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 The Arrival of Red Hair.

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PostSubject: The Arrival of Red Hair.   Mon 07 Dec 2009, 3:46 am

Ashere arrived. He appeared in Karakura town with his blade already drawn. He was to do things the quick way as ordered by his captain commander and that was the way he was going to do them. Upon arrival he found the town in waste. Buildings destroyed hollows around the place eating everything including eachother menos beginning to form up from the dead other hollows and eventually Adjuchas would be showing up. Ashere being a shinigami felt it his destiny and his duty to his people that he must destroy the hollows plaguing at least the world of the living. So Ashere took his blade into his hand and attacked the hollows immediatly. Ashere jumped from the building he had started watching the carnage from and landed his blade facing down coming straight through a hollow who had just thrown another one down and had begun to eat him. Ashere aimed his hand forward at a mass of them and spoke in a soft tone the word for his Kidou technique."Haien" Upon speaking those words clearly and the rest of the incantation quickly and by way of muttering a purple blast shot from his hand and engulfed and incenerated many hollows in front of him leaving less to kill with his own blade.

Ashere turned to the hollows behind him after this and began to attack them mercilessly. Stabbing and slashing in a mass of raw attacks and power and spiritual energy stabbing each one down and slashing each one as they tried to run or tried to fight him. Ashere had become enraged and like the Gauls of ancient times had begun to attack the people all around him. Human Hollow or something inbetween they were all enemies to Ashere. Within brief moments of conciousness he was aware of himself and had looked down at one point to see not a clean Captain robe but instead blood spotted all along it from helpless and unable to defend themselves humans the hollows and regrettably he himself had also killed. Finally after a grueling few more minutes after Ashere had regained his sense of self awareness he had finished slaughtering the hollows in the immediate area and waited for one of the three espada in the area to come to his area. He was ready for a more challenging fight and hopefully he would fight a worthy espada who would not be a coward and attack from behind.
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The Arrival of Red Hair.
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