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 Himitsu Koinu [Human]

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PostSubject: Himitsu Koinu [Human]   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 2:43 pm

Human Template

Name: Himitsu Koinu

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Himitsu is a shy young man with an inner struggle. Everyday, Himitsu fights off his evil side and tries to get out of the shadow of his father. He isn't proud of his heritage and refuses to refer as his father, stating him to be "that man" or "that person". Though mostly misunderstood and a drifter he is also a very compassionate man, offering to help those in need. As one may say, don't judge a book by its cover when it comes to this young man.

With the odd silver hair to the slender average body of a young adult at his age, Himitsu doesn't stand out of the crowd much if it wasn't for the hair and sunglasses he wears on a regular basis, even if it is a raining day, nighttime, a cloudy day, and of course even in the winter time. Another thing about this man is that he only wears black. He wears black pants, jeans, shirts, vests, coats, and all that jazz in the color of black. Many of who he meets rarely know to notice this as he is always on the go. Let's also not forget a cigarette is in his mouth about 24/7, if you catch my drift... *coughs horribly* x_x

Height: 5'10'' (178cm)

Weight: 130Lbs (59kg)

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Dark Grey

Nicknames: Stupid Dog, Spunk Pup, Scrappy, Crazy Legs, Shooter, Blinding Blitz

Reiatsu Color: Dark Grey

Reiatsu Power Level: Lieutenant-Class

* Cigarettes
* Techno Music
* Pocky
* Skating
* Shooting Capoeira
* Driving Motorcycles or Cars

* Bothersome things.
* Uninteresting things.
* High School
* Rats
* Spirits
* Father(Hatred mostly)

As a bad habit, Himitsu has always had a smoking problem which was picked up at age 10 when he was on the streets. He always smokes and doesn't care of his health whatsoever other than the fact he will eventually end up dying someday and rather live it to whatever extent he can. Eventually at this rate he will get cancer in his lungs very severely.

Well when Himitsu Koinu was born, he lived mostly with his mother. In which where he learned to cook, clean, and drive both motorcycle and car. Sadly for him, he is the son of the most noteworthy crime lord in Tokyo, Goryo Chandra. As a mock to Himitsu, he was named "Secret Puppy" due to the man's lifestyle and unwanted attention towards Himitsu. Although he knew of his father's existence, he grew up living a modest life with his mother in a small apartment. He often wondered about his father and was excited at the prospect of someday meeting him.

When Himitsu was seven, his mother contracted a mysterious disease and he tried his best to nurse her to health. As her illness worsened, Himitsu went to Geese Tower and met his father for the first time in his life. Though the boy pleaded for medical aid and told him that Marie desperately wanted to see him, Goryo would have nothing to do with the matter and sent him away. Marie died the same night and Himitsu has had a grudge against his father ever since.

Having nothing but a dead mother and no place to live after the rent's bill wasn't being paid on time caused Himitsu to live in the streets of Japan. Where there he lived with a few foreigners from Brazil who seem to have caught his attention with Capoeira, a dance which consists of a non-body touch battle. Within this battle the winner is determined through the most tricks performed and executed. However, it was actually a fighting style designed for rebellion, but disguised by a facade of dance. In which over the next years he learned and mastered the art through vigorous training and special training from the Brazilians themselves who were greatly impressed by the boy wonder. In return, Himitsu bought food, cleaned, and taught them more Japanese. Though it was time to say good bye, Himitsu left to the United States of America at age thirteen. Where he pursuits his father for revenge in California as rumors spread that his father went there. Though while there he challenges a boxer, who unluckily for him knew this infamous style that Himitsu used against him. The boxer was named Terry. Within two years he understood Himitsu's problem and insisted on teaching him boxing and the infamous ways of the ability to counter both high and low attacks in a fashion similar to Aikido.

Another two years well done in, he was grateful to Terry. While still trying to find his father, Terry had told Himitsu that his father was no longer in California but back in Japan. Overhearing some gangsters saying that man's name was in Karakura Town. A small place in Japan. Himitsu went ahead and said his good byes and in return before leaving, he taught Terry the basic ways of Capoeira. Surely a martial artist like Terry will figure out the ways of it sooner or later, the man was a genius after all.

Finally arriving at Karakura Town, Himitsu stays at a motel and works at a Cafe as the register. Still unlucky to find his father he seemed to be doing okay for a while. With this all this traveling he goes back to school at age sixteen. In which he seemed to not like this high school he dropped out and rather kept his steady pace at life. As misfortune struck him, he couldn't seem to find his father but still managed to work out and practice his training sessions he learned from his previous masters. The only bad thing about the job was that he couldn't smoke in the Cafe.

Finally a few months past and unexpectedly his father enters the establishment with two broads in each arm. Like playboy, this frustates Himitsu in where he gets off the seat and goes to the table in which his father sat in. His father stupidly and arrogantly tries to order from Himitsu, who he couldn't recognize it was him at the time until Himitsu told him about his mother and himself and rightfully punches his father in the face with his left hand, knocking the man out of his chair and onto the floor. His father laughs and gets back up and raises his fist in the air in a stance of Muy Thai. Himitsu starts to dance in his stance of Capoeira. His father laughs unknowing of the style and declares victory. Unlucky for the man, Himitsu had no problems avoiding his punches and ducked down to when he used both hands to clobber Himitsu. Down there the man attempted a cheap kick to the face only to be surprised Himitsu sprang up backwards with his feet diving up from toe first into his face and chest, causing ruckus and exploitation of people's cheering and screaming. Then out of nowhere some played techno music, causing more beat drive into Himitsu. More kicks and unbelievable spins where down by Himitsu and his father pulling out a gun, having enough of this shoots Himitsu in the chest. Bleeding and feeling death, the crowd flees in terror. Himitsu looks at his father as he was officially dead for two minutes. The will of living and the will of defeating that man struck him so hard it revived him. With a final blow, Himitsu kicks under his man;s feet and trips him. In but a second Himitsu's other foot rises up and kicks the air, causing a large blast of energy blast at the man to where it blew him away to his death. He fell out of the Cafe's window which was about three stories high... After all, this cafe was at a mall high up. Damn those investors. Though today was Himitsu's lucky day. He passed out.

Moments later he wakes up in the Karakura Town Hospital and is treated well. Not having a place to go, no visitors. Nothing. The doctors where kind enough to let him go even without payment. Himitsu left. Since then he wonders and remains at Karakura. Driving a black car. Smoking and helping other while secretly training. A year has passed since that day. Sine then, it has been more peaceful then ever until he began to see spirits and creatures with masks. Not wanting any part of it, he ignores it and goes away. Until one of those creatures tried to eat him!! Using that energy blast in his feet, he kills the beast in one blow. Reminding himself of that day, he calls this style, Shooting Capoeira.

New battles and adventures await this man, as things start to get more mystifying in the human world as these spirits seem to have 'attacked' Karakura Town.

Role-Play Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Himitsu Koinu [Human]   Tue 17 Nov 2009, 10:23 pm

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Himitsu Koinu [Human]
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