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 In The Beginning....

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PostSubject: In The Beginning....   Thu 19 Nov 2009, 3:34 pm

In The Beginning….

Staring blankly at the large green board before him, listening to the screeching voice of an old teacher, Kazumi rose to his feet, soon exiting the classroom. The damn teachers are no good… Kazumi thought as he walked further down the hallway past the principles office, library, and out the front entrance. He learned nothing from those dull chalkboards, and worn text books, not even private tutoring cured his lack of knowledge. He had no motivation to do well in school, his parents didn’t care, fore they only cared for Misumi!

Strolling along the lightly illuminated sidewalks of Karakura Town, a luminous, vividly lit town with a grand amount of spiritual energy, Kazumi turns on the street of his parent’s house. He coldly walks up to the front door, twisting the golden knob, entering into a dimly lit room with many, muffled lighting fixtures scattered in several different locations. Taking a few steps he walked along the baby-bottom soft, cream colored carpet toward the staircase which leads to his room. Struggling up the stairs he could feel his mom baring down on him from above, he could just sense it, he knew she was there without even looking. Oh... God not again.

“What the hell are you doing here!?!” She was a nagging bitch who for not one second would shut the hell up, “Kazumi, don’t you have school at this hour!?!” With one hand on her hip and the other aimed, ever so close, to Kazumi’s face, she was a ball of flame ready to be hurled. She poked his chest several times, before balling her hand into a fist and throwing it in his chest, making him fly several steps backward. I really can’t stand this bitch. The hit had little to no effect on Kazumi, though he was only a 15 year old boy with a slightly above average frame, although any other person would be at the very bottom of the step, checking to see if they had broken anything.

He shrugged the hit off, to his mother’s surprise, and kept walking up the steps- walking past his mother as though nothing had happened, her eyes following his every step until he turned the silver door knob of his room, and slowly closed the door behind him. That women never fails to surprise me, that hit actually kind a hurt, Kazumi though as he took a seat at his desk, where he could view the T.V. and chill out. He didn’t have much to do these days, he was a loner so there was no, going out to the mall, or talking on the phone for hours, besides those things were too girly to him anyway. One thing he did like to do these days was visit a dojo where he learned many different forms of martial arts, becoming a black belt in each, in fewer than 8 years of training. He snaps off his television, stands to his feet, and falls into his soft crimson, sheeted bed.

Day 2 of the beginning…..

Leaving off to school again Kazumi gathered his various materials, after taking a shower and brushing his teeth. He got dressed and turned the golden knob of the front door, exiting into the morning daylight. He would not bother with school today actually, instead he would wander the Town of Karakura for the day, and come home and pretend as though he had had a lovely day at school, and learned many new things.

After a while, Kazumi became board of looking out at the ocean, watching as the sun ricochet off of the furious and subtle waves. He decided to leave. Kazumi picked up his supplies and headed for the nearest entrance to the heavily wooded Karakura Park. He took a stroll along one of the great paths. He found himself thinking of his little brother, Misumi- thinking of how he could have been a better brother, and things along those lines.

His day was finished; it was time to head home. He already knew what to expect as he would turn the golden door knob and head directly for his room. He expected that his mother would hide herself strategically behind the door, flourishing a plastic bat in one hand, while using the other hand to throw punches, at his gut, and chest. All these thoughts were suddenly interrupted as Kazumi turned down a dark street of Karakura Town, a street he having lived here his entire life, was unfamiliar with. He continued to walk and out popped 5 men. One was stocky with a large nose, Kazumi nicked named him Razor, another was short and skinny with a huge, slobbery, dangling lip; his name was Lip. As for the other three, they looked so similar, that Kazumi could not distinguish them apart so they were called the, Triplets.

Kazumi tried to casually walk by them, but confrontation was inevitable. He walked then stopped. Lip seemed as though he was the leader of the pack immediately stepping forward as Kazumi approached. “Hey, you, lil’ bitch, what the hell are you doing here?” Kazumi said nothing and that seemed to annoy the man further. “Seems to me like a pussy has set foot on our turf,” said Razor, “Nah, Nah, he gone have to shake,” murmured one of the Triplets. That was when a punch came flying from Kazumi’s left, it was Razor. Kazumi quickly ducked it but, there again came a punch from his right, from Lip, he wasn’t as fortunate the second time. It smacked him dead in the jaw, rattling his brains a bit. He wanted to hurry before the other three could get involved, so Kazumi grabbed one of Lip’s arms, twisting it backward, and using a Karate-style chop to break it in half. The subsequent yelps of pain quickly signaled the Triplets involvement, but before they could reach Kazumi, or Lip, Kazumi already had his hands wrapped squarely around Lip’s head. With a quick jerking motion Kazumi snaps Lip’s neck, instantly killing him.

Grabbing at Kazumi’s back one of the Triplets had him in a headlock. He could not breathe and was fading fast, that combined with Razor and the other two Triplets pounding, his stomach, face, and rib cage signaled Kazumi’s end. He would not make it home to his mother, father, or brother, he was dead.

Instantly rising from his dead corpse, Kazumi, the spirit decided not to linger, and by himself passes on the other world, the Soul Society.
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In The Beginning....
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