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 Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-

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PostSubject: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Thu 10 Dec 2009, 12:59 am

Name of Cult: Ginkgo (or any suggestions)

Minor plot background: The Ginkgo cult is ancient and is very organized. This cult through the ages has been apart of a dark religion that praises evil gods and deities. Sacrifices of any sort occur every week within this organization. The monarchs hold the most power in this society, but the Rainha holds the most power of the Monarchs. Each person in the power court holds a major role to the cultists. The Ginkgo cult recently has been showing up attacking and killing spiritual beings. Super humans are hunted by this cult to become members. The cult kidnaps the humans and uses an amnesia orb on their minds, wiping thoughts from the hosts body and replaces it with thoughts and beliefs of the cult. The cultist are put under heavy training to become their best and are trained to hunt and sense out beings of spiritual nature.

Controlled Country: South America


1.) Reina/Queen:
2.) Rei/King:
3.) Véscovo/Bishop:
4.) Magistrato/Magistrate:
5.) Parroco de Legge/ Minister of Law(Execution & Diplomatic):
6.) Parroco del Militario/ Minister of the Army(Head General):
7.) Parroco de Sangre/ Minister of Blood(Controls executions & Heads Sacrifices):
8.) Barone/Baronessa de Erogazione/ Baron/Baroness of Distribution:
9.) Barone/Baronessa de Dinero/ Baron/Baroness of Currency:
10.) Barone/Baronessa de Impresa/ Baron/Baroness of Trade:
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PostSubject: Re: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Thu 10 Dec 2009, 1:03 am

Interesting. Are you proposing a whole new group, somewhat like the Mercenaries?

Certainly, it would be diverting to see something focused on just Super Humans as they seem to be ignored in the general site plots for the most part.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Thu 10 Dec 2009, 1:08 am


I'm proposing a whole entire new group.
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Nebula Cana

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PostSubject: Re: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Thu 10 Dec 2009, 5:07 am

How is it that you see the humans are ignored for the most part, exactly, Ms. Paks? The problem is that they have too few members, given that, what more can they do in the plot currently. Technically, humans are the race that is most affected by the plot, as their entire world has been under siege by the Hollow and Arrancar for quite some time now. That attack has been more widespread and fierce than any other ever seen before in the world of the living thus far. So surely, it involves them more than any other race on this forum besides the Arrancar and Hollow. While this idea is interesting, as is with any new group, we do not have enough members to fill the elite and normal spots that we DO have, much less enough to spare for a completely new thing. That said, I would not make a new group for this at the current time, but in the future, if we get more members on board and fill the open spots, then I might consider it after talking it over with the rest of the staff.

Good day.

Signed, Shishigami Jubei.

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PostSubject: Re: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Thu 10 Dec 2009, 10:21 am

Ah, you confuse my meaning Tyki-san. ^^

I was speaking in general. Humans are usually only effected when someone attacks Karakura town, or if some race tries to make a treaty with them. They're hardly ever hunted themselves, unlike the Shinigami or Arrancar. It is rare for them to be the focus of some group or plot. Even now, the Espada attack on Karakura Town wasn't focused on the Super Humans at all. It was a generalized thing. And to be honest, I think the three Super Humans we have right now could care less about Karakura Town and "humanity."

So yes, humans are most effected by the current plot. And Super Humans are effected indirectly. But not so directly as they would be by such a group.

Although, I do wholeheartedly agree with you that there aren't enough people to begin with.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Fri 18 Dec 2009, 7:02 pm

May I add something here?
I like the idea of making a completely new group for Humans, BUT I would like to say that if you do, then you can't have more than 2 and if the staff is feeling generous, then 3 Elites in it. Also, only 1 of those Elites may hold that rank, aside from the the 10 Legendary Enhanced Humans. So, if you plan on having two Elite Ranks, one must be occupied by one of the LEH and the other may be an Elite even if they aren't a LEH. I don't want an entire gang of elites running around. The same applies to any any other groups. Sure, the members can gain Elite status though RP but can't begin as Elites.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   

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Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-
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