the shinigami call shunpo. Kazumi was uncertain to where his adversary had gone, but his keen instincts told him to look to his right, “Success!” It was a good thing Kazumi prepared for the strike on his right arm or it might be missing about now.

Kazumi was in the middle of a training session in the Shinigami Academy training grounds. He wore the standard white academy uniform, with the solid red stripes that ran ever so quickly along them. He really hated those uniforms for some unknown reason, they really seemed to clash with his quiet and secretive personality, they were too ‘Loud’. In fact the whole place was too loud for Kazumi’s taste; there was the momentary chant of undetermined kido, followed by a brief flash of light, along with the earsplitting sound of metal against metal out further into the training fields. Kazumi had no real friends in this place, nor did he desire any. He was a loner for the most part, but compensated with his conviction to improve his skills. He always took the extra time he had, whether it be during lunch or an evening break, he would be out on the training grounds honing his power. During this time actually, Kazumi discovered that his main attribute was his zanjutsu skills, so upon the following years kido took a back seat. Up until he was finally assigned to the 11th division his life was quite uneventful.

Role-Play Sample:

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Kaguya, Kazumi [Shinigami]   Sun 04 Oct 2009, 4:55 pm

Bah, good enough. The rest of that csn be played out with the flash-back area, which is one of the reasons I made such a thing. Fun, right? Convenient, right? Anyways, I'll APPROVE you, and allow you the Captain spot. However do bear one thing in mind, keep up the good quality of your post, if you wish to keep the spot that is. Make sure to activate your character sheet, and put down the necessary information.


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Kaguya, Kazumi [Shinigami]
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