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 Kuchiki Mai (Shinigami)

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PostSubject: Kuchiki Mai (Shinigami)   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 4:28 am

Name: Kuchiki Mai

Age: 90

Visual Age: 12

Gender: Female

Division: Thirteenth Division

Personality: Mai is not very unique truthfully. She is a rigid person, always giving off a perfected appearance no matter what truly courses beneath her skin. Akin to the placidity of a lake. Appearances are important to Mai, insofar as maintaining her station in life. She tends to be apathetic and cold, mercy being something she disdains. Not through any sense of cruelness, but more so because she simply does not care.

Mai is extremely proper, caring about precedence and things like that and she has an acute sense of propriety. She cannot deal with confrontations of the vulgar sort and tends to completely ignore anyone who attempts them in her presence. Politeness is a cardinal rule, and she holds to it even when asked not to.

She isn’t exactly arrogant, but she does believe in her own abilities and sense of self. Pride in what she stands for and pride in what she does; of that she has much. Consequently honor and justice are also important to her, although sometimes Mai’s sense of justice is skewed compared to what is considered normal. However let no one say that if she incurs a debt she does not pays it back in full.

She is really, one of those one-dimensional people. Not very interesting, but there nonetheless. She has clear goals and concerns, and everything else is a secondary concern.

Appearance: Mai has long black hair, the color of ravens wings. It’s sleek and shiny and she wears it up, with small braids framing her face. An assortment of Kanzashi decorate her hair, including kenseikan, birra-birra/shidare kanzashi, hirauichi among others. Her face is oval shaped, with aristocratic features including high cheekbones and pale skin. Her eyes are thin and almond shaped, with thick black lashes and perfectly arched eyebrows. Her pupils are a light purple silver. She wears the standard Shinigami uniform when on duty, along with Geta. Off duty she likes to wears elaborate kimono, especially ones colored red.

Height: 5'

Weight: 100 lbs

Reiatsu Color: Pale Silver-Purple

Reiatsu Power Level: Lieutenant level (If I can get the rank. XP)

Likes: Kanzashi, Kido, Order, Formalities, Dancing, Moonlight.

Dislikes: Mud, Crass people, Coffee, uncouthness.

History/Background: Mai was born into the Kuchiki Family, however at the time of her birth many changes were being wrought inside the grand Noble Family of Soul Society. Their numbers were dwindling, and consequently so was their power. Thus when Mai, a child born from fortuitous and highly regarded parents and in direct line for inheritance, was brought into life there was a pervasive sense of happiness. Because of this, as a small child she was viewed with indulgent fondness, and she grew up in relative luxury. The favored child of her generation, she was gifted with many things and none could say that her childhood was a bad one.

She spent her time as a well-born young lady should, practicing ikebana, origami, calligraphy, sado and other appropriate studies. The Kuchiki Family is an old one, and as such traditions reigned over her adolescent period. She took joy in her lessons, soaking up the edicts and ways of life of a Noble Family. Truly, she was a good heir. But throughout all of her lessons, what she enjoyed the most was Odori, and she spent hours going through the graceful motions and imprinting them in her mind.

At a suitable time, she began her training in the arts of the Shinigami. As with all other things, she was pleased to be allowed to undertake the training, and she was naturally skilled. Of course, she had the best tutors available, and it was to be said that she certainly started training younger than most souls did, born to the lifestyle as she was. Even so, her steady progress, making leaps where others tended to stumble, garnered her some small amount of attention and she was considered in some ways as a genius. Mai did not hold herself to the words of others though, as all she saw in her progress was flaws, and thus she never felt truly happy with her skills. Something which pervaded even into her adult life.

Her content life was idyllic, and for many years she was wont for nothing, happy to train and grow. Her lessons were never dull, and soon enough she began to show the trappings of an adult in her demeanor and comportment. A true Kuchiki heir, and time was good for a long while. Cocooned inside the Kuchiki Manor, outside affairs hardly brushed against her life. But soon enough, Mai grew restless. Not so much for battle, as she did not wish to dirty her hands so quickly, but for something outside of her home. It took several carefully planned years, but eventually she was able to convince the esteemed elders of the family that she was ready to join the Thirteen Divisions.

Role-Play Sample: -

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PostSubject: Re: Kuchiki Mai (Shinigami)   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 4:31 am

Beautiful application, approved.
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Kuchiki Mai (Shinigami)
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