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 He's here...

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PostSubject: He's here...   Wed 09 Dec 2009, 9:00 pm

The sun was shinning and the birds were chirping as the hollows began to take over Karakura Town. Not that it could really be called a town anymore it was more like a war zone. The hollows brought overe from Huceo Mondo not that long ago were reeking havoc and the espada had opened gates to their dimension last time they were here. But to top it off they had come back again and this time there was more of them. Most of the Captains of the Gotei thirteen to sent in after them and to save Karakura Town from it's impending doom. That is why a senkai gate appeared hight up above Karakura Town letting out Eiki Tategemi Captain of the Second Division.

Eiki walked in a perfect stride, matching each footstep to the one before it. His zunpakuto jingled against his side as he walked and his hair twirled in the wind. Eiki wore the normal shinigami black outfit that every single other shinigami wore. Except his was slightly different, he wore a Captain's haroi on top of it. With his division's symbol at the back and straightly cut sleeves that gave way at his shoulders to the black outfit underneath it. After Eiki was fully through the gateway to Soul Soceity it immediately closed and disappeared behind him. So there he stood in Karakura Town looking down at the anarchy below.

Eiki disliked hollows and Espada especially. Espada would just glorified monsters who had no place in this world or any other. Their ranks meant very little seeing as they were just beasts who never followed any chain of command. They were beasts that had to be put down. At least that's how it went in Eiki's mind. He was a man of honor and hollows had none. He liked to fight but not to kill and hollows loved it. He enjoyed nature and the animals that lived within it and hollows sought to destroy it. They seemed like complete opposites although, Eiki held no harsh feelings towards the Vizard. At least not normally but they had let the hollow overtake their home and slaughter their families. But no matter it was not Eiki's place to judge them so he would not. He would keep his mouth quiet at least for now.
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He's here...
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