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 Yuri Hyuga ~ Bountou

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PostSubject: Yuri Hyuga ~ Bountou   Sun 11 Oct 2009, 12:13 pm

Bountou Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Hyuga, Yuri

Age: 411 (may need to change, not 100% sure what year the forum is in but was inform it was about 2300, so went with that)

Visual Age: 22

Gender: Male

Yuri is a bit of a strange man, maybe it’s from the long years or maybe he would of been this way regardless of race. He at first seems a bit stand-offish and cold, however if you can keep him around long enough he turns out to be quite friendly, yet he had learnt not to grow attached to any human, even ones with spiritual powers, not knowing if they too will grow old and die, after his first loss he was unwilling to truly open himself up again. He found himself in a bit of a paradox, he did not want to be lonely (at time his doll does not feel like company), but did not want to trust, to open himself up to be used or hurt.

But all that aside, when someone finally gets him to open up and show his true self they find quite a mishmash of a personality. Yuri is constantly trying to put on the ‘tuff guy’ mask, making sure that the world gets the message that nothing scares him, but deep down he is quite unsure, he has a sharp wit that sometimes gets him in trouble, yet others may find extremely funny and like him even more because of it, he is also a bit... ok, a big pervert, yet that is not quite apparent till he has loosened up a bit, but is quite clean when he is around Mao.

Whilst reading that he does seem like a cold guy with a warm heart, don’t be totally taken in by that, he does have a ‘dark side’. He is not one to be above taking somewhat meaningless revenge to sooth his own raging soul, having once lost it and beaten an man to death in front of his own grandson, he may show mercy at times, but more then not he will just kill someone that has angered him so, as he sees it, they won’t be a threat to anyone anymore.


Yuri appears as a tall, dark haired young man. His hair in short and sometimes messy, coloured a dark brown, almost like the colour of milk chocolate, he is, as some would say, quite hansom, having a fare face, dark eyes and full lips, his eyes are a deep red like a garnet that some mistake as a darker shade of brown of his hair, because of the shadows his hair normally cast over them. His skin carries a healthy tan that never seems to fade regardless, his body stretcher is well toned, a sign that he works out, or at least does a lot of physical work and training.

For cloths it’s pretty much the same all the time, never really changing his image unless he has too. He wears a black leather jacket that has a high collar, with white trim and white lines down the arms, on the back is the image of a white cross that is split down the middle, the upturned cuffs are tan in colour with buckles keeping them tight, the jacket itself is also done up with two large drown leather straps and buckles. His pants are plan black leather that has a white trim at the ankles of the legs and around the edge of his pockets, he has two leather belts that form an X over his hips, his boots are brown leather and he also wears black leather gloves to cover the markings on the back f his hands.

He has a pendent that he wears as a chocker around his neck.


~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Height: 6’5

Weight: 140

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: A very deep red, that is often mistaken for dark brown from affar or in the wrong light.

Nicknames: Only Mao calls him by any nicknames, that are sometimes a bit random on her moods.

Reiatsu Color: Deep red

Reiatsu Power Level: its over NINE THOUSAND!!

Likes: savoury foods, spending time with Mao and of being use to her, he also likes it when he makes her blush or flushed and playing with her tail.

Dislikes: Boats! Well travelling in them at least, spiders (not afraid of them, just don’t like em, too many legs), other people getting Mao’s attention or spending time with her when he is not around.

Habits/quirks: Yuri is very prone to sea-sickness and seems to take longer to recover from it then others, however he is fine by other modes of transport, he always seems to have a pair of Mao’s undergarments on him, why? Purely for his own perverted pleasure. He has a habit of saying ‘Bite me’ a lot, whilst it’s something that some would consider an insult its normally used as a retort for his own embarrassment.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


Ark 1, Birth and Early Life.

‘At the edge of reality, two figures sat in silence, contemplating the wonder of the world before them.

Yuri was born in 1889 to Ben, a Japanese soldier and Anne Hyuga, a Russian woman. he was raised in Japan a somewhat quite life from what he could remember, his memory that far back is a little hazy, but seeing he can’t recall it clearly it must of meant that his life hear was peaceful, that was, until he was three years old, whereupon his family moved to China to this day he is not sure why, but always concluded that he father had some since of spiritual awareness and felt they would not be safe near the spritely rich land of Karakura. When Yuri was ten, his father was ordered to go to Shanghai but he never remembered it like that, all he knew it that one day he father left and never came back, regrettably Ben was killed by Hollows two days into his journey, his soul eaten for its power.

Yuri, unaware of his father’s untimely death, lived a normal life as any human boy would, but it was when he turned 11 that he started to realise something. He felt that there was something.. off about him, and the other kids started to feel it too, one by one his ‘friends’ started to avoid him, making excuses as to why they could not play, and then even began picking on him, calling him a ‘monster’ yet he had not done anything out of the normal. During this time he started to train himself is varies form of martial arts, so he could fight back, but after a few months he felt like a total outsider from the rest of the village, the only thing that kept him going, as claimed by him, was his mother’s love.

Ark 2, Playing with Dolls, Yuri’s powers awaken.

‘That was more frightening than the idea that we should fight it, fight something bigger than the bakra man’s ships or airplanes. To kill it.. easier than making a friend of it.’ Apocalypse – Time of Judgment.

Yuri was 13 when this first, major, life changing event unfolded, with tensions’ running high the village and superstitions deep rooted it would not take much to make the normally quite people snap. The catalyst came in the form of a vision one of the elders had, in a dream they witnessed Yuri slaughtering the villages, that was all that was needed to make everyone take up arms against him, they mobs his house, demanding his mother to bring out the demon and she would not be harmed, but the mother valued her sons life above her own, dragged him to the back of the house, but there was no way for them to escape.

When they broke in the villages dragged his mother out of the way, but she fought against them, resulting in them killing her in front of her son. Yuri froze as he saw the blade pass through his mother’s body, the only one that loved him, her still hot blood mixed with his tears on the boys face, the shock, sadness and deep black burning hatred welled up inside him, why? Why did they have to do this? What had he done? The boy rose to his feet as a red aura started to form around him, that aura started to grow into a huge beast, the form of his power and the tool of his revenge.

The beast had the head of a wolf, its chest however seemed far to forwards for a canine body, making its chest, shoulders and upper arms like that of a man. Its arms from the elbow down where like a birds, its, what should be paws the long talon tows of a bird of prey, the rest of its body from the hips down took the form of a snake, its mouth opened, the bottom jaw splitting in two revealing rows upon rows of needle-like snake teeth. One foolish man tried to strike out at them, only in tern to be stricken down by the large beast, the rage and hate that fuelled that villages courage soon faded to be replaced with a blind fear, it was one think to face a small boy who you thought was a devil then a devil itself, as the villages fled the beast went to follow, but Yuri stopped him, telling the Doll that he wanted to kill them himself, with his own hands.

The monster smirked, telling the boy that it was fine with him, but to use him in his revenge. The Doll told Yuri to put his hands together and hold them up to him, he did so and the Doll rewarded his obedience by sinking his fangs into the back of the boys hands, the venom burning marks into the back, before the Doll seemed to fade away, the markings began to glow as two bladed gauntlets began to form around his knuckles. Now armed Yuri set out to seek his revenge for his mothers senseless murder, by morning the village was awash with blood, the only living thing was the small Yuri, he left the blood washed town, starting what would be a long, long journey.

Ark 3, Alone in the world.

‘”I don’t have time. Do you know how many answers I have to get? How many people and... Things I have to talk to?” - Apocalypse – Time of Judgment.

This part of Yuri’s life was, what seemed to him, just one large question; what was he? He wondered around the large expanses’ of the world, nothing more than a street urchin, fighting off the local stray dogs of whatever hell hole he happened to be in, bitten bloody for scraps of food. There was times, many of them, where he just wanted to give up and let himself die, but he told himself that he would not die, he would stay alive, he would live so that his mother’s death would not be in vain, that monstrous being that called itself Gift der Rache, did not shed much light on what he – they where, only saying that he was Yuri’s servant and tool of revenge from now till death.

It was clear to see that Yuri would have to find the answers that he sneaked on his own. He found no rest, nor real aid from the people he met on his travels, sympathetic looks or leering stares where the only thing in abundance, now and again he would come across a kind soul who would give him food or a bit of money, but nothing more than that, it was like they could see that he was indeed different from the others around him, maybe it was the markings on the back of his hands, horrid brandings of his inhumanity.

Stowing away trains, boats and whatever he could get away with he grew up ‘on the road’, never settling down.

Ark 4, Time during Wold War 1.

“Evil be on earth, an age of whoredom. Of sharp sword-play and shields clashing. A wind-age, a wolf-age till the world ruin; No man to another shall mercy show” – Voluspa, tr. W. H. Auden.

In early 1915 a 26 year old Yuri found himself wondering into a small village, in France, a town called Domremy. This is where Yuri got a big shock, a village that did not look on him like an outcast, a village that welcomed him even thought the world outside was starting to rip each other apart, they feed him, gave him new cloths and shelter, a place to stay till he recovered, regardless if he was human or not they said that they could not leave him to starve to death. But as he had found out about a year before his arrival here he had found out about his hunger for souls, so he had to not longer worry about finding human food; however he was touched by the offer the village gave him and was not going to let it go unrewarded.

In return he vowed to protect the village from the war raging outside. Using his doll to easily scare off any that tried to take the village, however whilst this activity did see off the humans it drew the attention of other beings, namely, a wondering superhuman, who’s powers would make others view him as a warlock, was trying to make a name for himself by killing any other supernatural being that he could find, and his next victim was planned to be the young Bount Yuri, but to do that he needed to find the weakness of the lone soul eater and this ‘weakness’ came in the form of a normal human he had grown... attached too. So he kidnapped her and demanded Yuri to come alone.

And that he did, Yuri came there just by ‘himself’, and the human? Well he showed up with Yuri’s lover and his ‘apprentice’ a normal human, the super human’s grandson. The warlock did not intend to just hand her over the girl, no, he slit her neck and pushed her dying body towards Yuri, an hot tempted and enraged opponent would truly yield a legendary fight, the memory of when his mother died started to flood back and play over and over in his mind, along with the safe feelings, feelings that he thought he put behind him, the rage, the hate, the laughter of Gift echoing into the night. Yuri moved so fast that the next thing the Human knew was that he was flying into a tree, he was not going to use Gift’s poisons for this one, no, dying from toxins and blades was too quick, to painless for him.

The kid jumped in-between the raging bount and his grandfather, but Yuri did not halt or falter in his charge, pushing the 10 year old out of the way. He pulled the warlock to his feet, only to punch him heard in the face again, the crack of bone sounding out as his jaw shattered and... that was really the last clear thing he could remember, the next thing Yuri knew was that he was punching bits on bone into the blood soaked earth, and the sound of a boy crying. He never looked at the boy as he walked past, scooping up the body of his dead lover before returning to the village, and even when he got back he did not find any rest for the sadness, finding that the village had been taken over in his absence.

Yuri berried the body of his lover in a spot only he knows, before once again turning back to the way of the wanderer.

Ark 5, Time during World War 2.

“Now I am become Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds” – Bhagavad-Gita, quoted by Robert Oppenheimer.

After the events that had happened in one still lingering in his mind Yuri was quite inactive during this time. Stalling himself away whilst the war raged, he did not care, the world be damned and everyone in it! He did everything he could to stay hidden, not even using his Doll during hollow attacks.

Ark 6, it’s the year 2000! And the world still suxs!

“And every power of heaven shall be melted, and the heaven shall be rolled up like a book, and all the stars shall fall like leaves from the vine, and as leaves from the fig-tree.” – Apocalypse of Peter

Happy firggen new year! The people in London cheered as the fireworks exploded in an array of colour over head. The event seemed all but lost on Yuri, maybe it was he was 111 years old, a lot older than the average man, and a damn sight older than anyone who was standing among the partying crowd, the Bounto, or ‘vampire’ as he had came to find out how some had depicted his kind, it was funny, he mused as he tried to make his way out of the mass of bodies into somewhere more quite, the world had changed a lot, but in the same way it was still the same.

Sure there was a lot of new technology, more so coming out every day it seemed, yet everyone seemed almost the same mentally. But the more he thought about it the more it really did seem like the world has lost something, it had lost its sense of spirituality, he had seen how the world was turning towards what they could see with their own eyes, he had to laugh at that thought, they would be able to see ALOT of the had the right eyes, ah petty really but it was none of his concern in the end. Some drunken group yelled happy new year as they passed him, but he did not react to them, he just snorted, this was just another night, in another year for him, nothing magical and wonderers about it, maybe when this ruckus was over and humanity had quieted down he would make his way to Wales before finally heading back to his birth place.

Ya, happy fringing new year.

Ark 7, Heaven is Lost, Hell is Found (The time the Arrancar sealed away SS)

“That will be the age when justice is banished, when innocence is despised and the evil ones drag away good men as their prey.” – Oracle of Hystaspes

This really was, as some would say, hell on earth, luckily Yuri had managed to find another of his kind, a woman who called herself ‘Mao’. He was a bit weary of opening up to her at first, seeing how the other two woman he loved ended up, but as they travelled together, fought together, and saw how strong she was he started to relax around her, and slowly warm to her as the two made the most of this hellish stage now set by the arrancar.

Role-Play Sample:

The woods was quite today, not a bird song or the howling of the wind stirred the almost empty seeming air that penetrated this area, was their presence enough to scare off the beasts that normally inhabit the mountains woodlands of the village hidden in the clouds? A glance down at the large predatory animal that was by her side told her that was truly the case. Okami’s hand rested lightly on the head on the Hyena standing by her side, the large carnivore seeming almost out of place, her light coloured coat did not seem to match their surroundings, but this fact never seemed to hinder her ability to hide when they played ‘hide and seek’ but Okami knew that today was no game, Tsukiyo, the Hyena, seemed to sense this as well.

Okami rolled her shoulders, letting her black leather jacket slip from her shoulders, falling part ways down her arms to the point is was effectively pinning them back, a small sigh passed her lips as she let the cold air get to her skin. Tsukiyo kept her eyes on the ninja, brown eyes never drifting from the human female, after a moment the Hyena nipped the bottom of the jacket, holding it lightly in her jaws before giving it a light tug and pulling it from Okami’s frame, the item of clothing falling to the forest floor. Okami smiled at her friend, patting her once more on the head and running her fingers through the longer, courser fur of her neck, with her right hand on Tsukiyo’s head her left went for the Tanto that was strapped to her lower back.

Her fingers wrapped around the wooden handle of the blade, sliding it soundlessly from its sheath, with one quick movement of her arm followed by a hollow ‘thunk’ and the blade was firmly imbedded in a nearby tree trunk. She took her coat from Tsukiyo’s jaws and hung it up on the blade, keeping it safely out of the way during the upcoming training; she ran her gloved hands over her now exposed arms, it seemed colder here than in the main village, but after starting training that would not be a problem. Tsukiyo make a slight calking sound as she bobbed her head slightly, happy to be doing something for a change, the past few days had been quite for the spotted Hyena, she watched the ninja as she stretched trying to imitate her as she did, stretching out her front legs before trying to do the same with her back.

Okami gave Tsukiyo a light tap on the shoulder, signalling the start of the upcoming training as she ran off, deeper into the under growth, a whooping call and the Hyena followed her like she would any of her own kind, playtime is over, now the real training begins.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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Yuri Hyuga ~ Bountou
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