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 Hyroku Sanada

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PostSubject: Hyroku Sanada   Sat 05 Dec 2009, 6:26 am

Vizard Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: (Your characters name. Must have a first and a last, type in last name first, and first name last format. That is how names are in the manga, and in japan.)


Visual Age: 30

Gender: Male

Ex-Division: 13, 3, 2

Personality:His personality is much like his familiar incarnate. However, along with being a serious person at times, even perverted, he can be quite formiddable in battle. During his years among the spirit worlds, he has developed his hand to hand combat skills to their fullest whereas he rarely draws his zanpaktou unless prompted to or whenever he feels like it. When he does draw it, his cqc is converted into his swordsman ship since a weapon is just an extention of his arm. With this in mind, he is considered to be a dangerous man to fight head on. He is often seen as short tempered, but it doesn't mean that his mind is clouded with his emotions..most of the time. Also, he has seen enough combat to foresee the result of almost any battle except his own when encountering certain people. All in all, he is gifted in the ways of combat and intelligence as he was able to make an incarnate of his own and clone variants of himself while in hiding. He even experimented on himself and roughly survived through almost every experiment he has conducted.

Hyroku is a man that stands at 6'0. His eye color is a hazel brown and has high cheek bones. His skin is a dark brown color (like Tousen and Yoruichi) and his hair is long and spiky. The hair grows all the way down to his lower back. He is also fairly muscular with evened out strength in both upper body and lower body. His attire is that of the inverted colors of the shinigami. The only modification to his attire is that the sleeves are ripped off, the ends serrated and jagged. His hollow hole is on the middle of his chest. His zanpaktou is also attached to his side with the use of a black obi-sash.

History:Hyroku Sanada was a soul born in the spirit world. He lived in Rukongai as one of the people that was poor after moving out of his parents' house. He wondered the street, stealing certain items and even chemicals from other people. From common house hold items to cooking oils and such and began to experiment to make various objects and solutions. He has forgotten which inventions and solutions made..except a few.

When he was a shinigami in training at the academy, he had average scores..except in subjects such as tactics and kido, though he prefers not to use it. Years later, he graduated and became a member of the thirteen protection squads. He often went to the maggot's nest using certain kido as distractions and methods to sneak in. Once there, he used prisonersas subjects for experiments. However..none of them came out alive except a few that have broke down into spirit particles and reformed with a corroded soul chain and breaking..this created a hollow that had to be killed.

It was years later where he was a lieutenant and engaged in a small war where hollows popped up endlessly in Rukongai. This was the first time where he revealed his first successful experiment: an artificially modified zanpaktou. His zanpaktou was a large claymore made of sapphire that controlled the said substance as well. People might as well called it an earth attributed zanpaktou, but it had other unworldly abilities as well. This sapphire was used to convert the ground into its own spawn of its power and ended the war after two days at almost the cost of his own life.

He was recommended to become a captain, but still needed to perform the requirements to become one. day, a captain had disappeared on the day of the challenge. Even months later, he had not shown up..Hyroku claimed the spot as captain without any underlings.
What happened to this captain, many people wondered. He was kidnapped with the use of his zanpaktou to sap his reiryoku and brought him to the underground room in the Maggot's nest. He performed countless experiments on the helpless captain and performed immortal shinigami with powers that weren't even familiar with its own kind.

He erased its memories at one point and sent it on its way to Earth with artificial memories..planted memories of his choosing until it was mature enough to make its own. Also without notice, one of the hollows involved in the war were kept hidden in the maggot's nest and experimented on..becoming hollows of an artificial nature. He planted his own memories and altered them into three of his successful experiemtns that made a vizard and two arrancar as time moved on and these hybrid races were discovered, but they weren't the first ones of their kind. They claim to be him..but they were merely clones. And then it was time..Hyroku Sanada was experimenting on himself to gain hollow powers after keeping remnants of hollow reishi in certain containers..and there things went horribly wrong.

He underwent extreme hollowfication and actually turned into a hollow through an unstable transformation. Things were slowly calming down as he rampaged through the recreation area of the maggot's nest, attacking every dangerous criminal and convict that he saw. One got lucky and got a fatal hit near the skull and shattered a piece of his mask. He likely ignored it but tore that fragment of the mask off..and turned into an arrancar, though the term was unknown at the time. He walked over to the last prisoner in the rec room and pierced his adam's apple with his hand, utilizing a knife hand strike.

With his new found powers, he went to Hueco Mundo and met more of his kind. Hyroku couldn't completely seal his powers..he had a tail at the time, but was still capable of using resurreccion.
He met two other arrancar that were fraccion to the Primera Espada. Though he wasn't apart of the arrancar army yet, he helped the two that were engaged in battle with a shinigami. He retreated, leaving Hyroku with his newly found comrades.

They introduced him to the one named Kurotsuki, the aforementioned Primera Espada. And from there, he was made a fraccion as well to his leader and was very loyal. After countless times of being loyal to his great leader, Kurotsuki was lacking powerful Espada and called forth three of his fraccion and made them the notorious Espada, one of the most powerful arrancar in existence. Hyroku was made the eigth Espada. He gave orders for him to remain behind while the other two to infiltrate Seireitei and one of the division quarters to acquire information and equipment.

However, the two were caught by a few shinigami and a powerful captain. The two were severely injured, but one more than the other. Hyroku was wondering how they were doing, so he had a type of pacemaker tracer to keep a track of their vitals signs..theyw eren't looking good. He left for Soul Society and rescued his comrades from certain death. The one named Ichirio refused to be rescued, but was too injured to really deny the help, so he took them both and dragged them back to his lab in Hueco Mundo.

He healed them both..but by accident, Ichihiro had found one of Hyroku's experiments..he had artificial species of hollow and arrancar that were capable of ascending to a whole new level of power. Hyroku was also the result of this, taking his resurreccion to a second stage..this was merely artificial. Kurotsuki was highly impressed..him and his other Espada bretheren as well. It wasn't long before Hyroku and the otehrs were promoted, himself being the fourth espada. However, when Kurotsuki caught eye on his disobedience of going to Soul Society instead of staying and work on how to perfect this second release, he was demoted and Hyroku Sanada left, furious.

He went to Soul Society and then met a shinigami captain known as Fenshi. Fenshi had calmed the aggresive arrancar and convinced him to join 'his' side as his lieutenant. Hyroku didn't think this was funny one bit..he never thought it was possible being a shinigami again. However..all he needed to do was to become purifed by Fenshi's zanpaktou..and it wasn't long before Hyroku was the 13th squad's vice captain. After that, he had secluded himself from everyone else except his captain, training for several hundred years until he had achieved and perfected bankai.

It was then where there was trouble in the real world..his other teammates and another captain was fighting an extremely powerful vizard in the warehouse. His captain gave him the ok to go while he looked out for things here..he could sense that Hyroku was already at his level, but it wasn't for sure if he possibly thought more of him. After encountering the vizard, after fighting and defeating the one before the leader, he instantly went bankai and the two engaged in a fierce battle that wrecked the warehouse. A vice captain was fighting and holding down a powerful vizard that was the leader of the race..the seventh division captain that was there couldn't believe it. However, Hyroku was fatally injured and caused the vizard leader to retreat after making the warehouse activate a self destruct sequence and spreaded gas that was akin to the effects of SekiSeki stone.

Hyroku quickly rushed to the Senkaimon gate the captain named Seraph made and rushed to Soul Society to be healed. Years later, after his efforts at the warehouse, he was recommended and promoted to become the third division's captain. As his time as captain, he sparred one of the other captains that proved to be an even match it seemed. He also went to earth and fought with the second espada..not even the one named Ichiruki had proved to be a match for his awesome power, she even required the help of one of her fraccions, which was drained and frozen in a block of sapphire that sapped its spiritual energy. Kurotsuki had formed an alliance with the vizard and watched Hyroku..cursing underneath his breath, angry that he left the Espada to help the lowly shinigami.

The one that was affected the most was one named Obscuridad..and the one named Ichihiro. Hyroku encountered Kurotsuki one day on a visit to the real world, the two fighting on an equal level that tore apart the building they were fighting in. Once the battle was over, this had encouraged the man to go to Hueco Mundo, using a device to go there but such an invasion ended in failure as they were outmatched by high level fighters..three Espada and a vizard. They retreated while the opposition retaliated with an invasion to Soul Society. The otehr captains were absent..the vice captains gone.

No one cared for Soul Society at the time except for himself and Fenshi. However, everyone else was driven off..except for Hyroku Sanada. He was the last warrior of Soul Society that stood against the Primera Espada, the third Espada, the Eigth Espada, another weird beinng, and a vizard. He knew he was going to die..but he still had to try. When Ichihiro, who was stronger than last time and was the new primera while Kurotsuki was the conquistador, or leader of the arrancar and hollows, first saw Hyroku, he charged and attacked without mercy.

Ichihiro almost cried in anger, sadness..and anguish, wondering why Hyroku had betrayed them after he was demoted. Hyroku was saddened by this fact and fought Ichihiro back without holding back, landing a few blows until Ichihiro released his resurreccion. Hyroku didn't bother using bankai..he was already exhausted..until another captain came at the nick of time to deflect a powerful cero coming from Ichihiro. This gave him more time to gather enough energy to go bankai..but then..the other captain retreated from the latter's growing power. Rediculous, he thought..he engaged the new Primera Espada in a battle of epic proportions.

Seireitei was flooded in water..buildings were destroyed, slanted over, and corroded. Blow from blow, the two went at it while the others had destroyed whatever was left of Gotei 13. The militia was done..and so was Hyroku. He resealed his powers and stood there in midair..looking at Ichihiro and apologized for leaving him alone. The other arrancar had stood there in shock from the apology and halted his attack, but erupted in anger once more and made the final lunge, stabbing Hyroku in his abdomen where his heart was assumed to be.

His spiritual energy and pressure was gone..his blood sprayed and leaked from his wound and stained the arrancar's blade as he fell into the deep waters that flooded Seireitei..he was never to be seen again. However..his powers was artificial, therefor they were lost and focused to a single point of the pentration and were drained out with his blood. He survived, but barely when years later Soul Society and Seireitei were restored to normal after the arrancars left. He was a lost soul that lost his powers. Little did he know that the wound from the arrancar..and the loss of his shinigami powers allowed his soul chain to corrode before ultimately breaking.

Where was he, you ask? He was hiding deep within a forest in Rukongai..where he was turning into a hollow once more. He became a vizard, a shinigami with hollow powers. Hyroku was tired of this re-cycled life, but he threw his complaints out the window. He lives in the world of the living as a vagabond, coming across Karakura Town. With his new natural shinigami powers awakened, and an inner hollow to boot, even he feared his own power..which is why he is able to wield it.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

Role-Play Sample:

Within the depths of the forest of menos, resided many hollows of different sizes, shapes, and colors. There were of course, normal hollows, which varied in colors and hollow masks. Though there were many hollows that just appeared very generic, much akin to the next hollow in line. Heck, there were even hollows that couldn't speak fluidly. Those were the ones that weren't talking much, except for those very special hollows that had their own unique look and even special abilities. Long ago, there was a shinigami named Hyroku Sanada.

He was a man that couldn't do anything better than train or perform experiments, wether it was on something, someone, or himself. It didn't matter as long it was an oppertunity to experiment to make himself feel fulfilled, as if he's doing a special duty to make his life worth while, a purpose in short. Like all scientific minds, Hyroku couldn't resist conducting the most dangerous of experiments on himself, and one day it was his last. He wasn't much of a shinigami, haven't really unlocked his powers until later, and that was when his soul chain began to rapidly break down and corrode. He was transforming into a hollow.

Hyroku tried his best, but he had failed..and thus, an artificial hollow was created. Droven to insanity after constant cannabolizing, he banged his head against the ground until his mask cracked. Once done, he screamed in pain, the mask lightly impaling the skin on his forehead as he ripped the mask off, resulting into the transformation into an arrancar. From there, he was purified into a shinigami as a particular battle put him into a coma. Even as a shinigami, his powers were artificial, but they left him as a result of his coma. However, these powers began to change once exposed to the outside of Seireitei, altering into natural reishi that began to form a being that was known as Amatsu. Amatsu was born a shinigami that soon joined the militia of Soul Society known as the Gotei 13. Even after many years of service, even he had his darkside.

At one point of a very dangerous battle with a Bount, he was developing an inner conscious in which he was convinced that it was Hyroku. Amatsu was wrong as this turned out to become an inner hollow. This inner hollow had took over, forming a monster..a being a great destruction. He was known as Celeste Cadena, a being of magnificent power that didn't know the meaning of mercy or kindness anymore. After being betrayed by the Gotei 13, he felt outcasted and decided to head for Hueco Mundo, in which he found the Espada. He met a few of their members, challenging one particular Espada in which he incinerated with a single cero after a few punches were thrown. Of course, this is after he turned into an arrancar.

Now, after much preparation, he headed off to the real world with a fellow Espada known as Celi. Celi handled the humans, killing some that were just waltzing around outside. Celeste had called upon his abilities and laid Karakura Town to waste with his hollow powers, distinigrating every building and erasing every human..after a few hours, it became a generic Hueco Mundo. A quincy named Artemis tried to stop them, but Celi was able to fend him off. And then..a hooded man appeared, challenging Celi, who was the second espada, and Celeste, the first. Celeste had left else where while Celi stayed behind to look after the former Karakura town in which was called "Segunda Hueco Mundo. However, the hooded man had defeated Celi with relative ease with a stab to the lung, almost killing her.She retreated..and that's when Celeste vowed revenge against all vizards once figuring out what his identity was:Hyroku Sanada.

During this time of remembering the good ol' days, a bunch of hollows has jumped him while in the middle of a skirmish with a dog like hollow. These beasts had form into a stronger entity known as a Gillian, or Menos Grande according to shinigami and even some hollows and others. While in this obelisk like void, his eyes closed and began to lose form to converge with the rest of the hollows, but his memories remained...

He remembered when he was the Segunda Espada. He met up with a familiar Bount named dandy, and another named Cocaine. These three had invaded Soul Society by themselves as Celeste brought along a whole army of hollows and arrancar with him to occupy the shinigami grunts.Taking care of a vizard as he released his zanpaktou for a brief period of time. Then that's when the big cheese showed up along with other captains. The three split up in different directions, Celeste was left to deal with the captain commander..and then that's when the amazing had occured. While the captain commander named Baros Maxima released his shikai and attacked Celeste, he used the time and distance to charge up a powerful, espada exclusive cero known as gran rey cero.

However, his cero was pretty special. It was a dark violet with a black outline with a bright purple core where its a bright white in the middle. His special reiatsu had influence over it, having a special ability to break down the composition through a special corrosive aura that was his reiatsu. It was proven to be quite deadly..the shinigami Baros Maxima had launched a wide scale attack of deadly shadowy chains as Menos Grande had fired ceros all around, including towards Baros. Then Celeste launched his cero towards Baros, obliterating his chains along with the male himself in one fell strike was all it took as Soul Society's military force had fell. Dandy, Celeste, and Cocaine had ruled Soul Society while Celeste himself, had Karakura town and Hueco Mundo. It was all over until Celeste had mysteriously disappeared as the two aforementioned bounts had vanished as well..the survivors of the horrible massacre had rebuilt everything with a century...

As this memories flooded through the menos, its mask slowly began to change into something unique. Celeste's conscious began to override and become dominant of the massive being that was the Gillian. The mask appeared to almost be the face of a scorpion, the formation of it influenced by his own memories. From there, he had full control of the small sky scraper tall like figure. He shuffled his hidden feet through the forest, tramping over to smaller hollows, and even other gillians, and ate them. He wanted more power..he was hungry and couldn't stop eating. It was times like this where he was grateful that he wouldn't get high blood pressure or cholesterol from eating so much. His body wouldn't get fat, in contrary to his power. He then was confronted by three special Menos Grandes that also had a unique mask, which they intended to harm and devour Celeste before they got started on each other..then another flash back.

Celeste along with the two bounts had disappeared, but soon emerging once more when everything was back to normal and rejuvinated. Celeste had came back a changed man, the primera espada he became before the time skip and after he destroyed the captain commander. He even attacked Celi and Hisoka, a vizard that was an ally to him with ferocious attacks, wounding them with barely any effort. Celeste appeared to have become stronger since last time, but why did he attack? The arrancar did this because he was disappointed in his subordinates in letting things go, such as Karakura town and Soul Society. Citizens and the military have returned in both worlds and he went insane, but soon learned to let it go. He figured that it was only a matter of time before it all would fall again once more as he allowed the two to live.

Celeste, now as a Menos Grande, was seen ramming one of the Menos Grande with a shoulder tackle. The other two charged in from behind, but Celeste got up and picked up the hollow that he tackled, throwing him at one of the gillian and clawed the second apparition in the chest with his white claw. Then that's when the two fallen gillians got up, charging a cero using their mouths, but Celeste fired a cero of his own, causing a massive explosion of energy and smoke. It dissipated and he was out of sight. The gillians looked around as Celeste used his dark body against the even darker surroundings of the forest to his surroundings, appearing to the side to one of the gillians and fired a cero, blowing him towards the other gillian. The two were unconscious as the last one remaining had stood there, growling.

Its true abilities were revealed as it turned invisible. Celeste gasped in shock, he could be attacked from anywhere as any type of laceration would halt his evolution. He refused to allow it to happen. He looked around as the gillian appeared behind him, aiming to bite his head. Celeste looked at the hollow from over his left shoulder as a spine like scorpion tail came from the dress like apparel of his body and impaled the monster. It stopped all movement, stunned from shock and pain while making not a single noise. Celeste drew closer to the gillian, biting and devoured it and the rest of the gillian until nothing was left. Then thats when his body began to metamorphasize, shrinking down into a smaller being that was then enveloped in a flash of light. Another flash back occured.

Celeste Cadena had laid dormant in Las Noches with his underlings, waiting for the right time to move out. Then, that's when the vizard pawn, Hisoka and some Espada left to Karakura town for some reason, but later found out that it was because of some quincy. He assumed that his Espada could handle it, but Celeste returned to Karakura town to seek out some vizard. He found on named Zeth as the two did battle. Celeste powered up, releasing his spiritual energy whereas it could be felt in the atmosphere, in other words, it was reiatsu. It turned the spectrum of the area a tint green, then they threw blow from blow until he launched a bala at Zeth, damaging him since it was made of his corrosive spiritual pressure that slowly did damage until he was healed, even when he donned his mask it could only protect him for so long. And then that's when the vizard leader, Mical had appeared.

Celeste was merely holding back bit by bit as he battled the leader of the vizard. This was not out of arrogance, but to merely analyze the male..then it was decided after a few moments that he was no threat either. After a few close calls, Mical decided to stop playing around, releasing his bankai and his vizard mask. He launched a cero that would soon follow up with a rush attack. Celeste merely slapped the cero away, parrying Mical's attack with the hand that held his zanpaktou and backed away. Then, that's when he formed a cero, reshaping it into a blade of corrosive energy and coated his zan in the same energy as the second blade, dual wielding both swords he rushed in with a feint attack, appearing over head of the vizard and sliced off both of his arms.

[color=Darkorange]~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Hyroku Sanada   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 1:46 am

It seems like he didn't get a good fight from the vizard in the disappointing. Only Ikei had satisfied him in the past with an amazing battle when he released bankai, saving their land. The leader had ran off as Celeste kept Mical's sealed zanpaktou as a prize for his victory, destroying a part of Karakura town before retreating back to Las Noches in a good mood..[/color]

As the flash of light disappeared, a bird like creature was revealed. Though it had a bone like anatomy, it was still capable of flight. It was similiar to a Peregrine Falcon, with the beak of the mask pointing out to a foot long. The beast was about 7ft tall with a wingspan of 16 ft. The chest had a boney breast plate with layered ridges, one layer overlapping the other from the top. The powerful talons and beak were extremely sharp for bone to pierce through steel. He quickly took flight, flying through the forest faster than before, and even now..there was more work to be done and he had to make this a rush job as his objective hadn't changed, the level of difficulty increasing since he was on a time limit. If he couldn't maintain his form, he would devolve into a gillian, never to climb on that latter of power again.

One by one, he swooped in with incredible speeds and picked off small hollow. He first picked them up using his talons, swinging them up in the air and opening its beak to munch on the fleshy and bone goodness of their bodies. By the end of the day, his bone body would be drenched and stained in blood. And so on a particular day, about the third month of eating hollows after becoming an adjuchas, he would p erch on a branch in the forest and rest when the darkness settled in quite nice in the area. He spent his days, secluded in certaini parts of the area as during his travels, he would come across some menos grande. Though they tried their best to shoot down the raptor, they failed due to his swift movements to avoid their deadly claws and ceros. He would often spin his body three hundred sixty degrees, or twirl towards his opponent while still facing them, his drill piercing through the face of the hollows, taking them out with ease while devouring them as he passed through their bodies.

There were even other hollows that were bird like, able to take battles to the air. Though on equal footing (or not) with Celeste in terms of battle ground, he still had the upper hand in strength. He raised his reiatsu in scaring the hollow off..that's when Celeste began his hunt, being the bird of prey that he is. He soared through the air, biting off their wings as he passed by, grounding them quite literally. They started to bleed on the ground of the forest as Celeste landed beside one of them, picking at their bodies with his beak. In his beak, were large chunks of their flesh until each of them were gone for good, completely. After a few weeks or so, Celeste appeared to be more bulkier, dwarfing some of the adjuchas hollow until they seemed so miniscule that it wasn't funny..well not to him. He grew to about 13 feet tall and his wing span was about 29 feet long.

One day, he flew through the forest, slicing down trees going through pathways that were too small for him. He saw what seemed to be a shinigami down in the depths of the forest. Celeste was astonished at the man's stupidity..but something was wrong. This man felt different..and saw a mask fragment by the jaw that resembled the fang of a snake, or something of the sort. However, something totally out of context popped up in Celeste's head. How come he was a bird instead of a scorpion? Perhaps it was because of his adaption to the enviroment and the type of hollows he ate that caused this change. Oh well, he thought while shrugging off the thought for good.

He swopped in on the person with the inverted shinigami clothing. The person looked up at Celeste as he tried to strike the humanoid being with his beak, but deflected by the male's zanpaktou. The hollow turned around, creating about seven meters of distance as the person fired a cero. Celeste's eyes widened within the hollowed portion of the mask and flew to the side, avoiding the cero by several inches.

"What are you?"

Celeste asked. The arrancar responded, stating that he's an arrancar, a hollow that removed its mask to become more humanoid..or shinigami like because of their appearance and powers, including their zanpaktou, in which varied in several more forms unlike the orthadox wakizashi, nodachi, and katana of the soul reapers. The arrancar used a sonido to try and slice the bird in half, but he caught the weapon in his mouth, chucking the arrancar into the tree after letting go and swinging towards the plant's direction. The arrancar smashed through the said tree and got back up. It didn't hurt much because of his hierro, which proved troublesome to Celeste. He growled with a mean and serious face, now being on the aggresive.

Celeste flew up high in the air as the arrancar slowly began to glow a bright pink, releasing his zanpaktou.

"Break, Rosa!"

The arrancar had made a radical transformation, his hair spiking up as bone like material covered his lower body and arms, appearing almost like a tick with the extra bone legs. It used those powerful extra appendages and launched itself at Celeste. Judging from the powerful spike in reiatsu, he knew for a fact that what the arrancar said was true. If he were to eat this arrancar in this state..he could possibly achieve Vasto Lorde status..or probably grow just as strong. Celeste had held back his own power for far too long, waiting for the right moment to use it..which was now! He began to glow a bright white with a golden yellow outline with a very light tint though. The arrancar didn't stop charging.

Celeste made a very loud battle cry that could be heard throughout the forest as the bone like wings had spiked at the tips, a spherical explosion of lightning and thunder erupted from his body. It lit up the forest of menos like never before, all the hollows crying in annoyance, and some in pain from the loud noise and bright light since they weren't used to it. The arrancar had no motor control, flying right into the explosion. Celeste used his full might against the arrancar, though in the end a bright flash of light arose slowly..the attack ended with Celeste exhausted and the arrancar slamming head first into the ground with holes and blows off leg parts. He perched beside the male, devouring the now heated and tender flesh until nothing was left..nothing but smeared and burned blood in result of the lightning making contact with it.

The hollow was glowing a bright blue as a surge of blue electricity ran through and around his body as he gasped. This was ne power he was experiencing. His spiritual pressure began to change into something totally unhollow like..or was it? Celeste continued to look at himself, nothing was changing except his body. He made a painful screech to burst ear drums as his body erupted in reiatsu, flattening trees and striking fear into hollows, even the mindless ones.From beneath the layered ridges from the sides, came bone arms that held his head. He was getting a headache..his head throbbing. A powerful entity was watching..a hollow that watched Celeste.

"It seems that's becoming more like them, but didn't change physically. I wonder what he'll do now with all of that power.."

Said the hidden mysterious figure before vanishing in the shadows. Celeste cried out louder in pain, gripping his head more until his mask cracked. He thought he was becoming a vasto lorde. He felt his power exceeding the adjuchas..and even the arrancar. He didn't change..coming to the conclusion that he wasn't going to become one, settling that he would claim to be just as strong after going through what he's been through. Celeste then had screamed out.

"I know...I know what's going to happen! Hueco Mundo! Do you hear me!? YOUR KING IS COMING BACK! YOUR KING IS COMING BACK WITH A VENGENCE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's when his own reiatsu became too much for his body, removing most of his mask fragment as he had his own transformation occur. What was left of his mask fragment was the top half of the beak that was place just on the middle of his collar bone with a necklace of bone that went through it. He was kneeling down as the reiatsu was still erupting from his body in a bright white and yellow aura that spiked in the air. It tore through the ceiling of the forest and to the sky of Hueco Mundo, spiralling the clouds around the pillar of spiritual energy as elegant wings of lightning and compressed reiatsu sprouted from Celeste that reached about two kilometers long before they seemed to fold into his back. He was in his released form, but this was hidden by his reiatsu..the light show ended.

He stood up, chaging into the arrancar's clothing in which he ate. Though they were torn, burned, and tattered. He stood at 6'1 with dark skin and dark, medium lengthed dread locked hair. His eyes were hazel brown, having a slightly muscular body. His haori is open, revealing his chest and some of his abs. His hakama is also torn at the bottom with serrated edges taht share the same symptoms with the haori sleeves. The pillar of reiatsu had went inside of his hollow hole, which was located on the left side of his chest, right below the shoulder. He was barefoot, seeing no reason to take his sox and shoes..he didn't find it quite hygene like to take another person's shoes and underwear. He walked into the darkness of the forest of menos, vanishing from sight...
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I assume this is done. Approved, Rainbow Paragraph man.

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PostSubject: Re: Hyroku Sanada   

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Hyroku Sanada
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