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 Second Affiliation: Bleach Souls of War, a Bleach RPG.

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PostSubject: Second Affiliation: Bleach Souls of War, a Bleach RPG.   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 4:25 pm

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After the war of the Shinigami against Aizen, which lead to the later defeat, a powerful hollow took over the throne of Las Noches. It was said that not any hollow could much his power, even the strongest of the Vasto bowed before him. The hollow race found new inner power having one of there own at the throne again and they started to grow frantic to attack the soul society again. The king had other plans however. He ordered them to prepare the army, create arrancar out of the strongest, and reassemble the legendary Espada. They hid themselves from the world of the living only going out when they needed the food and not for the pleasure of the hunt.they have been doing so ever since, gorwing stronger and stronger while the shinigami expect nothing, thinking they rid the world of arrancar after aizens defeat.

The shinigami celebrated after Aizens defeat. Every night ending in a party and every dawn starting with a parade. with the number of hollows retreating to gather their forces the shinigamis job of purification taking no mind to the massive disappearance of hollows. Rumors spread but none were proved toe be the truth or anywhere near the dark reality of what was to come.The Shinigami academy flourished with new souls of all ages and the squads grew larger and larger. captains came and passed with each new era as well of all those who remembered the war of the worlds. the only real difference was the number of shinigami going through hollowfication, natures way of balancing the spike of arrancar in the world. As usual, they were all banished to the world of the living to live amounts themselves. The shinigami never bothered learning form them and using them to help them further their goals of completely eliminating the hollows, keeping to the old laws that had saved them for so the last of the men who experienced the war for the worlds the soul society fell into a state of peace, not even bothering with the hollows any more. This was there worst mistake yet.

The world of the living also experienced a time of rebirth and development. Uryu Ishida joined his fathers work and moved to Europe with him to a more advanced Medical facility. This was also the Quincy race head quarters, proving that Uryu was not the last of his race after all. They had been in hiding for several years to help preserve their race further and had been very successful with it so far, growing stronger and stronger with every passing day.Koga of the bount tribe left soul society and traveled to Africa, forming a tribe while he was there. He somehow managed to spread the bount gene to the citizens of this tribe, replenishing the ranks of bount in the world. They grew stronger in time and joined the alliance shortly after the Quincy had. The strange and unique humans had also had an uprise in the world, many new ans powerful men and woman came from the shadows wielding strange wan powerful abilities. They joined the alliance in hopes of learning more about there unique powers and abilities while helping and protecting there homes.

The Vaizards had taken hold of a stronghold in the mountains of unknown location. Only they know its its existence and keep the secret over their very lives. They had assigned two head Vaizards to rule over all others and keep the new found race in line. They became a very structured culture and applied that same level of discipline to the alliance to keep it all together for the protection of the plus souls and those without the gifts given to them.

Now centuries later, a new king of Hueco Mundo has arrived. A king far stronger than anyone before him. His only goal in life is to burn the soul society to the ground. His followers love him and would follow his every order, his espada are icons of death and destruction that have long awaited the chance to attack the soul society head on. Noe only the final preparations are to be made before the strike. Will you stand with this new king on the front lines or will you do everything in your power to stop him? Or maybe you will choice to fight to protect yourself and your home land that will soon become the battlefield of the coming days? Whatever choice you make, remember fate only saves the strongest. I welcome you to Bleach:Souls of War.

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Second Affiliation: Bleach Souls of War, a Bleach RPG.
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