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 Kidou Training Rules.

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Nebula Cana

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PostSubject: Kidou Training Rules.   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 5:24 am

The training rules for custom Kidou are as follows. Kidou levels one through forty-five require a training post of 300 words. Levels forty-six through sixty-nine require a training post of 600 words. Lastly, one of level seventy and above require a training post of 1000 words. This goes for each Custom Kidou, not the set as a whole. Make it believable, not a bunch of random stuff that has no bearing on Kidou training itself. I want a detailed, good training post with no lack of creativity. If it is horribly crappy, then expect a big old disapproval stamp from me.

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Kidou Training Rules.
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