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 The Forum Plot!!!

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Nebula Cana

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Name: Shishigami Jubei
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PostSubject: The Forum Plot!!!   Tue 06 Oct 2009, 12:10 am

Twenty years ago the Espada discovered a way to block the Soul Society' from reaching the world of the living. All means to travel were cut off, blocked, and ultimately shut down. The Shinigami were unable to reach the humans, and Hollow knew full well that during this time was when the world of the living was most vulnerable..and so it began. Every Hollow in Huece Mundo flooded into the human world, lead, ruled, and put to work by the Espada, they made some areas into a living hell, reminiscent of Hueco Mundo itself. Behind the scenes, another threat lurked, one even greater in strength and ferocity than even the Primera. Several Arrancar even greater in power than the Espada themselves gave raise, controlling them from behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the humans were forced into a desperate situation, and generally had to awaken the latent spiritual powers within, in order to defend themselves from this mighty force. Most of which had no choice but to harden their will and shed some of their humanity as well, all to just survive. A few areas of the human world was liberated from Hollow and Arrancar alike, and others especially populated with the beast. Now called red zones, these areas were dangerous even by life theatening standards. Without Shinigami aid, the humans had to deal with this all on their own.

At a most dangerous moment during an all out attack on the humans, the attackers, the Espada and their army, were pushed back by the sudden and unexpected arrival of a small group of humans who were most powerful. Of course, these humans took the reigns of leadership, and were backed by few who were even more powerful than they were. It all seemed to fall into place. The humans now stood a chance against their assailants, but one thing was certain, many years and possibly even decades of conflict was sure to come. But, the humans weren't the onlys race to loath the Espada's reign of terror. The Quincy were also thrown into a bloodly battle for surival. No mercy was shown, not even to the children, and with sudden birth of many Quincy, their race was even larger in numbers than before the extinction caused by the Shinigami countless ages ago. They took root in a Hospital that, at one point, belonged to their kind. Although it was far from lavish, it was all they had. The Quincy were out of practice, and as a result, very weak compared to their formers selves. This, however was shoved aside by effort, and soon they had more skill and power than before. At was at that time a small group of Quincy with exception talent in their field took leadship of the Quincy clan. They, too, were backed by an immense force; a group with skill above even their leader, though they remained anonymous leaving the leadership duty to the supposed leader.

Meanwhile, the group of Shinigami who obtained Hollow powers, the Vizard, were also dragged into the ongoing conflict caused by the invasion of the Hollow and Arrancar. They, too, were in the world of the living, so it was not something they could ignore. The Arrancar and Hollow were a threat to their every day lives of secrecy, and so, they had to act as well. One with strength and skill equal to the Captain Commander led the race, along with many others akin to Captains. However behind the scenes there were few who obtained an ever greater power, and from the shadows of things, controlled the Vizard and aided then in the conflict. The leader was a mere figure-head who ran things in their place, yet that person, too, was very powerful. Though they fought on the front-lines, the Vizard, under orders from both the leader and those above the leader, took great care to hide their existence, only using the mask and Hollow powers as a last resort.

The Bountou remained uninvolved in the hellish combat that sweept over the world of the living like a deadly plague. Instead, they used the opportunity to expand their domain over the human world by taking over numerous large corporations and businesses. Though one thing is clear, they, too, are plotting something, making use of the situation to better themselves.

The Espada had been busy, planting bombs all over the world, a creation of their scientist. These spiritual bombs had enough power to blow away a large city, but the plan had yet to be fully realized even to the current day. Karakura town remained a netural zone in the ever going conflict, but not all was peaceful there, as every now and again the fighting would drag over there as well. The town was a common battle-ground as each group wished to take it over, and use it as their territory. All in all, the human world became a bloody field of death, which each race struggled inch by bloody inch in order to maintain what they thought to be the right thing. Each area was under someones control, and others free territory which battle would decided the ownership of. For each race, the others land was a necessary thing to take. All of this, right up until the current day. The Shinigami had finally found a way to get back into the world of the living, all the time before they spent training their own. As they knew what would be waiting for them when they entered the human world......The time to act is will the stalemate be broken? Who will reign supreme? And who will fall to the sword of death, burnt into ash? All is now, the past is present? Begin!
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The Forum Plot!!!
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