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 [Zanpakutō] Shikaku

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PostSubject: [Zanpakutō] Shikaku   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 2:59 am

Name: Shikaku [Assassin] (Nickname: Aki [Autumn])


Release Command: "Bare your blades....."

(Can also use the singular 'blade' rather than the plural 'blades')

Family: Fire/Reiatsu

Level: Bankai

Sealed Description:
A katana (41.5 in. overall, 29.5 in. blade, 12 in. handle) and a wakazashi (29 in. overall, 21 in. blade, 8 in. handle) that look similar to the katana in the picture. The sheaths are a black sheen, where the tops of the sheaths are wrapped in white bandages, while the ends are capped with bronze. These are often worn at Zeran’s left side, kept in place by his sash, or on his back, held in place with bandages.

Shikai Description:
The Shikai can be released with either one or both Zanpaktou bare. When unsealed, the blades and hilts elongate a couple inches (44 in. overall, 31 in. blade, 13 in. handle for the longer; 32 in. overall, 23 in. blade, 9 in overall for the shorter), as well as becoming broader, about 1.5x the norm, and the handles becoming black (in contrast to the picture). Around these swords, flames spiral about the swords' blades. These flames also follow the trail of the swords and only surround them only when Zeran activates them. This is discussed more in the Shikai ability. Also, Zeran's irises turn a crimson red, which is due to Aki’s crimson reiatsu (Ironically, Shikaku also means ‘sense of vision/sight,’ which makes this a strangely related side effect…).

Bankai Description:
Shikaku Okami [Assassin Emperor]:
Zeran's Bankai can only be released when both blades are drawn and released. When Zeran initiates Bankai, the flames from his swords start to spread and whirl around Zeran like a vortex. When the flames have dispersed, Zeran has armor-like plates scattered over his form as well as a black trenchcoat over his upper body, the forearms bound in white bandages, like with Zeran’s shinigami uniform, all of which is fireproof. For simplicity’s sake, the armor will be described as such:
-On the left arm, there are three plates floating about a cm from Zeran’s arm. A hexagonal-plate, covering the back of Zeran’s hand, which has a small, hemi-sphere slot on the back. A pentagonal-plate to cover his forearm, which had indentions like a shark’s gills on the sides, though these act more like exhausts from which flames come out. Lastly, by and over the shoulder is a hexagonal-plate, from which an extension reaches backwards and upwards from the upper-left corner.
-On the right arm, three more plates float about a cm from Zeran’s arm. This arm is nearly the exact same as the left except for: the plate on his right hand has finger-like extensions, the forearm piece has a blade sticking out from the center, and a crimson crescent in the center, points pointing upward, on the shoulder-guard.
-On both of the legs, two plates float about a cm from Zeran’s shins. Both look similar to the front of greaves and also cover part of the respective foot.
-On the back, Zeran has a wheel, floating a couple cm from his back, directly over his shoulder blades. The wheel has three spokes, all curving in a counter-clockwise manner.
-On the waist, Zeran has four plates, arranged like a tasset, with all four floating about half a cm from the body. A small center piece sets right below the navel, two larger pieces are set on the left and right hip, and the last, located above the tailbone, is larger than the other three.
All of these armor plates/pieces have crimson trims while the rest is silver, unless otherwise specified in the description.

Shikai Ability:
Zeran’s ability deals with fire, though no ordinary fire. These flames are crafted through Zeran’s reiatsu, ignited through a ‘spark,’ often the impact of Zeran’s reiatsu particles against one another, though it mostly occurs around the blades of Zeran’s zanpakuto. The resulting flames appear normal (Though Zeran can easily feel his own reiatsu coming from them), burn at about 200°C (Approx. 400°F) and can be manipulated from about 20-25 feet from his swords. The flames are his only to control, though they can be repulsed by enough force. Another power of these flames is the power to break down reishi the flames are in contact with, adding a both a fuel and augmentation. The flames will still act like normal flames, being able to sear wounds shut when they come in contact with open wounds, making a fresh scar that’s easily breakable though easily breakable, and that the flames will be able to burn flammable objects. The technique for his manipulation is very much similar to that of a quincy, though much harder due to the chaotic nature of his zanpakuto.

Bankai Ability:
Zeran's Bankai ability is mostly an enhanced version of his Shikai ability. The main differences are the increase in temperature, now burning at 400°C (Approx. between 750-800°F), the range of manipulation increasing to about 45-50 feet from his being, due to his whole body being a bankai in a sense, allowing him to manipulate them freely as he wishes within his allowed manipulation range, and that Zeran can now produce flames from his entire being. It also takes more force to repel his flames than before. Using his ‘quincy-like’ control over his own reiatsu, Zeran can manifest weapons from the flames due to his reiatsu and reishi being the whole basis of the flames existence. (This is similar to how Uryuu was able to make physical looking arrows, despite being made of only reishi.) This is only possible due to the enhanced control the Bankai gives for Zeran.

Inner World: Zeran's inner world is somewhat like a port town, with a harbor on the edge of the sea. In this area, a pair of islands can be seen, one with a large lighthouse, though not lit, due to it being twilight/dusk. The houses in the port are old European, and the lighthouse, which can be reached by going over the water by flight or boat, is similar to the tower that used to stand in Alexandria. The area surrounding the town is a desert, with seemingly no end, and a river, that leads up to, and connects to the sea.

Zanpakutō Spirit Persona: Shikaku, or rather Aki, is calm and kindhearted, despite her elemental family. However, she desperately hates her real name, so, ever since Zeran became aware of her, she has 'forced' him to use Aki for her name ever since, except to release, due to her real name having power. Apparently, she likes the name due to it being her favorite season (Autumn/Fall). It is very difficult to anger Aki, but, when she's finally angered, then her temper becomes enormous and it usually takes a battle to calm her down. She enjoys ramen just as much as Zeran, and likes playing go or shogi (normal chess is also an option) with him in their spare time (usually done through manifestation). Zeran and Aki's relationship is a brother-sister one, causing a love-hate conflict between the two of them.

((To be added.... -.-))

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PostSubject: Re: [Zanpakutō] Shikaku   Tue 22 Dec 2009, 1:51 am

I am hoping this eye color change is caused by the reiatsu only, like how Ichigo's eyes turn to an azure blue color when he internalizes his reiatsu, and summons up a lot of strength. I know you have said it is caused 'mostly' by the reiatsu, but I wanted to be very clear on that.

For the Shikai ability, let me make this very clear. You make the flames by the spark only, not the actual reiatsu. I do not see any way reiatsu could create flames. Reiatsu, as far as I know, could only generate heat if the user has a special fire elemental reiatsu, like Old man Yama, which, by the way, is a special thing you must be chosen for, not something you can just claim. So, make sure you ignite the flames in a logical manner.

Okay, the whole 'Quincy-like' thing, is a no-go. No, remove that. You can have precise control over your flames and all that, but no Quincy stuff. You are not a Quincy, you are a Vizard. So remove all that, reword it, whatever. I do not care. Just fix it.

Another thing is... no creating flames from your body, or 'entire being'. Vizard and Shinigami powers should be manifested only through their Zanpakutou or hollow mask hollow powers. They will not have the power to produce their abilities through their body, and their body will not change in appearance, aka growing ears and all that shit I have seen before, other than their clothing, possibly, when releasing. That is what a res is for, and for Arrancar only.

Also, these weapons that you manifest, they are just weapon-shaped flames, just like your other flames, and therefore are no different. There will be no physicalish flames, or any other funny stuff, so keep an eye on that, understand?

Keep in mind that no matter how much control you have over these flames, if you attempted to wield something that hot, without a proper back-fall or immunity to prevent it, you would get burned by it, and probably melted into goo. Another thing, a rather obvious question, but always good to be certain. These flame weapons, I am assuming that since you have control over your flames, you could control them without contacting them physically, such as not having to touch them, sort of like moving them with your mind or something. Am I correct in this assumption?

Anyways, make these changes/corrections and I shall approve this.

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[Zanpakutō] Shikaku
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