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 Resurrecion - Adding new techs(#'s 3 and 4) as of Nov. 29(WIP)

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PostSubject: Resurrecion - Adding new techs(#'s 3 and 4) as of Nov. 29(WIP)   Thu 05 Nov 2009, 7:13 am

Resurrecion Name: Escorpión (Scorpion)

Release Phrase: Sever

Sealed Zanpakutō Description:

A simple short sword and scabbard. There are no distinguishing characteristics beyond the basic features. It's just a simple, small blade, with a black handle and white scabbard. The ridiculously small proportions of the weapon make it an unfavored choice of Merrow, who therefore prefers hand-to-hand.

Released Resurrecion Description: The upper body of Merrow is covered in a tough, yet thin exoskeletal armor. Really, a caraprace of some sort. The armor is composed of the samy bony white material that composes Hollow masks, and it is unusually difficult to cut through. (A testament to it's sturdiness is it's ability to withstand brief contact with a Gran Rey Cero and not disintegrate. However, if it was to clash head-on with such a devastating attack, it would do as good as a feather against a flamethrower. Thus, such armor allows Merrow to get out of the way of the blast while reducing some damage to his upper body.) It's useful in serving as guard against sword strikes, except for the exposed regions around the neck and joints of the arms. This upper body 'shell' also composes itself as a white 'mask' that only covers the entire front portion of his head. Meaning, while his face is shielded, the back end of his cranium is wide open.

Sprouting from where his tailbone would normally would be are two tails, each armed with a pair of odd hooked-shape claws meant for grasping down and thus holding a foe in place. There are about 6 feet each in length. Each tail is equiped with it's own needle, hidden the in center of the endpoint of the stinger. The tails themselves are composed of numerous cylindrical, bony sections, connected by unknown tendons of some sort. However, the tails of Merrow are perhaps the hardest portion of his entire body, and thus safest from injury. They are controlled just as easily as any other limb on his own body.(As his power increases, over time, the number of tails may increase by a multiple of two.)

And finally, the last portion of his appearance. His left arm is covered by the exoskeletal armor, which then extends off the arm in a straight fashion to form a bladed edge extending off the arm, thus creating a weapon mounted and latched to Merrow's arm. His right arm, however, is NOT covered by this overly tough armor, and the right hand is the primary focus of Merrow's gravitational abilities.

Represent: (Multi-tailed) Scorpion

Family: Dual Element -

Poison: The internal production of toxins
Gravity: Concentration/Reduction of gravitational forces at certain points of space and of varying degrees

Ultimate Ability/Attack:
Neither are 'ultimate' abilities, but they are the best abilities granted to Merrow upon releasing.

1. Ability to increase/decrease/neutralize gravity within a 10ft radius. When increasing or decreasing gravity, it is NOT an instantaneous process, and requires a large amount of reiatsu to maintain the increased/decreased gravity field. This ability is spawned from a simple pass of Merrow's hand, and a great degree of concentration for a moment. (Requires three posts of increasing/decreasing the pull of gravity before it becomes noticeable to all combatants in the area. If Merrow is capable of full concentration during those three posts, the gravitational field is increased/decreased by factor 5. If interference occurs, it will only be factor 2. This process can only be completely halted by forcing Merrow to divert his spiritual energy elsewhere i.e. Tech, Cero, Bala, etc.)

He can also, for a two post span, instantly neutralize the gravitational force(Albeit temporarily) thus creating a zero-gravity environment. Which means everything goes free-flying. Can only be done up to twice upon releasing, and then it is impossible to do again for the remainer of the fight.

2. Ability to produce toxins with varying effects(Initial two, cells located at the stingers will become more specialized at producing toxins, thus allowing eventual growth in number)

A) Corrosive, ineffective against the Hierro skin, but upon insertion in one's blood system ... it can lead to rather severe damage.

Poison can only survive one post outside of Merrow's own body(He is virtually immune to the toxin), if sprayed on one's skin ... one just needs to remove it by any means necessary to avoid unnecessary damage. If injected into one's blood stream, unless detoxified, can lead to severe internal bleeding, though usually around the area where the substance entered. The poison for a single dose(one injection from one stinger) circulates from 3 posts. However, ONLY if the poison is injected into the blood stream does it do so; its contact with a minor open wound is not enough to allow it to enter the opponent's blood stream, thus it dissipates in one post.

B) Anesthetic, a numbering solution that lasts from quite some time. Must be directly injected into the bloodstream. One stinger contains one dose, and a single dose is enough to deprive most of the pain sensing nerves of functioning. It does not inhibit motor functions, though functions at one dose. At two, it will slow down all bodily functions. Until the being who had received two doses falls unconscious.

It requires two posts to fully cycle in one's body after being injected. After that, it'll last for up to 6 posts. If the second dose is given at any time BEFORE those 6 posts are up, then there is a very high chance of loss of consciousness.

When released, the stingers must produce the poison. Production requires a three post wait.

1. Stinger Cero/Bala Barrage
As the name suggests, it is a rapid fire from the tips of Merrow's tails. This allows for a sudden counter-attack from unlikely areas. Unlike an 'action pose' Cero, which focuses energy around a singular point and then emits it, the Cero/Bala is generated INSIDE the tail itself, and then fires out of stinger opening. Causes possible damage to the tails in general, and may prevent production of poison for unspecified time. Multiple shots can be produced(up to three per tail) and released simaltaneously.

Requires: 2 post charge for Balas, 3 for Ceros. Immediately after charging, they are discharged towards whatever direction the tails may be facing towards. If balas are fired, 4 post wait. If Ceros are fired, 6. Cero blasts can only be performed twice before tails are reduced to a severly destroyed state, and thus incapable of action.

2. Dark Fragment
Spawned from Merrow's right hand, or really his index finger. It is aimed towards target area, and unlike altering the gravitational force, it generates a exceptionally weak variant of a singularity. Weak in the sense that not all things are instantly drawn to it. Light, except perhaps a centimeter away from the singularity(which is no bigger than the dot of an 'i' at size 10 font), is apparent around it. However, all things are slowly drawn to it. For example, Kidou, if projectile based and fired from a distance, will curve towards the singularity, and miss their target while they spiral round and round and round, until they smash into the center and are compressed. All things, except Merrow, are slowly drawn to it. Although, one could just keep walking and would be able to stay far away from it.

Creation time: Nearly instantaneous, no charge time.

Drawbacks and length: Lasts from as long as Merrow concentrates though, thus his finger must always be pointed at it.

If his hand is moved, or he is distracted(by someone yelling boo in front of his face), then it instantly fades. 2 Dark Fragments can be made at any one time, one for a finger on Merrow's hand. However, just because there are two does not mean they will have the same effects. The power is nearly halved, as the reiatsu being directed is split into two areas.

(Immense drain of reiatsu, intended to be a last-minute defense against projectiles ... or instant death moves against weaker opponents)

Can only be created about one foot away from Merrow's position.

Tech #3

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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion - Adding new techs(#'s 3 and 4) as of Nov. 29(WIP)   Thu 05 Nov 2009, 8:37 am

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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion - Adding new techs(#'s 3 and 4) as of Nov. 29(WIP)   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 7:03 pm

Tech 3
The Force Push ... XD

A gravitational ripple, caused by a blast forward from his right arm. Involves Merrow to gather a sizeable portion of his reiatsu(and whatever free-flying spiritual particles are nearby) into his right hand, and then throw a punch in the general direction of the enemy.

Upon throwing said punch, the gathered reiatsu is converted into a gravitational force in the form of a fist shaped projectile that then flys across the space(at a surprisingly high speed, but still somewhat slower than a Cero). Despite it being a projectile, or shaped like one, the attack is really a condensed distortion of gravity, and thus there is no 'explosion' per se, however anything that lies in the trajectory of this attack risks either being knocked away or wrenched apart. Buildings are good structures for target practice, as they are usually cemented into the ground and thus will not be pushed away from the attack's force ... but rather be stricken dead on and have itself crushed inward and brutally wrenched apart as the projectile continues on.

Full Extent: Possible death or severe internal and external damage, may also cause billions of yen of property damage.

Least Extent: A rather hard 'shove' out of the way ... may cause small bruises or sore stricken areas. Shattered window or two

Drawbacks: The further the distance that the projectile travels, the weaker it gets. Until it reaches that point where the force is near equivalent with Earth's and then ceases to distort the gravitational field. Which means, for guaranteed maximum damage, Merrow has to fire this at point blank ... but such a shot would risk destroying the bones in his own right arm, as the backlash from such a sudden and closeby blast would not be mild.

Charge requires for full effect 3 posts. Cooldown is 7. Duration ... 2 if only powered up for one posts,(3 for two posts. 4 if fully charged). Once duration is up, attack dissipates(it also grows proportionately weaker per post).
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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion - Adding new techs(#'s 3 and 4) as of Nov. 29(WIP)   Mon 07 Dec 2009, 3:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: Resurrecion - Adding new techs(#'s 3 and 4) as of Nov. 29(WIP)   

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Resurrecion - Adding new techs(#'s 3 and 4) as of Nov. 29(WIP)
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