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 Yamane Paksennarion (Human)

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PostSubject: Yamane Paksennarion (Human)   Wed 07 Oct 2009, 1:30 pm

Human Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Yamane Paksennarion (Paks)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Paks is a hesitant person, who lives mostly in her head versus the real world. She tends to be shy, and has little to no real people skills based on her limited experience in interacting with normal people. She is soft spoken and polite, hardly ever raising her voice or using rude language. She is more of a thinker than anything else, and her mind usually keeps to the spiritual aspect of the world, making her somewhat spacey and clueless.

Appearance: Paks is a slender girl, bordering on unhealthily skinny due to her habit of forgetting to take care of her body. She has a frail build, and is by no means strong. With an oval shaped face and delicate features, she doesn't exactly stand out. Her eyes are dark, a blackish-brown which seem to turn purple in some lights. Long brown hair grows out to a little past her shoulder, cut into layers and left down. Her skin is extremely pale, almost to the point of being gray.

Paks' physical body moves somewhat awkwardly, and her gait is a bit off due to a broken leg that was badly healed. One of her arms is twisted inward a bit too much, and her opposite wrist is bent as well, both the same product as her leg, broken bones that never healed correctly. In general her body is liberally coated with light bruises from bumping into things or falling over.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 5'4

Weight: 89lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Nicknames: Paks

Reiatsu Color: None (Paks doesn't have enough reiatsu for there to be a discernible color.)

Reiatsu Power Level: - See above.

Likes: The occult, rain, starry nights, cats, meditation, sweet foods.

Dislikes: Loud people, abrasive people, people who cannot shield their minds, people in general depending on how timid she feels, fights, pain.

Habits/quirks: Paks has a habit of walking into things and/or falling over due to her powers acting up. She also has a habit of forgetting that she's a living person and thus forgetting to eat or sleep. She tends to keep her hands down at her sides, inside her sleeves, or across her stomach in a protective gesture.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

History/Background: Paks’ mother led a troubled life. Originally from America, she ran away from an abusive family and lived part of her life on the streets. At one point, she met a man who called himself Adam, and after that she was pulled into the intrigue of a burgeoning blood-cult. Adam was charismatic, intelligence, eloquent, empathic, and more beautiful than any man should have the right to be. Words fell from his lips like honey, and the destitute and depressed people flocked to him. At some point he began stylizing himself as a prophet, placed on earth to lead those who had been wronged in their revenge.

As his following grew more obsessed and removed from reality, their actions grew more and more pronounced. Violent outbursts against random civilians, coupled with extreme drug use soon brought the authority down on this cult. At first they naively held to their actions, and the ensuing crackdown which put many of the members behind bars at least temporarily convinced Adam to relocate with his most faithful.

And so he did, handpicking those who were the most under his thrall, he repositioned his flock in Japan. Paks’ mother being one of those chosen to go with Adam on his quest for their “rightful home.” Smarter now, and more wary of the police, Adam began to preach of an Armageddon. Of the arrival of a tool which would enable the cult members to bring down the fury of the demonic entities they so worshipped and destroy those who had done them wrong. Along with this prediction, Adam ensured that his followers would stop their random lashing out, wrapping them ever closer in his grasp and keeping them isolated within the compound they were living in. Drug use was more easily ignored by the law, but aggression against other humans was the one line he was not willing to step over again.

And so time went on, and the cult grew bigger once more. And as it grew bigger, the depravity and insanity grew. Eventually, after acquiring several old occult books, Adam managed to learn how to open a portal into the underworld. Intending to draw out a demon which would fulfill their revenge against humanity, the cult preformed a ritual they had no real knowledge of. In the end, they did manage to open a portal to the underworld and attract a demon, however it didn’t go quite as planned. Several members of the cult lost their lives that night, several more committed ritual suicide as part of the ceremony, and on that night, Paks was conceived.

By the time the sun began to rise, the portal had closed and the demon had left leaving a macabre scene behind. Salvaging the remains of his original plan, Adam called forth to the living members of his followers. From the blood of the sacrificed cult members would be born their long awaited tool he claimed. And sure enough, nine months later, Paks’ mother gave birth to a child.

Paks’ childhood can only be described as abnormal. She lived within the cult’s compound, never leaving the building and hardly ever venturing to the higher levels. She was taught by Adam, and thus received a worldly education. Along with academics though, Paks was also taught the less blatant teachings of a child growing up within a patriarchal society removed from real society along with reality.

She was preened as their tool, the being who would initiate Armageddon on their behalf. Their expectations were not unfounded, for even as a newly born child it was obvious she wasn’t entirely human. Paks held an uncanny awareness, and she grew much too quickly. Along with that growth came off abilities. She could sense people before they entered the room, and she could always find whoever she was looking for. Odd black energy tended to manifest around her body when she was agitated, levitating random objects or lashing out and breaking them. Wherever anyone looked, signs of her demonic blood were evident.

Paks had an extremely hard time controlling her abilities, and they grew at such an exponential rate that whenever she held some modicum of restraint they would slip the leash. It became harder and harder for her to live normally, or as normally as the people she was around lived. In the end Paks had to spend most of her time isolated, so that the presence of others wouldn’t effect her precarious control. And during that time alone she would work steadily on her mental control, attempting to reign her powers in with her growing mental willpower.

At one point it was decided that Paks simply had to go through a metamorphosis in order for her powers to be controllable. There were several attempts to draw this metamorphosis out, but when rituals failed and prayers failed and all the other odd attempts barred no results, it was thought that perhaps what needed to happen was a life or death situation. For surely in such a situation her powers would evolve and reach a whole new plain of existence wherein she would be able to control them.

After some deliberating as to how they would achieve such a situation, Paks’ mother attempted to beat her “to death.” It was a sign of how truly manipulated the cult members were that Paks’ mother could agree to such a thing, and that Paks herself thought it necessary and thus went through the process without hesitating. In the end they had to stop when Paks was near death, and no outpouring of sudden power had occurred. Because the cult lived so isolated, she was unable to go to a hospital and was instead prayed over until her body healed normally. Because of that several of her bones never quite healed correctly.

When their first attempt was viewed as a failure, they decided to wait to see if anything had happened without them being aware. And indeed, after that incident Paks’ control grew leaps and bounds above what it had been, although no one was quite sure if it was an actual result of the life or death situation, or just her growing into her powers.

Eventually, her sheltered and insalubrious life changed. The cult was completing another ritual, and once again they got in over their heads. Dabbling in affairs that no human should touch. On that night they managed to open a rip between the worlds, and attract several monsters hungry for blood. There was enough spilt blood in the room to act as a beacon, and soon after the creatures stepped through the portal utter chaos erupted.

Adam actually held some innate skill with magic. In the big scheme of things, he was a small fish in a large ocean, but amidst his posturing there lay true ability. And so when disaster struck, and the monsters began to tear into his followers, he made his way over to the most important part of the cult. Paks. And when he reached her, knowing that the monsters would wipe out the cult as they knew it, he quickly called upon the powers within him and managed to transport them away from the scene along with a few of the highest ranking members, leaving the others to sacrifice themselves for the good of the few remaining.

Adam was skilled enough to initiate transporting the handful of people, but his skill leveled out when it came to getting them all in one place. And so Paks ended up appearing in the middle of a busy street in Karakura Town, her first time in the outside world and without any of the people who had told her what to do her whole life. It was terrifying, and the strain of so many minds in one place nearly threw her out of control. And so Paks retreated, slowly building up her control until she could walk through the streets without being overcome by the presence of so many minds. And she did the only thing she could in such a situation. She tried to survive, and she waited for the others to come and find her.

Role-Play Sample: You guys know me. XP I dun wanna code the only post I have, it's too early.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Yamane Paksennarion (Human)   Wed 07 Oct 2009, 1:44 pm

Hmm. Interesting history. APPROVED. Go to profile, generate your character sheet, fill it out, and you're good to go. Welcome to the forum, Paks.

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Yamane Paksennarion (Human)
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