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PostSubject: ABSOLUTE BOREDOM! COMPLETELY OPEN!   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 8:13 pm

A bala flew about in Karakura town, being sent flying from a random crack in the sky that was better known as a Garganta.

Merrow, with all his childish self, lazily spewed out a few of the projectiles and let them slam into the buildings below. It was morning afterall, so all the puny insects down below where probably panicking at the idea of a terrorist attack ... at a school, office building, and convenience store nonetheless.

The Espada was attended by a couple dozen fraccion, but quite honestly ... he didn't want them there, they were the ones who wanted to see the human realm from their current state.

"But then again, being locked up in a lab for several decades working as an assistant can be ... rather boring" the youthful arrancar smiled to himself while contemplating this, while straining to hear the anguished symphony of the pitiable insects down below.

"Do what you like, but just remember to leave if things get too ... hectic ..." he commented calmly, and with white streaks flying across the sky, the Fraccion dismissed themselves and scattered throughout the town, while Merrow continued to float calmly in the sky. Honestly, he had wanted to come collect new human specimens, but the population of spiritually aware humans still remained unknown to him ... so he was hoping to flush them out, and determine how many there were ... but that doesn't mean he wasn't expecting anyone else to stop him. No, he was hoping for someone to come, as it had been nearly a decade since he last got some 'fresh air' and exercise.
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PostSubject: Re: ABSOLUTE BOREDOM! COMPLETELY OPEN!   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 8:44 pm

A subtle shake would occur in the air as a light flourishing of reiatsu almost palpable manifests upon the masses. A thinner man wearing a dark brown T-shirt, with long slender jeans, zanpakuto hoisted on his right side, lands in a shunpo upon an invisible pallet of solidified reishi standing, glaring in the direction of where a portal seemed to rip the very fabric of the sky. The arrancar didn’t seem to care if he attracted any other spiritual beings to his location because anyone within a few miles of distance could feel the man’s spiritual pressure, Letony included. He’d just though he would check the area out, see what was going on. It appeared that the childish being had already done his deed. Down below insects of people were scurrying about like mice at the destruction caused by the yolky, crimson ball of energy, more formally known as a bala.

‘Who…. Are…. You….’

The man Raiga leaned his head to the side, his eyes wide, his left twitching a slight bit, as a slight withdrawing of his mouth into a smirk occurred. Obviously the man was off in some way. Unsheathing his Katana, he appeared above the arrancar in a downward vertical slash to his head.
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PostSubject: Re: ABSOLUTE BOREDOM! COMPLETELY OPEN!   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 9:11 pm

Merrow yawned slightly as he continued to watch the smoldering wreckages puff up gray clouds of smoke. Honestly, if only he could dissect his own brain to figure out what aspects of his gray matter made him crave this wanton destruction … but ah well, what’s done is done.

”Now then, I suppose I’ll just wait a few minutes before launching another salvo against thos-“ his mind abruptly cut off in mid-thought, his pesquisa alerted him with a rather interesting sensation, someone with an inordinate amount of spiritual pressure had just appeared. The arrancar had had experiences with all beings of the various races of living and spiritual, it didn’t take long for him to register that the reiatsu signature was that of a Vaizard … and that severely depressed the child, who then began to curse(mentally) and pout somewhat, over the fact that he only had a Vaizard to deal with and not a spiritually aware human.

His childish behavior soon ended as he noticed the Vaizard’s presence moving towards him. In one fluid motion Merrow drew his short blade, and held it before him in such a manner that the blade that was supposed to slash down into his head was stopped. The obviously much shorter (without a doubt, regardless of the foe) arrancar looked up and straight into the eyes of his opponent, his own aquamarine orbs staring right into the Vaizard’s … and then his mouth twitched, curving into a fanged grin.

”This is going to be fun.” he calmly thought in the trainwreck of a mind he had. With a slight twist of his own blade and quite a bit of physical force exerted, Merrow turned aside the blade so as to avoid getting sliced and also not to have to bother pushing back against it. In the split-second this had occurred(thoughts, stare, smile, and deft deflection), he used his sonido to quickly put some distance between himself and his foe, though not much.

The Child that was Merrow was intrigued, as this was truly the first combat encounter he had against a Vaizard, all other instances were fleeting moments of passing … he wanted to see the Hollowfication that he had read so much about, and that meant he would have to draw out this fight so as to get such a chance. But doing such was easy, as the Espada tattoo of the Arabic Numeral ‘4’ was on his back … hidden by the white garments he wore and he always kept his spiritual power restrained.

There was never any fun in rushing a fight that had great scientific merit to it … perhaps he could try to capture this Vaizard for dissection?

Alas, no, his other portions of gray matter screamed in utter horror of a live test subject that was already on the offensive. So, just first-hand fieldwork, later to be recorded as notes, would suffice for today.

But Merrow was not going to go on the offensive … no, he was going to act indecisive with the ‘nervous’ smile he gave that was really a grin of glee … perhaps that would influence the vaizard to don his mask? Time would tell.
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PostSubject: Re: ABSOLUTE BOREDOM! COMPLETELY OPEN!   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 10:06 pm

‘Raiga… Raiga… Raiga…’

Whispering in Raiga’s head the voice off a dark entity formed.

‘What is it Muerte Blan…’

‘I… I… I… want you to k-kill him....’

‘Indeed, his death will be sweet..’

There was no question in Letony’s mind that the childish figure would somehow come to block his attack even with his small stature. This was only the beginning, there was far more to come. But from that brief interaction Raiga could already assume several things. His opponents swordsmanship was above par to that of an ordinary arrancar, he not only blocked the man’s blade but also brushed it to the side in a parry. Not only that but, the man didn’t instantly try to counter-attack after Letony’s blade had been parried, which lead Letony to believe the man was stalling for something or even trying to find a more suitable opening.

Sighing as the familiar sound off static occurred Raiga leaned his head toward the ground. The smoke was undying and the people were suffering, but this was no negative feat. In fact it would create more souls to wonder the earth, in which he could use to further revive his own race. It would be a simple process. He would appear before a soul, tugging endlessly at its spiritual chain virtually hollowfying them then and there, but before they would actually become a hollow he would let go, and tap their foreheads with his hilt thus sending another vizard to be reborn, the same way he became a vizard.

‘Meh.. I hope you don’t plan on running away the whole fight..’ the man continues to lean his head forward, ‘I know you’re a kid in all, but you got to stop playing games sometime eh? Or is it that you want me to show you my power?’

‘Raiga… Raiga… Raiga… do it now…’

‘Meh, I suppose I can show him a slight bit of my power…’

Remaining in a downward facing position, he reaches his left hand up to his face pulling as black and white reishi envelopes him. Instantly a mask dons, and a sudden heavy spiritual pressure manifests, cracking the masks of any hollows nearby. The mask is like a rams head complete with two horns facing opposite his face, and an extra large forehead portion. He rears a low growl as he disappears in a shunpo appearing directly in front of the arrancar slashing his blade horizontally this time augmented by his mask rounding in a full spin facing the child for a second time, however as his right arm makes it back to its frontal resting position it twists, and from above his palm a cero resembling the colors of a dice, black, and white, instantly bursts out covering a wide radius of 5 meters at the child arrancar point blank. ‘You wanted to see it? Here it is, but you have yet to uncover where its true abilities lie…’
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PostSubject: Re: ABSOLUTE BOREDOM! COMPLETELY OPEN!   Mon 07 Dec 2009, 2:32 am

OOC: Merrow is no man XD Sure, he's male ... but his appearance is that of a pre-pubescent child.

Merrow merely watched the process of the Vaizard donning his mask, and once that was done ... before that Vaizard had even started again on the defensive ... the child's impulsiveness and desire of a culinary filling drove him to disappear again.

His mind abandoned all constraints, all current ideals were dropped, all current issues ignored. Nope, he was hungry(forgot to chow on breakfast before dropping in) and it was painfully clear(to his stomache) of the beautiful symphony of agonizing souls floating about screaming in denial of their death ... or traumatized over such a painful excursion from life they had had that they were now letting out a maelstrom of emotions.

So, using sonido while his opponent performed a theatrical and cliched growl, Merrow was already down at ground level when his enemy was already in mid-attempt to 'slash and cero' the Espada.

Hastily, the young Espada, crazed orbs that were lit alight with madness driven by hunger and wrath, swooped down. Using a combination of lazily butchering and konzui(soul suck) he greedily devoured dozens of unsuspecting souls, and even got a free arm from a nearby human that his teeth gnashed with glee. The streets were immediately stained with blood, from both the living and non. Corpses and spiritual decay dropped about everywhere as Merrow went down the street, his stomache demanding MORE. And he, so in touch with the instinct of his past life, devoured upon request. The white garbs he wore were now crimson stained, and ... the death toll in Karakura town that lovely afternoon was quintupled after the freak triple gas explosion, attributed to continued gas leaks that authorities were attempting to locate and seal up.

So the insane little one forgot about the Vaizard, although somewhere in the back of his mind ... he was ready to turn around and carry on with this fight, but not on a half-empty stomache.
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PostSubject: Re: ABSOLUTE BOREDOM! COMPLETELY OPEN!   Tue 08 Dec 2009, 1:26 am

Fired a cero while taking a dump in the bathroom of an empty house, shooting the said cero from the bathroom window, which was on the fourth floor. The cero was aimed at the vizard.
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