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 Suigetsu Cross Done

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PostSubject: Suigetsu Cross Done   Mon 23 Nov 2009, 9:24 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Suigetsu Cross

Age: 686

Visual Age: 18

Gender: Male

Division: 10

To put it bluntly Cross can be considered a two face which often causes others to be wary of him. His whole personality which is often accompanied by other actions, tend to bring an air of uneasiness around others. He can often be seen with a smile or a smirk form on his face, which at times may turn into a fox grin so to speak. Even with all these quirks Cross is still one of the most intelligent Shinigami within the Gotei 13 squads. He can be quite manipulative at times, the type of person that doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. With Cross in the picture even a grim situation can turn out to be something to joke. Or to even make a witty remark about as long as he is breathing. At times others may find it difficult to know what he’s even thinking. Since he may say one thing and then do something else. There is also uncertainty when it comes to his sincerity , his calculative and perceptive persona makes him a force to be reckoned with. Being a two face as they say Cross may at times find himself to be rather moody. An at other times demonstrating traits of someone with a warm heart. Cross can sometimes be a sort of recluse, opting to do things in private rather than out in the open.

Appearance: Cross is more or less a giant in his own right standing at the terrifying height of 5’7. His body is well toned and as one can tell is well trained for combat and built for endurance within his own rights. Cross has red and black hair which looks quite funky to say the least that is split in 3 halves. His hair cut is of a spiky low top cut, the black part of his which is central stretches all the way down past his shoulders. The two remaining halves of his air is of a red color and as said before is of a spiky low top cut. His hairstyle resembles someone with short hair that added extensions to it so to speak. But that is not the case as the air on his head is as real as the smile which he wears on his face. The skin color of the Shinigami is of a tanned one, he also has hazel eyes. Adding even more mystery to his persona Cross also sports a black mask which covers the bottom half of his face. Not that the handsome Shinigami needed one but it was more or less out of habit and preference for him. Cross also sports a sleeveless Kimono unlike the traditional long sleeve Kimono that other Shinigami wore. Cross’s obi which keeps his Kimono together is also red in appearance. On his hands are a pair of samurai fingerless gloves which extends past the wrist and up towards the man’s elbow. The gloves being sported is also black that seems to go well with Cross’s Mr cool persona. Unlike most Shinigami that sports the regular sandals, Cross’s own closely resembles that of the Espada except it is brown in color.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 5'7


Hair: Red and Black

Eyes: Hazel

Nicknames: Mr Who Knows

Reiatsu Color: White with Black outlines

Reiatsu Power Level: Captain




Feeling Weak

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

Unlike the stories of other Shinigami or some of the inhabitants of Soul Society, Cross doesn’t remember living a life as a human. And so telling a tale of his life as a human would be impossible, the man is a pure blood Shinigami so to speak. Untainted by the soul burial technique administered by other Shinigami’s for the departed souls. Growing up in Rukongai Cross had always wanted to join the Gotei 13. His ambitions began with the demonstration of power that the previous Shinigami of the Gotei 13 showed him. Ever so often a squad of Shinigami would come to save the day and exterminate hollows and other low lives. Cross desired the power to do so himself and so he began doing every and everything that he could to be a Shinigami. His journey like most didn’t start with his introduction into the Shinigami Academy. Instead it began with his time spent in Rukongai learning a few things from a man known to him as the hermit. The man was a swordsman that possessed strange abilities, someone Cross suspected to be a former Shinigami. The problem is that Cross didn’t have any real proof connecting the man to the Shinigami other than a sword. Cross started off by training his body first and foremost, he needed discipline also if he was to succeed on his mission. The would be Shinigami desired the blade but sadly began his life as a swordsman with a Bokken. Learning the different ways in which to wield the sword or Bokken so to speak. An important lesson was to taught and would be learned in due time. Rukongai was a harsh place to live in, a place where the lives of others doesn’t seem to mean anything. Souls from the realm of the humans was promised a better or peaceful life. But once they had arrived in Soul Society everything just seems as if it had gotten worst. Watching the soul after soul fade away before him, the more determine the young man had become. Over time he began learning more and more about Reiatsu and the other abilities that came along with it. Kidou was also an aspect of his training that he rather enjoyed and took a liking to. Over the years of spending time and learning from the Hermit, Cross was finally given the opportunity to wield his very own Zanapakuto. Or rather Zanapakuto’s since the swords given onto him was of a dual type. Cross had a unique style which suited the dual blade style best. He still had a long way to go but he was slowly beginning to discover his inner self. Cross had spent over ten years as a student of the hermit and had learned as much as he could. But it was time for him to move on or rather take the next step towards becoming a Shinigami. Making his way to the Shinigami Academy, Cross found some things to be different according to what he was taught by the hermit. The man decided not to teach him every little thing but rather gave him a few pointers. This way Cross would struggle and overcome, perhaps this way his accomplishments would mean more to him. That however didn’t stop him from showing off his prowess which placed him above the rest. The man was dubbed a prodigy being able to grasp things a lot easier than others. Cross indeed had talent but he also had an head start which wasn’t fair for some. But never once did he ever purport himself as being better than the other students around him. As a result of his skills set the young warrior was placed in the advance classes of the Academy . The would be Shinigami tried his best to master all forms of combat at his current level at the time. But recognized that this was just the beginning of his journey towards greatness. Shortly after joining the Academy Cross was drafted into the Nibantai. Once there he started to pick up a few habits that remained with him until now. The Shinigami was also an assassin, a very efficient killer if need be. Training in the art of Shyunpo, Hakuda and Kidou mainly. Cross soon came to realize that his beloved skills in swordsmanship was beginning wane. The Shinigami still managed to progress through the ranks, even becoming a Captain of his own special squad of Assassins. Cross seemed happy with his progress but not satisfied in the least and so it was time for him to move on. War broke out and the world was thrown into chaos. Working together with his Zanapakuto and close companion in battle, Cross was able to overcome most of his opponents. But there was a few that reminded him why he couldn’t or shouldn’t be satisfied with his power. His potential was still untapped at this point, perhaps it was a reflection on the division that he had chosen. Maybe being an Assassin wasn’t the correct job for him as a Shinigami at all. Cross was a great tactician and a formidable young warrior but still something was missing. With the war raging a spot soon became available for him. One that would allow him to progress and to even learn more about the sword. A Fuku Taicho had fallen, more specifically the Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. Hearing about his battle prowess from the rumors that went around about Cross. The Shinigami was soon approached by the Taicho of the 3rd Division with an offer. The man wanted the Shinigami to take up the spot as Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. At first Cross was a little reluctant and ever so defiant but after careful consideration Cross had joined the Sanbantai. Once there the Shinigami started working more exclusively on his Swordsmanship. The Captain of the Sanbantai was a strange one since he was the previous Fuku Taicho of the 11th. Such a person could always teach Cross a thing or two about the sword and that’s what he did indeed. Cross was now a lot happier and more satisfied with himself and his progress and so he began looking forward to the next step. The man had his sights set on becoming a Captain or to at the very least obtain Bankai. Turning over a new leaf another chapter of his life had begun.

Rp Sample: Like all arrivals in Soul Society a Senkai gate opened and a 5’7 tall figure emerged. The Shinigami had a smile on his face and a glint in his eyes. He was triumphant during his latest mission, warding off the Arrancar. The hollow infestation was more or less starting to become a plague of sorts. It pained the Shinigami to even think about the Arrancar and their disgusting stench. For some reason they always smelt funny which made it even more difficult to fight them. Pulling his black mask over his mouth, it covered up to his nose bridge. It was part of Cross’s persona not to let anyone in and hiding behind a mask at times was best. It was however confusing to some since the man was quite handsome in his own right. The Shinigami’s hands soon drifted onto the hilt of his Zanapakuto that was strapped across his lower back. Cross was a dual type sword wielder with one of his swords placed on his back. The hilt of said sword extended just over his shoulder, while the other one was placed across his lower back. Walking past the guards that were stationed at the gates, each and every one of them bowed in respect. It was a good feeling to be respected, then again no ne of them actually wanted to upset the Shinigami. Cross also sports a funky low top hair cut with hair extended down past his shoulder. His hair was also spiky in appearance and was of a red and black colour. It was split in three equal halves with the central halve being black. And the two remaining halves at the sides being red in colour, it was also one of his most notable features. Many would recognize him straight away via the mask on his face and his hair colour. Coming to a stop the Shinigami glanced around the area before vanishing. It seems he was wanted elsewhere at the moment and it had been a while since he checked in. After a while the Shinigami appeared on the grounds of his division. Loyal soldiers flocked to the Shinigami upon his arrival with joyful greetings. Taking the time of acknowledge each and everyone there. Cross moved past the gathering after relaying a message onto them. One that would involve them training and carrying on with the duties as a Shinigami. Stepping into his personal office Cross sat down to have a drink of sake. There was a pile of dreadful paper work on his desk, Cross had only gone an hour at most. And yet there was an unimaginable amount of paper work on his desk. A pile that went stocked together was no more than five pieces of paper put together.

Other Shinigamis would be delighted with the idea of having so little work. But for Cross it was one sheet of paper too much for him. Musing over what to do next, Cross took quick sips of his sake after a ten seconds interval. It was frustrating not having anything else to do at the moment. Perhaps sleeping would be the best thing for him to do right now. But that was merely wishful thinking for him now. A Hell butterfly soon floated into the office and before it could even get closer. Cross released a sigh after anticipating the message that it would relay to him. How convenient it was to have a message from the commander? Getting up from his seat Cross yawned and stretched his arms towards the ceiling. For some reason he could never get a break no matter how hard he tried to. Walking outside of his office the soldiers of his Division was going about their everyday lives. Soon enough his head rose towards the heavens, if there is such a thing in Soul Society. Cross listened carefully to the birds chirping on a nearby tree branch. The bumble bee that buzzed, creating a soothing tune landing on a blade of grass. The coy fish in the pond flail after snapping up a meal and an insect that fell in. The Sun was high over Soul Society which was a good sign regardless of the dark cloud. The same cloud that hang over the Shinigami as he once again vanished from his position. He was now heading in the direction of the Captain Commander’s office. Soul Society was on the verge of war, the things that had already gone on was merely the prelude. Still the cunning Shinigami known as Suigetsu Cross was looking forward to it. Reaching the 1st Division grounds Cross stood patiently as the gates opened.

Standing outside of the 1st Division Cross stepped inside as the gates opened up before him. A number of other important Shinigami had began turning up at this meeting of sorts. These important beings so happened to be a bunch of other Captains of the Gotei 13. Only a select few had turned up, since the Sotaicho required something from them. Walking inside Cross stood in line in front of the Sotaicho with the other awaiting orders. It seems there was a disturbance in the Rukongai District, powerful surges of Reiatsu as recorded. Only problem was that it was deep into the Rukongai area where the souls hardly ever inhabited. It was the perfect place for someone to start trouble and go unseen and unchecked. But it seems that all of this was reported to the 10th Division headquarters. Besides the Juubantai was responsible for the needs of the people. And of course the Kyuubanti would get involved in all of this. But why was Cross called to such a meeting in the first place? It wasn’t his job to deal with these things at least not as yet. Then again it wouldn’t hurt to send someone as skilled as himself on such a trip. And so three High Ranking Shinigami was sent off to investigate these strange happenings in the Rukongai area. From the explanation given from the Sotaicho souls have been disappearing without any real trace. At least some of those that was taken left no traces for the Shinigami to follow. Cross had a feeling things would get a little messy should they encounter anything abnormal. It was quite intriguing to think the Shinigami would class anything as abnormal at all. Besides the Humans normally classify them as ghosts and the Hollows as monsters. The beings that haunted the dreams of the young men and woman of such a world. So much so that some would even make up there very own ghost stories. These stories would often become nothing but a folklore for others to fall asleep to. Their orders were very simple go and investigate and terminate anything that they would deem to be a threat. Leaving the grounds of the 1st Division Cross wasn’t looking forward to any of this at all. The man wanted to leave the others to deal with this supposed threat. But realized that he wouldn’t be able to run away from his duties as a Shinigami. He had two other Captains there with him who would make sure that he tagged along. Giving a quick nod in response the three warriors the Shinigami disappeared . An ominous wind blew through the area as the Shinigami made his way to the Rukongai districts. Following the coordinates given to them Cross travelled deep into the unknown. He couldn’t honestly remember travelling to this part of land. It was very similar to the stories of Hueco Mundo. The Vasto Lorde was often found dwelling in the deepest and darkness corners of Hueco Mundo.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Suigetsu Cross Done   Tue 24 Nov 2009, 12:30 am

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Suigetsu Cross Done
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