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 Alejandro's new power unlocked!

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PostSubject: Alejandro's new power unlocked!   Sat 14 Nov 2009, 11:15 pm

Alejandro's back was turned to Las Noches behind him, in which he now turned to face the depths of the darkness in the sky in Hueco Mundo. Even though he knew full and well that he was capable of defending himself with his current arsenal,what if he couldn't handle himself in a certain situation? Maybe he shouldn't underestimate anyone he comes across, or maybe he's being just that paranoid. He was never known for that anyway. The arrancar performed an extremely fast sonido to appear further away from Las Noches. Along the way to his current destination, he used his long blade to launch bala at random rocks and trees with powerful strokes from his zanpaktou.

"This is getting boring.."

He said as he raised his zanpaktou and swayed it from side to side, up and down, and diagnally, repeatedly in a non-stop fasion as he moved the blade to where each tree was planted in the sand, slicing and destroying every tree using pure swordsmanship and speed. There was nothing but a white blur of his arm and blade as he slashed the said trees. He turned his head to look at the fortress from over his shoulder and whispered to himself to the point only he could hear himself and the whispers of the air.

"That monster I've only took out the entire forest until I got it under control. But..that cero it fired. It was so powerful, yet different from any other cero. Did that monster happen to unlock another ability?"

He turned his head around to look at his hand with an emotionless face and soon widened.

"Well it seems like Hondonada opened up a new door for me to achieve a new power."

*A flashback occurs*

[/center]While in the Forest of Menos, he released his resurreccion. Before he became the new leader of military might known as the Espada of Hueco Mundo, he was exploring his new powers.He ripped the chest plate, which was actually his mask fragment transformed when he released his resurreccion. He tossed it up to the air as it oddly levitated. Alejandro's eyes then became blank and white..nothing but an endless void that was the sclera altered by his reiatsu. Only a small portion of the mask fragment was left as that glowed as well.

From the hollow inside of the beak starts to form spirit energy and reishi that soon solidifies, becoming hollow spirit energy. The spirit energy formed a large two headed was the Primera Espada's dirty little secret.The Bird is all white with the same color down that's similiar to Alejandro, white. It has a hollow hole on its chest. The bird stands about a kilometer tall and several hundred meters wide and in length.

It has a wing span of 2/3 of a kilometer and has talons big enough to pick up two air planes, one in each. Its sclera is black and has a yellow eye color with red pupils. Both heads of the bird also have addition feathers around the neck that appears like a mane with an addition of a "crown" made of feathers that resembles a mohawk. This bird had made a horrifying roar that was mixed with black reiatsu, darknening the area as its voice boomed all over. It was one of the strongest hollows every created..a creation spawned from Alejandro.

This newly created hollow was named Hondonada Volatil Dios. It appeared above the hollows in the forest, but then Alejandro held onto one of the talons until he climbed to the back of the best, peaking between its necks

"W-What in the world is this thing?! I've never seen a hollow anything like it! I didn't make that, did I?..It's almost like a hollow god with wings.."

He said before looking off, giving off a nice sigh as he calmed down. The bird looked at the multiple hollows below it with extreme prejudice and murderous intent. It made a loud scream, having two large reiatsu spheres, one in each beak. They both fired extremely large and wide cero towards the ground, causing a massive amount of destruction as an explosion trailed the beam. The trees, rocks, the ground, and hollows fell victim to this dramatically powerful cero were obliterated on a molecular level, similiar to a menos grande's cero, but its power surpassed that of an adjuchas and possibly higher.

More hollows came with an army of Gillians. They each fired a cero towards the hollow bird Alejandro was mounted on. He was worried that this bird would take some damage as an explosion swallowed Alejandro and the bird. When the smoke cleared, the hollow bird was still airborne. Not a single scorch or wound appeared on it. Alejandro was even more amazed by this creature, even feeling a telepathic link to it.

They fired and moved the twin cero toward the army of Gillians, being enveloped in a bright white light. The cero were at least a kilometer thick and three fourths as wide.The cero fired from this bird was strong, surely strong enough to leave not even blood left behind from the hollows. Since this happened, adjuchas began to appear, but didn't even try to fight this massive beast, or so they appeared to be as smart. About seven of them appeared and they leaped to try and claw at the bird, but it fired two more cero.

Simutaneously while the cero was fired were a barrage of steel hard feathers that were several hundred meters tall with an extremely sharp point. The arrows fired were dramatically accurate as they launched from the bird's body while spreading its large, massive wings outward with a scream. The feathers were shot out in a variety of ways. These steel hard feathers came out as an innumerable amount. Thousands seemed to fill the forest as some trailed beside the cero incase more tried to approach. They were extremely fast, a river of feathers travelling all around the cero and even travelled ahead of the said cero to ensure interference was impossible.

The some of the bird's feathers didn't exactly aim for a target, but acted as wide spread projectiles to hit something in the forest of menos. Some of the feathers hit the remainder of the gillians and other low leveled hollows on the in the said forest , impaling these demonic spirits to release their bodily fluids and destroying the large, gray, thick trees that were covered in blood and and impaled from bone from other destroyed facilities. Eaach impact made by the feathers made a loud "Boom" and then the piercing sound of steel through the ground and sometimes flesh, but that sound was covered up by other occurings in the area, like the screams of the inhabitants of the forest of menos. This creature roared,[/center]

*End of Flash back*

Alejandro was proud of this creature he spawned practically from his own body, his own mask fragment! With this beast, a mastery of the sky, there were rarely anyone who could stand up to him. He claimed this beast as a lord of hollows..its name was Hondonada Volatil Dios, the Flying Hollow God. Why did he summon it? Why did he bother mentioning this beast? Who knows..but perhaps he didn't wish to sleep on the fact that this very creature managed to unlock a latent power within him, or to give a strong hint that he shouldn't take his foes so lightly.

Alejandro was the Primera Espada for a reason, he reminded himself in third person. He had to remind himself of a few of his abilities, what it feels like to become embraced in his former power. He took his zanpaktou and held it horizontally infront of him.

"Fly, Roto Paz!"

Alejandro's reiatsu darkened the sky, causing the clouds to spiral several miles above him. The skies were almost black and the clouds turned into a silvery gray. His reiatsu took the form of a flurry of feathers that covered and concealed his body that cuts his view off from the world. These "feathers" formed a sphere around him before they reformed back to transparent, silvery white reiatsu that revealed a newly transformed Alejandro. He made a brief sigh as his reiatsu continued to flare around him like a rockets flare.

His hair had grown out more, turning into a purebreed white color. His Espada clothes became more fitting with the bottom of his hakama turning into a tail jacket that grows down to his feet. His clothes also gain a white, silky down, meaning it has a smooth feather like coat that's similiar to birds. He gains black boots with a zanpaktou that resembles a feather like blade that extends up to two meters as there's a shield plate on his chest that resembles a bird's beak that points downward.Finally, he grows out a single wing with an astounding wing span of four meters that's folded back until used to fly on the right side.

His eyes lowered half way before closing completely. His lips slowly parted to speak the words of a special attack.

He noticed that no hollows were present as he began to release his reiatsu after releasing his resurreccion. Those monsters probably recognize his reiatsu and decided it was that of an arrancar.Not a wise choice to mess with one unless you're one yourself,but not even an arrancar would mess with an Espada that's released, a feat rarely seen by eyes of those in Hueco Mundo that live far underground. These hollows attack souls that leak of even the tiniest bit of spiritual pressure, but not those that have a vast amount with enough brute force to squash them, almost fatally killing them in the process, if they were lucky enough to survive anyway.

He remembered and prepped to fire a cero from his hand, feeling its immense power building up infront of his palm. He instantly resealed his power, appearing in his unaltered arrancar clothing, his hair returned to its natural color along with his body. Then suddenly, he built up the power within his zanpaktou that caused tremendous turbulance within the atmosphere. Reiatsu flared from his zanpaktou like a blazing fire. He pointed towards the sky, releasing this built up energy as if it were a cero as a remarkable, ungodly attack was released. The releasing sound of the cero was different, remininscent of loud thunder, combined with roaring flames. It tore a whole in the sky..a power that even surpassed his Gran Rey Cero. The attack diminished once travelling a specific range.

"So this was the power unlocked..a new cero that came from my sealed power. This power is incredible!"

He vanished in a sonido, clenching his zanpaktou tightly.
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PostSubject: Re: Alejandro's new power unlocked!   Sun 15 Nov 2009, 6:54 am


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Alejandro's new power unlocked!
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