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 Resurrecion: Principe Congelados

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PostSubject: Resurrecion: Principe Congelados   Mon 09 Nov 2009, 3:27 am

Resurrecion Name: Príncipe Congelados ((Frozen Price))

Release Phrase: Ciego de nieve ((blind with snow))

Sealed Zanpakutō Description: Long sapphire colored blade with tassels at the hilt. The blade looks normal in length and width, but the point is not slanted like a katana it is pointed like a broad sword. The

Released Resurrecion Description: When he is in his resurrection Xane’s body becomes unnaturally cold to the touch. His hair turns completely white. His chest torso becomes covered down to his stomach, and his shirt only has the right sleeve. The cloth he is dressed in is flexible like his normal clothing but it is chilling to the touch and dense like actual armor. This upper body piece is completely white, save the right arm which has a light blue spiral running down it to his gloved hand (looking exactly like the gloves he has in his normal form) His back has a large snow flake on it as well. His pants go down to his ankles before flaring out a bit to cover his feet. The legs of the pants are skin tight and the left leg has a light blue spiral running down it. His right leg has a snow flake over his kneecap. His feet are covered in a the same cloth, but it’s just white no blue anywhere. His sword splits down into two daggers that retain the same color as the original blade. It could be assumed that these daggers are meant to represent the fangs of an animal. His mask spreads over to cover his eyes and ears. His “ears” becomes pointed up like a lynx. He is no longer plantigrade (walking on the souls of his feet, basically how we normally walk) he is digitigrade (walks on his toes like felines do) His eyes in his mask become yellow slits. His fingernails also grow a small bit and become sharper. Though that part of the change is subtle it allows for him to use hand-to-hand combat if needed and or possible.


Family: Snow / Ice

Ultimate Ability/Attack: Tormenta de hielo: Xane uses his sonido to move up higher into the air where it is colder. Because of the change in temperature he can make more ice quicker. This comes into play when he forms a large ball of ice big enough to cover a medium sized city. He throws the ball down at his opponent and after is zips past him he claps shattering the ball into about five hundred ice shards that converge on the enemy’s location. The ice can cut upon contact or, if it is a direct hit and not a graze which would result in a cut, it will cause a minor explosion, and each shard has ¼ the power of a normal cero. If the enemy is hit by the ball before it splits into shards, then it will be as if they got hit by three ceros at once. The effect of getting a direct hit from the ball itself is a large explosion.
Charge time: 1 post. Ball falling / forming of ice shard: 2 posts. Duration of ice shard barrage: 2 posts. Recharge time: None. He can only use this ability once per fight as it takes up 3/4th of his available

Frozen Fangs: By creating a heavy wind fall Xane can use this surprise attack to sneak through the snow fall and fall upon his foe. The two daggers being the fangs, they would bite into the shoulders and he would drag them down to the enemy’s waist and then enhance the snow storm to mask his presence again so he may get away. After he is safely away the snow storm ends. The storm is unique in that it is centered around the enemy. In other words the target acts like an anchor for this storm. The storm spreads out over ten feet. The storm itself is harmless, and though it blinds it is entirely possible to block or evade the attack from Xane. Xane is all but invisible in the storm, the subtle hint that he is about to strike is the barely visible to those who are too busy trying to figure out where they are going in said storm. The hint is a small dark spot (his shadow) that quickly takes to the air. Despite being more physical it requires Xane to not only form the storm but "attach" it to his opponent, which is a lot harder than it sounds.
Charge: 3 posts (first post wind picks up, second post snow is added and wind gets quicker, third post wind is moving at high speeds with heavy snow fall). Duration: 2 posts. Cooldown: 4 posts

Demeter’s Tears: This technique is rather simple. Xane focuses his attention on the sky above and freezes the water up there into two hundred falling ice sickles. These ice sickles are made for stabbing so their point is rather sharp. To do this Xane raises a hand up and flicks his wrist down. Once it flicks his wrist down the created ice is shot down upon the enemy. The ice does not move like his usual ice in the sense that he cannot tell the ice where to go, it lands where it will.
Charge: 1 post. Duration 1 post. Cooldown: 2 posts.

Cross fire: Xane creates two seperate ice storms and causes them to shoot at the target(s) from the left and right, or (if possible) top and bottom. The shards are meant for cutting and stabbing.
Charge: 4 posts(first post winds pick up on targeted areas, second post ice is added in one area, third post ice forms in the second area, fourth post ice in both areas are sharpened). Duration: 1 post. Cooldown: 5 posts.

Last edited by Xane on Mon 09 Nov 2009, 5:07 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion: Principe Congelados   Mon 09 Nov 2009, 4:38 am

Ultimate ability:So the ice shards have the same effect of a cero hitting? Some ceros explode, and often envelops people. So they should only be capable of cutting/impaling. And I will say that 1/4 of a normal cero isn't that strong, so I wouldn't compare ice to a cero.

The ice does not move like his usual ice.: You're going to have to explain this.

Cross fire: Xane creates two seperate ice storms and causes them to shoot at the target(s) from the left and right, or (if possible) top and bottom. The shards are meant for cutting and stabbing.:Increase the charging time since you're making two separate storms.

Frozen Fangs: Increase the charge time for this tech as you're also making a storm in this one.
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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion: Principe Congelados   Mon 09 Nov 2009, 5:09 am

Edits made. Sorry bout the Ultimate. I went trough many changes, so I guess I missed some things. Should make more sense now. As for the second edit, if more information is needed I will add. Cross fire's charge time I can increase again if needed, but the storms are not as severe as Frozen Fangs'. Like I said though, I'd be willing to up it some more if needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion: Principe Congelados   Mon 09 Nov 2009, 6:00 am

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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion: Principe Congelados   

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Resurrecion: Principe Congelados
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