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 Blossoming Magic

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PostSubject: Blossoming Magic   Tue 24 Nov 2009, 1:13 am

Name: Kouka izumi

Nick name/alias: Kou-Kou (from sister)
The Green one (enemies)
Natures Penitent (allies)

Rank: Elite - Captain

Age: 143

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Female

Division: Kidou Corps

Personality: Kouka is a quiet girl who loves to read. She wishes that her Onee-chan (Kiniko Izumi) would stop hating her. Kouka loves to be around people even though she stays quiet most of the time. She usually stays calm and cool during fights and is a strategist always using research to defeat her opponents. Kouka will cling onto those that she loves with all of her heart. Kouka protects all of her loves with grandeur succession, she cant stand the death of her beloveds. Kouka is soft-hearted but is a ballistic fighter, she can become the coldest person alive. The death of her enemies means very little to nothing to her. Kouka is a perfect singer, her voice can sooth her allies and enemies hearts if they have love and compassion. Since Kouka is almost always in a tranquil state and is always bringing animals toward her. Animals love Kouka for she is their only humanoid friend that they can trust to not harm them. Kouka hates people who harm nature.


Physical Appearance: Kouka has long silver hair that is usually put in a pony tail with a golden band but likes to also let her hair flow freely and beautiful. She has sunny golden eyes that turn into a pure silver and he has a red omega sign on her forehead. She usually covers it up with makeup. Kouka loves to draw flowers petals on her arm, usually the first flower she sees when she wakes up. Last kouka has pointy ears and small elvish features.

Clothing: Kouka wears a beautiful and flowing white/silver robe. Kouka has a floating circlet that is made out of thorium and platinum. Kouka carries around an hour glass with her for an unknown reason.

Traits: Kouka likes to observe nature and human emotions.

Kouka was born into money and she thought her life was great. Kouka has a sister named Kiniko and an odd family that always seemed on edge. Throughout time the family buisseness started to fail and money dwindled. Her sister and parents always fought until the tragic day in which Kiniko walked out the door to go to school and never came back home. Kouka's parents were odd after the incident, they always broke out in pure laughter when talking about Kiniko which drove kouka mad.

Kouka was always told that Kiniko ran away, so she always spent her free time looking for her. One day Kouka finally gave up on searching for her sister and later saw a black butterfly fly around her house every so often. A few years after first seeing the black butterfly Kouka left her friends house and walked in the front door to see her sister in a goth lotia dress spattered with blood and shrieking with laughter. Kouka finally noticed a blade on the ground fully drenched in blood next to her parents. Kouka screamed to her sister asking why the hell she would kill her family. Kiniko turned around gave her a twisted smile then disappeared into thin air.

Kouka died because when her sister disappeared her heart gave out due to intensive shock. A mysterious shinigami with beautiful silver eyes and hair looked at Kouka's soul and saw that she looked so much like one of the aspiring Kidou users so he sent Kouka to the soul society. When Kouka got sent to the Soul Society she awoke in a flower patch of Chrysanthemums and felt their feelings and freaked out at this form of ESP. Kouka wandered the Soul Society until she reached the gates of this most wonderful of schools. When she walked up to the gates she got stopped by a gate warder and was asked by the warders for her reason to be here. The mysterious shinigami jump over the gates and grabbed Kouka by the arm and told the warders to lay off for Kouka was with him. The male said that he was the captain of the third division. The captain said that he felt massive spiritual pressure emanating off of Kouka, so he asked if kouka could under go the trial to make it into Shinou Academy. Kouka aced the trial and made it into the highest classes specialized in powerful Kidou and sword fighting.

Kouka aspired to be in Kidou Corps because she was very powerful in Kidou and wanted to get closer to her sister. Kouka would love to become equally ranked with his sister and to some-day hopefully outshine her so she could get a sense of respect towards her. Kouka became super determined for this goal and worked tooth and nail to prove herself. Kouka's powers are mostly flower based like her sister and wants to mend the world with nature's grace.

When Kouka got excepted into kidou corps she easily surpassed all of the veteran members who were always shocked by her abilities and capabilities. Kouka was so happy when she gained a higher rank than her sister to the point that whenever she thought about her current rank she smiled. Kouka spent alot of time on missions to the human world to eradicate hollows and bring souls back into the soul society. People have stated that Kouka's strengths excelled beyond the ex-captain Tessai Tsukabishi of the Kidou Corps and he (Tessai) could manipulate time and space. Kouka is far too intelligent for her kind, she has easily learned forbidden kidou to help out the world during this crisis and knows that if she gets caught she would be put under a life sentence exile and will never be allowed into the soul society.

Kouka always tried to spend time with her sister but was always busy for she has been put under a grandeur level of stress and has a larger responsibility that the normal shinigami could never handle. Kouka never really gets much time to spend and her sister is always away on missions during her free time so she heads out to her favorite garden and talks to her flowers for a few peaceful moments and to clear her head. Kouka is always ready to tackle the world for a better future that might never come, but Kouka believes that if someone is to do it, it will be her.

Kouka is renown for going ballistic during fights and always completes her missions to their entirety. She fights with nature and kidou which is obviously known by everyone and can do some messed up stuff to her enemies when it comes down to torture. This amazing woman is the perfect strategist and knows how to assign roles to fight her enemies without a single casualty pertaining to his allies. Kouka has fought fights with hollows, vaizards, arrancars, and even an Espada and was the victor of almost each fight. When Kouka interrogates an enemy she leaves her enemies in a state of health that if they get poked by a needle they will practically fall down dead. She has many ways of fighting and every step in the fights leads the enemy closer to death. Also she rarely ever breaks sweat when she fights. Only two fights that involved Kouka has she had major trouble with, once was when she fought a high ranking Espada which had to end with Hadō 88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho which by then the Espada vaporized into air as if he had never been there. The second was when Kouka fought a superhuman who dealt in the use of so called "curse magic". The superhuman used an ability that placed the omega mark on Kouka's forehead and causes Kouka's powers to become unstablized when Kouka is around her specifically and or those who are powerful superhumans.

Kouka soon became the most legendary of all Kido Corps captains in history. This woman had many new likings in her new life. Kouka's love toward nature had increased and she would kill anyone who had dared to damage a flower in front of her. Kouka learned to be able to manipulate spiritual data and to place it onto paper allowing her to give out a lot of information to her allies on the backrounds of the battle zones and who we they are fighting. She also learned how to be able to combine elemental polarities to create destructive powers. Lastly, Kouka learned how to fuse together the spirit of Kouka's zanpacktou to improve her abilities powers and characteristics.

Kouka is soft-hearted and has the voice of an angel. Yes Kouka controls nature but she can sing animals and insects into an unadulterated tranquil state once they hear her musical notes. She doesn't exactly control noise and sound vibrations she can resonate the air around her to make the noises she makes, into something different. lastly, Kouka is extremely capable of near anything, she is powerful in kidou and melee.

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PostSubject: RP Sample   Tue 24 Nov 2009, 1:17 am

RP Sample - Old writting project... i had spent a lot of time editing, to be its grandest

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PostSubject: Re: Blossoming Magic   Tue 24 Nov 2009, 2:24 am

First things to address, and the most your zanpakuto in the zanpakuto registration area, not in the character application and edit it out of that post.

Just a note on personality...your singing might not always "calm your enemies"...just how some folks play their characters.

As for appearance:
Quote :
Kouka carries around a magical hour glass that enhances non-combat kidou (teleportation, full heal, etc)

Please remove this.

Personally I'd also like to see you use the application we have up, which should have coding underneath for you to copy for your application. You don't have to do the optional area, but I would like to see it in that format.

In your history you swap genders for a bit and use "he" instead of "she." Easy fix though. However, I'd prefer you to change Gin Ichimaru to an OC or nameless captain or other, rather than using canon characters. You also mention a special ability...about the "auto-senkaimon gate" deal...personally I say no (unless you made a custom kido, but that will have to be done afterwards), so please remove it. And just writing style wise, in your last two history paragraph, nearly every sentence starts with "Kouka" which gets highly repetitive. Just a note style wise as its good to change up the starting word >.>

Please fix these issues
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PostSubject: Re: Blossoming Magic   Tue 24 Nov 2009, 2:59 am

All righty approved, at least as a kido corps member. As we should be getting a Captain Commander quite soon you will then have to ask them if they will allow you to be the Kido Corps Chief ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Blossoming Magic   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 9:24 pm

Ok i hope he/she comes soon
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PostSubject: Re: Blossoming Magic   

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Blossoming Magic
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