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 Uber Short Opening((Open))

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PostSubject: Uber Short Opening((Open))   Sat 14 Nov 2009, 3:26 am

This spot...Its so familiar its painful... Reikon thought to herself, as a tear welled up in her right eye. She wore her red kimono, a black lotus pattern winding around her waist and bust. The black silk obi that kept the outfit together was tied into a massive bow at the base of her spine, her katana sheathed and held firmly to her waist by the obi. On her feet she wore snow-white socks, and traditional wooden sandals. With her hair tied up in a bun, unusual for her, and pinned together with decorative chopsticks, she looked more like nobility than a warrior. She would walk through the woods behind her old home, after having visited it for a few moments. It was abandoned now, the family dead or migrating. The moon was high in the sky by the time she reached the grassy plain where she had first learned to use kidou. At the very edge of the plain was a zanpakuto, shoved into the ground down to half of its blade. That was where her older brother's grave had been marked. She smiled as her hand gently caressed the hilt of the blade. When she touched it she could feel the familiar warmth of his presence. Reikon would get down on her knees, bowing slightly and clasping her hands together in prayer. She prayed for the spirit, for his guidance, and for his protection.

She knelt amongst the emerald blades of grass that filled the small clearing within the massive forest that rested behind her old home. Behind her rested the shore to a small lake, the moon reflecting off of the glass-like surface. The water shimmered, unmoving and placid, in the moonlight, casting a white light over the surrounding shores. The moon itself didn't touch Reikon, as she was under the protection of the boughs of a tree, cast into shadows. It seemed fitting that she would speak to the dead in the dark, instead of the light, and so she didn't move from the eerie darkness that the tree cast upon her.
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Uber Short Opening((Open))
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