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 Eiki The Shinigami (finished)

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PostSubject: Eiki The Shinigami (finished)   Fri 13 Nov 2009, 10:04 pm

Shinigami Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Eiki Tategami (First Last)

Age: 2410

Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male

Division: 2nd

Personality: Eiki is a well mannered man always trying to impress others. That might indeed be his greatest flaw he always wants to impress and save everyone. He is often happy and joyful around others but deep down he feels as if his life is incomplete and his true purpose has yet to be revealed to him. Eiki has often been referred to as a lion, strong and courageous. However, in the face of evil he will stop at almost nothing to demolish it. He would not sacrifice anyone else in his squad or otherwise but he would sacrifice himself or his reputation or his standings as a Captain.

Eiki loves animals especially dogs. He likes the real dogs not the little tiny fake dogs. Eiki’s favorite dog would come down to either a German Shepard or a Rottweiler. Along with his love of animals Eiki is very found of sparing or training. He loves the thrill of battle without the worry of someone getting hurt. Which brings me to the next part of his personality, Eiki is very passionate about fellow shinigami and human’s lives. He does not like anyone under these categories to get hurt or injured in the line of battle especially when fighting with him. If you got seriously hurt or fatally hurt under Eiki’s command he would see this as a great dishonor brought on by his lack of protecting others. He would never forgive himself.

When Eiki stands he looms over everyone although he tries not to he does do it. Also, when he smiles he smiles like some would call a “super villain” would although he would very much be in the role of a hero he looks as if he were a villain and he can be very intimidating. Eiki does not mean to be intimidating but secretly he does enjoy the respect it commands from both superiors and subordinates.

Eiki is also very honorable. He hates it when people act unhonorable because he believes it brings shame to all those who surround them and shame is something that does just not happen. Even if his opponent is the least honorable person in the world Ekik will stick to his personal code of conduct.

Eiki is a fairly well toned man with fairly big biceps and triceps. His light brown hair does change to a dark, dark brown during winter and back to it’s light brown in summer. While alive Eiki obtained tattoos to make himself look more like the tiger everyone knew him as. He also genetically altered his teeth so his two canines were enlarged making them look like tiger fangs. Although, he has genetically enhanced most features of him to look like a tiger he has kept his finger nails the same as he does not appreciate long nails as they seem to bug him as he’s eating.


~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 210 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Nicknames: N/A

Reiatsu Color: Dark Green

Reiatsu Power Level: Captain

Likes: Training but not necessarily battle, his zunpaktou, people with honor, animals.

Dislikes: Arrancar, death of people under his command, serious injury of people under his command.

Eiki often blames himself for all the misshapenings that happen around him. He usually goes all out in training causing some people to get hurt.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


Living Arc
Eiki grew up just outside of Ottawa Canada. He lived on a farmhouse with his mother, father and brother. Eiki was home schooled along with his brother. His mother and father both had teaching degrees allowing them to home school their two children.

At the tender age of twelve Eiki visited a carnival which had just come to Ottawa the day before. He went with his parents and his brother and once they got there the two children split off from their parents. Eiki had always been attached to his brother doing whatever he would say. It was from his brother he gained his sense of honor and manors so when Eiki’s brother wanted to go into the haunted house he could not say no. At first Eiki was against it but his brother convinced him there was nothing to worry about and he would be there to protect him. When they went to the door the ticket man said only one person can enter at a time so after a small debate Eiki’s brother went in first. Eiki had protested against this but when his brother had gone in Eiki hurried to follow. The door opened to a pitch black room and Eiki was shoved in by the ticket man.

Eiki was somewhat scared of the dark but no more than the average person so once in he began to call for his brother. When he heard a faint noise in the distance he rushed to where it was originating from. He found a man standing alone in the only light in the room, but it was not his brother the man was far too tall to be his brother. Eiki slowly moved up to the man and that’s when he noticed the man was holding a hand gun and there was a body lying at the man’s feet. Eiki quickly turned around and ran to the door in the rush he knocked over an inconveniently placed wrench making a loud clang noise. The man standing with the guy simply turned around slowly and brought his finger up to his lips saying “shh” to Eiki. Eiki turned back looking away from the man to see his brother. As he ran to his brother, his brother seemed unfazed by the events at the time Eiki thought it was just him being brave but it was so much more. Eiki’s brother than grabbed his brother and putt a cloth over his mouth putting him to sleep instantly.

Eiki awoke in what looked to be a prison cell. There was a camera position in the top left corner with a speaker right below it. As soon as he rose from his pervious spot a beep could be heard and a voice came from the speaker. “Hello, young one. I see you are awake. You might be wondering what’s going on but do not worry soon all will be reveled,” came a creepy voice from the speaker. Eiki was severely disturbed by this message, who ever it was from seemed to be in control.

Then exactly twenty minutes later the door to the cell slowly creaked open reveling, a man with a black trench coat and brown hat and a tattoo running up his neck. Eiki stood there stunned as the man gestured for him to follow. Then the man turned around and walked down the hall clicking his heels against the ground as he walked. Eiki did not want to irritate the man so he quickly followed the man matching him stride for stride. The hallway had no windows or doors except for the one they came out of and a door at the other end of the hallway. The only lightning was one light bulb in protective casing hanging in the middle of the hallway. Once they reached the other door the man opened it and gestured for Eiki to enter. Eiki did as he was told and walked through the door which was slammed shut behind him. The room wasn’t at all like the hallway it was brightly lit by a huge stain glass window at the far end which a large oak desk sat in font of. The walls were made of brick and the floor was tiled with a dark black tile with swirls or red in it. Another man sat at the desk Eiki was now looking at. It was the same man that had murdered that woman.

Well, well. It seems our guest has arrived. I see you’ve met Bones, he’s the body guard for our operation. And I am Edward Niphis, Dr. Edward Niphis. You are probably thinking what is going on right now and where you are and I will tell you all of this and more like I said before all will be revealed…” said the man.

He continued to say that Eiki was in a prominent gang’s house and Dr.Niphis was the leader of this gang. They were at the far to kill a member who had gone rouge and Eiki’s brother had been a scout for them like he had many times before. They had hoped to recruit Eiki later on in life but they now did not have that luxury. He knew to much and they could not have let him get to the authorities. They needed Eiki in the gang and he could not refuse so he accepted and they began his training.

Eiki trained hard for five more years and during that time he had tried to escape twice but both had failed and he had been punished for such actions. After he was finished training they sent him and actual missions and he seemed fairly well rounded. Sense the beginning they noticed he was good with his fists and he was fairly fast despite his size. Eiki wasn’t so good in the information business but he was good at killing. Although, Eiki hated every second of the life as a murderer and a thief he had to do it if he wanted to survive. Eventually he vowed to make up for his crimes and he would do this by killing himself. Eiki took his own life with a gun shot to the head in April twenty-three years after his birth.

Soul Arc

Eiki awoke with some kind of chain attached to his chest which he thought was kind of weird. Then he remembered what he had just done and it all came back to him. But it still not make sense to him he assumed he would be floating atop clouds but now it seemed he was still alive or was he. Bones who he had become particularly found of during his life was standing beside Eiki’s body looking surprised probably because Eiki had never let on that he had been so sad. And Bones seemed as if he could not see Eiki no matter how hard he tried. He than waited for someone or something to happen he knew it eventually would. Three days later a man dressed him a black kimono with some sort of katana approached him saying he was about to go to a better place. At first Eiki protested but he had no choice and the man tapped him on the head knocking him unconscious

Once again Eiki awoke with no idea where he was except this time he had no chain in his chest. He was in the middle of a dirt road with what seemed like old fashioned Japanese buildings on either side. Many people crowed the side of the streets as Eiki lifted his head and rose to his feet. There was not a car or build board in sight as Eiki walked to one particularly big crowd of people at one end of the street. He was fairly big so he easily squeezed his way into the middle. He noticed someone dressed like that man that had brought Eiki here but something about this one was different. Then Eiki realized what it was this man in front of him and the centre of the crowd was wearing some sort of white jacket over his outfit with the Japanese symbol for the number five in a diamond on his back. EIki though this was strange that a man would wear a seemingly random number on his back. But he must be of some sort of importance to make such a fuss about. So Eiki did what he would now consider a very foolish thing. He went up to the man and asked him who he was and why everyone liked him so much. Well, first of all the man looked at Eiki as if he had two heads than he simply shrugged off the comment and kept on walking. A man approached him after the other one was gone and said this.

What were you thinking that was a Captain? Are you crazy he could have killed you right there and than,” said the man.

A Captain of what exactly? And I hardly doubt that he could have killed me.” answered Eiki

A Captain of the Gotei Thirteen of course what else would he be a Captain of?” said the man.

What is the Gotei Thirteen,” asked Eiki.

Oh you must be a newcomer. Well, the Gotei Thirteen Protection Squads are the people who protect Rukongai and also, protect the humans on Earth,” answered the man.

As soon as the man finished talking Eiki rushed off to the direction that the man had wandered off in waving goodbye to the man. Eiki soon caught up to the man and he ran to the front of him asking how to become a part of the protection squads. The man realized quickly that Eiki had no idea the importance of being a Captain but he was in a good mood so he explained to EIki about the academy. He immediately enrolled very eager to protect people because of what he had done during life.

Shinigami Arc

Once EIki enrolled he quickly realized it was not as easy as he would have thought. He was never good at school and the same went for the academy. Eiki’s teachers were all very sympathetic about his troubles but he could tell he was not doing well. He was very good at swordsmanship and hand to hand combat but he was clearly failing at kido. Eiki could not even cast the simplest of kido so he knew he had to train. Every night after classes were over he stayed up well past midnight practicing and practicing his kido abilities. Eventually, it came time for the graduating test and he passed, just barely almost failing because of his low kido mark but his swordsmanship and hand to hand combat got him a pass by bringing up his mark.

Eiki was not chosen for a squad at the very beginning but after a few days he was accepted into the thirteenth squad although, it was his hope to become a member of the second division. Eiki was on a mission with the Thirteenth division when a Menos appeared from out of nowhere. He had no idea of how it had come this far into Seireitei but it was here so he had to deal with it. Eiki attacked first jabbing his zunpaktou into its arm. He was the only one courageous enough to attack. The Menos simply through Eiki aside and almost had killed him when the current Second Division Captain slashed the hollow into two. Eiki was transferred over to the Second Division almost immediately because of his courage. He was also promoted at the same time to fourth seat. Eiki quickly made his way up the ranks to Lieutenant when he was sent on a special mission. He was sent to capture a rouge shinigami in the Seireitei along with his Captain. The shinigami was extremely dangerous and had to be dealt with immediately. When they arrived at the scene the rouge fired several kido spells off at the two. Eiki and the captain were sent flying but quickly bounced back and attacked the rouge. Eiki went low and the Captain went high knocking the rough out. Or at least they though he was. When they let their guard down the man jumped up and shot the Captain with a hidden kido gun. As the Captain went flying Eiki slashed horizontally slashing the man’s head off. He than rushed to his Captain who had been severely injured. His Captain soon died and Eiki was promoted to the Captain of the Second Division.

Role-Play Sample:
(RP sample as Penoso on this site)As the Espada in front of him disappeared reappearing in front of the other one Penoso obtained an idea. They clearly wanted to help each other and even though Penoso's attack had been ignored as if it were nothing he got what he wanted. He now knew that Espada would help each other at least Espada would. But it might only be the one Penoso was fighting at the moment because of the other one wild reiatsu signature. If they did survive this and the Espada did not Penoso would have to study them further but for now he had a fight to win. As his arrows slammed against a nearby building crashing the wall down he turned his attention to what exactly the two hollows were doing.

They were saying something to each other or at least the protective one was but Penoso could not make it out. Than out of nowhere the leader of the two as Penoso presumed floated higher into the air and he started to do something. What exactly he was doing he could never guess. The thing was forming a "hollow bird" like animal. When the bird became fully formed Penoso was truly amazed. This bird has seemed to form out of reiatsu it's self it was quite amazing really. Then the sky seemed to stop as if father time himself had pulled the plug. The area grew dark and as it did Penoso saw what was coming his way. A cero huge as a Menos Grande's cero which was really intriguing. The bird seemed to have two heads so Penoso assumed that a cero was also fired at Valintine but he could not see.

As the cero grew closer Penoso noticed that feathers seemed to be flying through the air but that was not his main concern at the time. He aimed his bow to where the cero was coming knowing he would not have enough time to get out of the way as it was so close to him. He quickly drew a Seele Schneider as placed it in his bow. He fired it directly in the centre of the cero as sense it used reiatsu to power itself it did survive longer than a normal arrow would. But like any item would it only lessened it the smallest amount and slowed it the lowest possible before combusting because of to much energy and the sheer force of the cero. Penoso did this a total of six times in quick session before he both ran out of the Seele Schneider and the cero was to close. The cero had somewhat been depleted and slowed but it was still a cero. Right before the cero struck him he dropped as fast as he could to the ground below. The blast struck him in the leg because he had fallen face first to the ground. His left pant leg was totally destroyed and his leg badly burned. Penoso fell to the ground with a thump as a feather flew past his ear cutting it the slightest and causing it to burst out in blood.

When he rose from the ground he no longer had a look of fascination he had a look of determination. Then out of nowhere he heard the sound of dogs, dogs running toward his general position. Why would dogs be here? Did they get trapped? No, that couldn't be do dog would be stupid enough to stick around let alone run towards the first person that landed on the ground. With a limb he quickly found his way up the stares of a nearby building onto the rooftop.

Once there he barricaded the door as he dodged feathers flying past him. He relied mainly on his sense of hearing to dodge the feathers as his sight was mostly gone from the darkness. But the dogs did not come from the stares, they came from the air they were flying dogs. Did the apocalypse really come that animals that seemed to have the bark of a devil can fly. As one bark neared him he shot four arrows at it and it explode. Luckily it was only on the side of the building when it did so the building did not topple but it soon would as much damaged had already been sustained and now with the explosion it would soon fall.

Penoso grabbed a silver tube from his pocket as his began to crack it he also began an incant. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Sacred Bite!" Was the incant he spoke. As he spoke the last word a transparent, rectangular beam of energy flew forth. As soon as it was out Penoso used Hirenkyaku to teleport onto of the rectangular beam of energy. Once there he used it almost as a surfboard flying through the air as he plowed through one of the dogs. He did not know if it exploded or even if he hit it that was not his task. Penoso was flying towards where he thought Valintine would be if the Espada would going to team up so would the Quincy. They could no longer stand alone they had to fight together to survive this or give up which was never an option.
~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Eiki The Shinigami (finished)   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 10:43 pm

lol Fake dogs...though the smaller ones have their breed purposes but nonetheless amusing.

Do worry a slight bit seeing as you're going into second division but I'm assuming you will take out traitors as necessary? And honestly your character sounds more geared towards 11th division both fighting style and physical preferences in fighting.

Rouge = French for "red"

Rogue = someone who has deviated or gone AWOL in this case.

Other than that grammar mistakes were pretty much minimal.

As for captainship I'll grant it but mostly because we don't have a CC yet to decide these things >.>;;

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Eiki The Shinigami (finished)
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