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 Tsunayoshi Sawada...... The Tenth

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PostSubject: Tsunayoshi Sawada...... The Tenth   Sun 11 Oct 2009, 6:02 am

Bountou Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name:Tsunayoshi Sawada

Age: Little over 1000

Visual Age: 19


Tsuna's personality is like any other Boss. He is arrogant, calm, collect, pushes his orders, and he always has his own plan. He likes to fight, defeat, and take over things. In battle, Tsuna acts abnormally calm and collected for someone of his age. He can fight like he has Years of pratice, which he has. People or beings that don't know he is a bountou. Would think he was amazing for his Appearance age. Tsuna flirts constantly with women of every race. He usually charms them with his Angel-like looks, which comes from never ageing.


Tsuna wears a Mafia style Suit with a Fedora. He has dark brown hair and eyes with a spikey hair style to go with it. He is 5'9 and weights 210 pounds. He has angel-like skin that makes the girls go crazy. He is the Tenth Leader of the Vongola Family, and carries the chest of the Vongola family on his Fedora. When, he isn't wearing his fedora. The Vongola Family chest is on his Front Suit jack pocket.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 5'9


Hair:Dark Brown

Eyes:Dark Brown

Nicknames: Tsuna or Tenth

Reiatsu Color: Orange(Doll's) and Gold(Tsuna's)

Reiatsu Power Level: ? (I really don't know what is high So, i will go for whatever number the Second Ranked Bount gets. XD)

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

Birth and Childhood

Tsuna was born into a very rich family. Yet, what he didn’t know was that he was born into the life of a mobster. Tsuna’s father was the 9th boss of the Vongola family. When, Tsuna was born that was the signal he was going to be the Tenth boss of the Vongola family. He grew up living a fairly normal life, and got whatever he wanted. Until, his father died, and he had to begin the training to become the Tenth Vongola boss. He trained for about a year and a half. Tsuna was 19 when they made him the Vongola boss. He soon would find out something about himself that would change his life.

The Summoning of The Tenth’s First Doll

During, a simply hit for the Vongola everything went wrong. Two of Tsuna’s hitmen died in the counterattack on the Hit. Tsuna wasn’t the type of Boss to not fight in his battles, and so he got ready to go. Tsuna quickly got ready and went to his car. Tsuna had a Black King Chess piece around his neck. This was his good luck charm he always carries with him. He drove up to a blood gun battle. He quickly slammed on the gas, and flew into a parking spot by his Family. He got out of the Car, and looked at his hitmen. Two were already dead, and the others were wounded. Tsuna tried to move to another spot, when he was shot. Tsuna fell to the ground and the chess piece shined a bright orange color. Then, suddenly a flash happened and the other family was dead. Tsuna was rushed to the Vongola family medical center, and was treated. This was the Beginning of his very long life.

Finding Out What He Is……

After, the whole killing a whole death squad of the rival families Tsuna was happy. He had done his job. The Families wanted to call a Truce between them, but Tsuna refused to met with them. He needed to find out what he was before he could make the meeting date. He waited two years for an answer. Then, when he finally decided to stop looking a very young man came into his house ask for him. The Man explained that he felt a huge uproar of Bountou Energy in the area about two years ago. This Energy had brought him to this very spot. Yet, he couldn’t ever feel it again. So, he never came in. The Man explained that he had been waiting for the Energy to flare again, but it hasn’t. So, he finally decided to come in to check it out. Tsuna listened and finally told he what happened. The Man explained that the energy was his doll. After, a few hours the man left and Tsuna finally knew everything about him. He began to train to awaken his doll, but it never summoned again.

The Battle Begins and Fusing With His Doll

Tsuna never aged, and everyone asked him how come. Tsuna simply gave them the answer. He was a Bountou, or Soul Vampire, that would never die as long as he consumed souls. That is when everyone thought they should kill Tsuna so he would have to give up the Leadership. Yet, Tsuna was much stronger then they thought. He was run out of his own home, and chased to a large grassy field. He was of course wearing his Doll medium around his neck. Tsuna had to make his stand. He called out to his family, and said bring out the Leader who is supposed to replace him. They sent him out, and Tsuna walked out from the woods. He told them that a one-on-one battle would be the best way to end this. If Tsuna won he would be leader until he died. They fought for days Hand-to0hand, sword-to-sword, and even gun-to-gun, but they were both good. Finally, the new leader pulled out a gun right in the middle of a punch. He pulled the trigger as Tsuna punched him in the face. The Bullet went into his shoulder, and the orange glow started again. Then, a blast happened, and when Tsuna woke up. The new leader was dead, and he was in the Medical Center getting patched up. He finally learned how to control his Doll. Giotto was the name of his doll. He could talk to him in his mind while sealed and it was amusing to him. Tsuna soon moved to Karakura Town to get away from the Mob for a while. He soon appointed a new Boss, and set up a base in Karakura Town. He has a huge ass mansion in the outskirts of Karakura Town. He lived there for hundreds of years before him even meet the Boutnous of Karakura Town. That is when he learned about Bountou fusing with their dolls. Tsunayoshi soon began to learn how to fuse with his doll, and it only took a couple of years to master. Tsuna is now apart of the Bountou ranks. He still visits his Mansion in the Outskirts of Karakura town, but that is only for a rest spot between missions.

Role-Play Sample:

Suddenly, a feel of Hollow-like Reshi filled the air at the Meeting Location. A rift suddenly ripped through the air next to D. The Rift looked a lot like a Garganta but it wasn't formed like a square. Two Fully grown male lions walked out of the rift first. The Lions looked rather fierce and there manes looked a lot like Flames. The Hollow-like reshi could easily be felt now, but there was one more Reshi light inside of the Rift. Then, a Young man that looked 25 walked out after the Lions. He had white hair and his eyes were Dark purple and Black. He had perfect skin tone and a custom made Rapier on his right hip. The Rapier was completely black from the hilt to the guard to the sheathe. Yet, unknown to everyone who hasn't actually seen the whole thing would guess the blade was black as well, but that wasn't true. The Blade was a beautiful sky blue with swirls of white that represented clouds going up and down the blade. The Next thing that would easily be seen was the nice custom made suit the man wore. The Suit was completely black with a red undershirt that looked the color of blood. The man had a odd energy to him. yet, the rift closed as soon as he came through. he looke around at all the faces in the meeeting place, and locked onto the one that had stepped back fromteh group. His Spiritual energy felt like that of a Quincy, but Hayato couldn't be sure. He had only found one quincy through out his very long life. Without, turning his head towards D. Hayato began to speak to D.

"Well, what all did I miss? I would be correct to think you are the Leader of our Little Group, right? If not then forget what I said. I'm Hayato Gokudera or better known as Smoking Bomb Hayato from my explosion days. Yet, I don't think yall were even alive back then. Oh! Almost forgot to introduce theses fine guys." Hayato reached down and patted both of the Lions on the head with different hands. He had a lovely smile on his face as he did so. It almost seemed like he actually cared for theses Enery creatures. "The one on the right is named, Tsuna. The one on the left is named, Reborn. They are very happy to meet other Humans that have abilities."

Hayato had that same smile of his face as he keep looking at the Man who stepped back from the group. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he had missed something beofre he came. He always comes right after something good has happened, but oh well. He pushed out his senses to see if anyone was in the area, but he was to easily borught back to this location. he couldn't focus well enough. So, he simply quit trying and waited for the Reaction of the Hollow-like reshi he had.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi Sawada...... The Tenth   Mon 12 Oct 2009, 2:07 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi Sawada...... The Tenth   Mon 12 Oct 2009, 6:53 am

Few errors of grammar and spelling, nothing worth going nuts over though. I APPROVE this, but speak with the race leader for your elite rank.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi Sawada...... The Tenth   

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Tsunayoshi Sawada...... The Tenth
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