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 Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto

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PostSubject: Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto   Mon 12 Oct 2009, 4:37 am

Name: The King's Piece, Giotto



Doll Description:

Giotto looks 16 or 17 with blue hair and silver colored eyes. He is about 5'7 in height and about 195 pounds. He wears a very light blue shirt with a grey jacket. He wears normal styled blue jeans with a hole in the right of them. Also, he wears a necklace, and has a tattoo on the left side of his face, directly below his eye. He has on a leather skin sleeve on his left shoulder, that runs down to right above his elbow. Yet, one thing that he doesn't always have on is his Gloves. Giotto has two gloves that increases his control over his Reshi and Dying Will Flame.



Tsuna's Black King Chess piece that is worn around his neck is the Medium for this Doll. Tsuna places his hands in a circle shape around the Necklace and calls him out. A bright green shine will appear around the Necklace and Tsuna. Then, it is easily summoned.

Doll Ability:

Giotto has one family unlike most dolls of elites. He can fully control and manipulate his massive amounts of Reshi. Yet, his reshi is rather special. Giotto's reshi basically takes the form of a flame. The Reshi/Flame is Called The Dying Will Flame by Giotto. Giotto has amazing control over his Dying Will Flame/Reshi, and can do unbelieve things with it. He can create Barriers, Fire it, and many other things with it. Giotto always wears his X-gloves when activating his ability. Due to this, he has unbelieve control over his Reshi/Dying Will Flame.

Doll Großer König Form Description: (Lit. Grand King form):

Tsuna's Appearance:

Tsuna's appearance barely changes once he fuses with Giottoo. A very tight circle of Reshi/Dying Will Flame around him, and with that circle the Jacket of Tsuna's Suit bacauses rippes to pieces. At that point, Tsuna's vest, and short sleeved Undershirt are full reveal. The Next thing that changes about Tsuna's appearance is that Black Tribe Tattoo that look like flames cover Tsuna's arms. Then, the final change is the REshi that appears on Tsuna's Forehead. Everything, else basically stays the same.((I would like to say. That the Reshi on Tsuna's hands and forehead can be disspelled))

Fusion X-Gloves:

Großer König Ability:

In Fusion, Tsuna keeps the ability of Giotto. He can Control and Maniuplate his Reshi/Dying Will Flame to unbelieve measures. He can Completely Control and Manipulate the Dying WIll Flame/Reshi with his Hands or Mind. Yet, in his Fusion Tsuna can do one thing that Giotto can't do in Regular form. He can Place Reshi in to the body of enemy and make it explode. Yet, there are some limits to how far the reshi goes in. The Reshi can go basically into the first couple of layers of skin, and makes a mild wound from the explosion. The Shape of the Wound is up to Tsuna. Tsuna usually places the Reshi in a "X" Shape to symbolize him being the Tenth Boss of the Mafia Family. Tsuna does this because it is made to leave a Scar on the person skin. Thus, leaves a mark that they were defeated by Tsuna. ((Yet, due to this being a very strong addition to his ability it will be made into a Technique for a cooldown.))

Exploding Scar/Reshi Scar[Fusion Only!]
This is the Addition to Giotto's ability when Tsuna is fused with him. Tsuna can gather some Reshi/Dying Will Flame into his gloves and touch the Enemy with them. By touching a place where skin is showing. Tsuna can infuse his Reshi/Dying Will Flame with the Enemies first couple of layers of skin. By doing this, Tsuna can make the Reshi explode and caus some minor damage and some major bleeding. Tsuna can make the Resih infuse in any shape he wishes, but the shape he likes te most is the Roman Numeral "X". This is Tsuna trade mark per say.
Cooldown: 10 posts
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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto   Fri 06 Nov 2009, 12:09 am

Hmm...Just so we are clear on one thing, when you place reishi into their bodies, I imagine it is like gonig towards them meaning they could dodge it. On that note, I deem this approved, if not, then please do tell me. The right for someone elses to have a say at this is also reserved. For now, approved though.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto   Sat 07 Nov 2009, 5:32 am

((Alright, my doll looked kinda gay. So, this is my new one.))

Name:Valentia[Nickname: Valen]


Doll Description:

Valen is a rather young doll. He looks 17 with dark blue, almost black hair and a tattoo under his right eye. He has light violet eyes with very beautiful skin. He wears a leather under armor of sorts under all his clothes, but the Leaher under armor is used to carry his tubes of his home-made Black ink. He also has a necklace that has a little book type thing that has some more little tubes of Black ink. Then, over that leather Armor is his light blue shirt with a grey jacket with ripped dark blue jeans. Valen doesn't wear Shoes or socks due to his ability makes him very close to Mother Earth. YEt, Giotto is summoned with a massive Scythe that is blood red and black


Tsunayoshi's Medium is a Black King's Chess piece that is made into a necklace around his neck. The King chess piece is made of Black metal, and is always around his neck. For Valen to be summoned Tsuna has to grab the piece rip it from the necklace and throw it out away from him while saying the release command.

Doll Ability:
Valen's ability is rather simple. Valen's ability is complete Terrakinesis, which is the ability to control geologic materials such as minerals, dirt and rocks with his mind. He can move earth and even create different things with it. (Which will be Techniques) He also has control over a mineral-based ink that he can absorb into his body to use also. Yet, Valen's ability doesn't stop there. He has a more outward ability to control metal also in the same way he controls earth and ink.

Doll Großer König Form Description:[Working on]

Großer König Ability[working on]

~Earth Wall~
Valen can make a Earth wall(Barrier) around him in front of him or anywhere in his line of sight. The walls can be made to deflect a numer of different attacks, like Quincy arrows, Ceros(Limit is two if made dense enough), two Shikai level attacks, or a bankai level attack. The wall crumble once there use has been done, or they fall apart once it takes enough damage.
Duration: Two Ceros, Ten Quincy arrows, Two shikai level attacks, or Bankai level attack
Cooldown: 10 posts

~Earth Shrapnel Bullet~
Valen can force up rock or dirt and compact them together to create a number of Earth Pieces that are deadly sharp. The Amount of pieces is roughtly 20 pieces or less. The Pieces can hurt the enemy very badly if made a direct hit against the enemy. Yet, the move can be dodged, parried, or blocked, but the speed of the attack makes it difficult. The speed of the pieces are about the same as a Bala. Yet, the Pieces are bullets so after they leave Valen's personal bubble, which is basically arm length away from his body. They can't be controlled. They are just flying bullets.
Cooldown: 10 posts
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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto   Sat 07 Nov 2009, 6:26 am

I think the first problem I kinda have is the ink considering you're earth/metal, not water or liquid >.> Then there's the fact I'm not sure if your "ink" would be technique based or whatever it does for him as you didn't describe nor say, niftily, that it would be techniques like the earthen abilities.

How big is the wall exactly? And how many total since you made it plural at one point?
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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto   Sat 07 Nov 2009, 7:23 am

The Ink is Mineral based that is made by Tsuna or Valen himself. The Ink is going to be later techniques like different attacks and such.

The Wall is big enough to go over Tsuna, which is 5'9. The walls are easily big enough to cover his whole body for a defense. Then, the number is two max.

Hopefully, this will answer your stuff. My earth ability is based off a Ability from the Show Heroes. (Just in cause you wanted to know. XD)
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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto   Sat 07 Nov 2009, 7:42 am

Okay, just one last question: can the walls move? Sorry, just thought of it (and sadly don't watch Heroes)

Edit: Großer König is denied to to lack of activity.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto   

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Tsunayoshi's Doll, Giotto
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