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 Rebecca ~shinigami~

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PostSubject: Rebecca ~shinigami~   Thu 04 Jun 2009, 6:33 am


Rebecca Seitz

Visual Age:

Real Age:


Her hair had been short and shoulder length most of her life, however as soon as she had been accepted into the third division she had grown out her hair ever since. She sports a dragon tattoo on her right calf. and the number '03' is sported on her left arm, signifing she is in the third divsion. She stands at 5''2 as well.
She is often seen in a regular shinigami robe altered to her liking. When wondering around casually she tends to look a bit crossed between girly girl and punkish. Always sporting jeans when dressing out of her shinigami robes. Her hair id worn either tied in a pony tail or naturally down.



* Rebecca is a master of disguises and personality changes. She can change her personality to avoid suspitions on certain missions. She can act like a classly lady one moment, then a flirtatious prostitute the next. However her regular way she acts is only seen by other fellow shinigami.
silly and bubbly- thats two ways to put it, she is fun, bouncy and sweet, however she is loyal and sometimes calm, but she is short tempered and gets angered easily. some times she acts like she doesnt care. when meeting new people she is shy and says little, but when you get to know her she acts cheerfull and silly, doesnt really get attched to anyone. she may try to act silly just to make others laugh, since she can never stand to see people mad or sad. She is rather clumsy as well but it seems as if in serious times she doesnt fall as easily
she is a sucker for love, She will fall for a man who is nice to her and apreiciates her.
she is rather emotional, and can cry easily, her emotional self gets hurt easily. she was a honor role student in her school, proving she has brains to asses situations, but she can find almost anything shes looking for if its lost. She is great at art and swordsmanship. When she is angered she tends to loose control of herself and craves to fight. She bottles up her feeling inside, and they end up pouring out in some emotional battles.

time on earth
she was born on october 6 in a small town hospital. she lived with her mother and father in a old house aways from her granparents farm. she had one brother named Blaze who only shared the same mother as her and was three years older then her.
she lived with her mother and father till preschool, until one night the two got into a fight as Rebecca and her brother played a board game infront of them, the two .parents yelled at eachother and swore hatred at eachother, yet insted of doing something the two children knew to act like nothing happened even though they were hurting inside. her parents stayed together until she was in preschool. she wanted to stay around the area
but after her parents split up she moved around with her mother throughout her life, first is was a nearby town, one still close to the farm. She attended a new school, made new friends, and lived in a new house.

The night was dark on night, no moon, no clouds, just darkness. Rebecca had fallen asleep in her small room she shared with her brother at the time, She had awoken in the middle of the night.
" it..heat? those were her first thoughts hse had, still confused abot what was going on.
"whats going on... Rebecca's eyes snapped open, she was young and confused, and scared, Everywhere around her, flames, burning flames coming closer and closer to her. She began to panik, scared to death
"im gona die! i dont wana die!! let me out! let me out!!!" she bagan to scream, her hands over her head, She came to realize she wasnt in her room that she had fell asleep, Her eyes teared from the smoke but she could see a figure, blurry but she knew something was there. A hollow, a hollow that had set the house on fire, trying to trap its victims to devour their souls. Seing this frightened her more, But she could see another figure, still as blurry as th hollow yet it wasnt after her, it was after the hollow. She had stoped her screaming, becoming speechless from the things she was seeing at her age.
"ah i shinigami, another tasty soul for me to eat tonight,"
"aha in your dreams, you think you can trap innocent people then devour their souls, you hollow bastard you dont know who your dealing with, Im Trever Lee! of the sixth division"
She watched as the hollow was slaughtered by this man. This was her first encounter with a shinigami, a shinigami that had saved her. Before she could thinnk about it all she had passed out, inhaling to much smoke, but when she awoke later on, she was outside, saved, her family rushhing to her aid. She was still confused but she was sure she saw the things she did, and she knew they wernt a illusion, but she could never tell any one about what she saw. they would only say that she was seeing things. rebecca remebered that name, wanting to know who that person was, that Trever lee. She then was moved three hours away from that town, when she was in grade four
, then back to another town close to her grandparents farm. every weekend shed visit her grandparents farm and sometimes her dad. but then her mother had problems so she was taken away from her mother and taken to live with her dads at age 12, her dad had another woman. soon after her dad sent her and her brother off to live at their grandparents , even though she never minded. but her dad moved about seven hours away had a new kid and married the woman, so rebecca felt like she wasnt needed. To the teachers in her school she was a grade A student, a honor roll student. She was smart but constently fustrated. She always held in the stress and any emotional pain, trying to hide it from everyone else, finding that she didnt want to bother people with her problems. She knew she was different, after the day her house caught on fire, things wernt th same, she bagan to see things, hollows. She wanted to know more about this strange world that comingled with her world. She was always a curious one.

Rebecca had always loved to make friends and meet new people, although at times she bacame shy but in time that would go away and shed be more silly around them. She never did have friends for that long, due to the fact that she hadto move around constently and she never kept the friends long enough. But she knew in time they would forget about her. Learning to become relient only to herself when she was in grade four she seemed distent from her family, only finding true welcoming at her grandparents farm. after moving away with her mother again,, who had a alcohol problem she was taken away from her mother by the police yet again. being sent 7 hours away to live with her father, she was now 15.

her father was always a funny guy, but short tempered, she dirived her personality from her father, only looks she inherited from her mother, closely resembling her. If you hld a picture of her bedside a picture of her mother at the same age you wouldnt be able to tell them apart. He father had remarried and had a new kid,, but seemed to pay more attention to them, and seemed to shut her out, Rebecca was always interested in swords and many other things, although others disaproved of her interests and she seemed to be alone. she should have died years before, like when she was caught in the middle of a blizzard and her the car broke down, she almost commited suicide after beong a loner from school as well, two months later she moved away from her fathers, being kicked out cuz her room was being given to her fathers new child,
She was on her way to th bus station whn she saw another hollow, lurking, like it was stalking its prey for a attack, over the years the blurry images that were th hollows became more clearer, the hollows were uguly craetures but she also saw the shinigami. Speaking of shinigami, another one came out of nowhere, attacking the hollow with great speed, She watched as the shinigami swung his zampakuto, slashing through the hollows mask. She then wanted to talk to this shinigami, he never seemed to noitice her, his back was turnd to her, and noone seemed to be around.
Rebecca had grabbed a small rock, throwing it at the shinigami, hitting him in the back of the head, he turned around, somewhat surprised by the fact she could see him. she had talked with this shinigami, askd all about the soulsociety, and h talked, he told her about the 13 gotei, hollows, wholes, how to become a shinigami,..everything. She then had asked this shinigami a question
"do you...know someone named Trever Lee?"
the shinigami's smile fell a bit
[/i]ya i do, ...he was a seated officer of the sixth division, why,,[/i]
Rebecca looked to the ground, clenching her fists slightly, he....saved my life long ago, if you see him tell him that the little girl he saved from a hollow in a burning house says thank you..." she muttered, the shinigami's smile fell, and he looked to the ground.
[i]"i wont be able to tell him that, you see, trever got killed in a hollow attack awhile ago"

Rebecca was shocked, the person she wanted to thank was gone, and he would never know how much she wanted to thank him,,
before boarding the bus to take her to her grandparents place, she took a old dagger like weopan with a dragon carved in the handle, she carried it with her everywhere at her grandparents, knowing the gangs that live around the area she was always afraid they would break into the farm house, or set the animals loose. she dropped out of school, being a hounor roll student the school disaproved, she would spend her free time helping out at the farm and training horses and drawing, art was one of her passions. she always played around with her sword, she even enrolled in a school of swordsmanship, and she finaly felt at home at the farm

her death
The night had settled for a few hours, it was dark. only to be cast aside and broken by the moon which was hiden behind the clouds. rays of light streamed out making the area luminous and beautiful. but its beauty also brought a odd feeling, a slight fear. As it was never comfortable in night because the night was never safe.
rebecca sitting on top of a old brick house. the moons light hitting her back, and the slight breeze shifted her hair. she was sitting there watching, now that the mud has dried up from spring it was the time of year that people wondered into thier family's farm from the path in the forest causing mishchief, often groups of people hid out in empty shacks and were ususaly hostile people. her job was to protect everything such as live stock and grain that was drying in the bins. Rebecca had closed her eyes. the long day and staying up so late wasnt good for her. she held her legs to her chest and rested her chin on the top her knees. feeling herself drift off slightly. she reopened her eyes, knowing that for one, falling asleep on the roof wasnt such a good idea and two she shouldnt fall alseep just yet. Then taking her time to hop off the roof as quietly as possible so she never woke any one she took a walk down the path behind her house that led by a field and to some cattle, this is where she checked the empty storage buildings
"ah, so its settled, we'll leave for town in the morning. Remember to do your jobs and clean up the mess, and dont let anybody find out about the plan, and make sure you have the address to the mayor, i dont need you idiots killing the wrong person again"
rebecca could hear the voice from inside one of the buildings, her back pressed against the wall. she knew she had to get outa there . taking a steps through the path, trying to hide and be careful, these were probably assasins or hired guns, to take out the mayor, and by the sounds of it there were three of four guys. Her foot steped on a old falled branck making a crack sound. her body froze, she automaticaly began to run when she realized they noticed her. she ran through the path in the bush, hopping along on a few steps as she tryed to grab the knife hidden by her ankel, then stumbled a bit, she fell face first on the ground, being triped by wire attached to two trees. her hands were taken and held behind her back, she realized that she would be killed.
She stomped her foot on the mans toe, manadging to get her hands free as she grabed her knife, swinging her arm around and slicing the mans chest, her heart quickened as she attacked the guy. threee more were after her and she thanked herself for taking the kendo classes she did. she let them come to her, one guy she killed by slicing him repeatedly in numerous places till he was covered with blood and passed out, andother guy she slit their throat, and the last guy her blade ran into his chest, she was panthing now, a loud bang ehcoed hat made her ears ring, and a sering pain ran through rebecca's chest as a bullit was fired from a gun that the man kept hiden. she felt the warm sticky blood ooze out from her wound and the weight of the mans body lean ontop of her. her effort now were to make it back up the trail to her house, each step felt like a eternity to her. her hands, now covered in drying blood were held over her wound, the blood loss was to much, and the path to the house was to long, her body felt weak and dizzy, her eeys slowly closed, her body felt numb as she collapsed and hit the ground, slowly waiting for death to find her, as she slipped into darkness. the thought came to her, she could become a shinigami, kill hollows like Trever Lee, she would, in time....she as sure of it....

[Time in rukongai
after awakening to being nothing more then a spirit and then to sent to rukongai she merely spent her time doing nothing, she had nothing to do. shed sit at the edge of alleyways scribing small peices of art on torn parchment, sometimes she got into fights and wonder around. it seemed as if she wasnt needed anywhere and he felt she had no meaning to be around in a place like rukongia. she didnt know what to do, and began to loose hope about becoming a shinigami,

she caught the eye of a fellow shinigami that passed by in a patrol, he ended up breaking up the fight between her and another person, the shinigami was a seated officer and saw potentail in her, so he reported back to the Seretei and said "meet us by the gates of the seretei when the sun starts to set" having nothing better to do rebecca waited by the gates, and waited. it seemed as if the shinigami wasnt going to show but when she lost hope the shinigami boy along with others were there and took her into the seretei, where they had a disscussion on whether Rebecca wanted to become a shinigami or not. Rebecca wasnt sure she really wanted to do work, but the fighting drawn her in, she did remember she died in her first life or death fight but she somewhat enjoyed the battle and so she said she would join and become a shinigami. she was accepted to be taken into the academy, Rebecca had reconized thie shinigami who spotted her. It was the shinigami that she had met before boarding the bus, and her remembered her as well. and her hope was coming back.

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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca ~shinigami~   Thu 04 Jun 2009, 6:34 am

Rise as a shinigami
she enrolled in the achademy, although hating to study she did, but often got in trouble for doodling all over her work. It was hard during the achedemy as some shinigami there were absolute jerks, she had a boyfriend named bry who was a total jerk but refused to let her go, even though he always flirted with other girls. the day that the so called 'relationship' was broken off, Rebecca had been cornered one night, molested by her ex and two of his friends, along with rape. This brought out more rage, and only made her want to get stronger, she had become more determined in the achademy.
she loved the sword fighting and was quite good at it, sometimes in her free time she'd ask other students to spar with her, but another talent she had was kido, she was above average in her classes in kido, but her best spell was destruction art number 4- white lighting, it was more powerful then what the other students could cast. and finaly she graduated with flying colors from the achademy. She was first assigned to squad 6, the same squad as trever lee. she was a seated officer.
Soon she was transfered to the third divsion finding she suited the tasks there better then other swuads, even though she liked being in the sixth divsion, however the transfer didnt bother her as she enjoyed her duties there
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca ~shinigami~   Tue 16 Jun 2009, 7:45 pm

So Rebecca, You have to add an arc about the Destruction of Soul Society, and how you became part of the group Ragnarok.
For more information, please look over the plot.
Also, if you want to apply for Captain Rank, I want an RP sample.
1k Words.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca ~shinigami~   Sat 20 Jun 2009, 3:26 am

whoops, i forgot to add that x.x

ill do it another time and i dont want a captian rank
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca ~shinigami~   Sat 20 Jun 2009, 3:50 am

In that case, edit the history and Inform me when its done.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca ~shinigami~   

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Rebecca ~shinigami~
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