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 A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)

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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Thu 03 Dec 2009, 6:35 pm

((OCC: Its quite alright it happens to the best of us.))

Vlad was countered as expected by his enemy, he knew he could not get rid of him that easily but one can hope eh? Wrong. There was no hope for he was merciless and he was unforgivable, his sins inumerable. He thought after his death he would go to heaven with Infidel Blood and a Hellish Crusade. No instead he was damned and became a Demon. A Hollow. Soon he would be an Espada but to become one he would need to get rid of the obstacle before him, the Segunda Espada. Methias the Hollow Angel of Las Noches.

The Imapler Prince felt his opponents hand impale right through his Apendage Blade. Vlad felt the energy of his opponents blood spill over and rush through the Apendage Blade and into the palm of his demonic balck claw-like hands. The Enemy was Preparing to use his Gran Rey Cero to end the fight. Vlad similied to himself. The Segunda was pulling out the big guns to kill the Imapler once and for all, Vlad could see he was determined not to lose to the The Devil's Son, Vlad III Dracula!

His enemy was stilll trapped in Vlad's Aguacero attack so the lightning bolts were still in effect, Vlad hoped taht his opponent knew that it wasn't just one bolt of lightning taht would be coming for him now. Methias had dropped his Zanpaktou, no longer did he have anything that would move the lightning away from its target. Vlad smilied and then came 5 Lightning bolts from different directions aimed at Methias and since he was Charging for that Gray Rey Cero he couldn't move but Vlad could with his Ultimate Ability.

Relampaguear Arremetida whispered Vlad as his body transformed into a bolt of dark purple lightning. In this form he moved so fast he could not be seen with the naked eye, he could not be captured and anything that touched him would be shocked with the amazing elemental power of Lightning. In this form he could bend, strech, and divide his electrically charged atoms, losing his body all together.

Using this Vlad divide his atoms with a flash of light like that at lightning, it would without a doubt blind Methias and distort him, to appear a few quite a ways away from Methias still in his super charged form. He didn't wantt to be anywhere near Methias when he fired his Gran Rey Cero which would also be his downfall. It would difficult to block or avoid now, the speed of lightning the surprise of Vlad's escape, the blinding light and distortion.

It seemed that Vlad would win this. But only time would tell.
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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Fri 04 Dec 2009, 1:09 am

Finally, it seemed that Vlad, the vampire of the Arrancar, had finally shown his ultimate captabilities. Methias himself had forced him to throw nearly everything he had at him, but to no avail. This final form, however... The power of lightning at its peak... An interesting ability, and a powerful one at that. As far as Methias was concerned, he had finally got Vlad to the point where his abilities had been shown to their fullest to all those around him, and it was time to end this battle.

The light from the lightning form caused Methias to turn away for a few moments, the light itself being almost blinding to the eye. A light shock penetrated through his body, but nothing more than mild. A light laughter escaping from his mouth, his lips formed a slight smile, before he held up the hand that was charging the incredibly powerful "Gran Ray Cero". "It's over.[b]" he said, the Gran Ray Cero expanding in his hand, before fading into nothingness. Apparently, Methias had canceled the charging half way through, as to pull a bluff on Vlad. Truth be told, he wasn't going to fire such a powerful blast infront of the whole Espada. Causing so many deaths would be... Unlogical.

Falling to the ground, he swiftly evaded any form of attack from the lightning bought upon him, before picking up his blade. Tossing it over his shoulder, he held his right hand up in the air, as if to call for a stop to the battle. "[b]You've impressed me, brat. Your abilities have been tested, it's now up to Alejandro to judge you... For me, I leave. Congratulations, I guess you win.
" He said, almost laughing as he did. After finishing his short speech, he gave a nod to Alejandro, as if to say he was going to leave. The smirk still on his face, he moved towards the exit, leaving the room in the usual, overly epic style he always did. Methias was always one for a grand exit.

As the doors closed behind him, his smirk grew even wider, a hint of malice growing as it did. "That... Was fun. Hopefully i'll get to fight him again." he thought to himself, the smirk finally lifting from his face. It had been a long time since Methias had to fight, his skills being clearly somewhat rusty during that fight, but more than enough to hold his own against any member of the Espada. Walking towards the end of the hall way, blood was still dripping from his hand, but slowly healing. He hadn't been cut for years... Lovely.

Turning back to face the door he had just came from, he awaited everyone's exit, feeling sure that Alejandro would have a few words to say to him after the meeting had came to an end.
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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Fri 04 Dec 2009, 1:35 am

Vlad looked at the Segunda as he halted the Gran Rey Cero. The fight was over just like that. It seemed Vlad had shown the Segunda Everything he needed to and it seemed he had Won. Vlad didn't cheer and didn't even smile, he wanted to keep fighting the Segunda for he could still fight but he didn't argue the issue. He stuck his arm out and his Ressurcion was once again sealed in the sword. The drak Mist was sucked into the sheathe of the sword and Vlad was back in his Humanoid form.

He watched the Segunda leave and bowed in respect to the man. He then called his bats forward they brought his clock with them. Vlad Dracula put on his clock and opened it up and bats disappeared into it. Where they rested. They had served their purpose it was time for them to sleep once again until they were needed. Vlad then slicked his white hair back using the Segunda's Blood on his hand like gel.

He licked the remaining speckles on blood. He felt the Segunda's power in those small droplets, it was 'tasty'. He turned to Alejandro and awaited what he would say.
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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Fri 04 Dec 2009, 2:20 am

Alejandro had sat down before the fight began, and appeared seated still. He made a loud, monotone-esque clap as he stood up. He walked over to Vlad and unsheathed his sword. He pressed the edge against Clad's cheek, carving an "eight" on his left cheek. His hierro only caused it to be a minor wound that would leave a scar in a figure eight.

"Well're the new eigth Espada. You stay in Las Noches. Shishi! Methias! We're heading off to Karakura Town. Hurry up."

He opened a garganta that lead to Karakura now, the town should be hollowfied since he left a garganta open that connected karakura town to the forest of menos..he couldn't wait to see what happens next. He had butterflies in his stomach from the anxiety.

------>to Karakura town.
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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Fri 04 Dec 2009, 2:29 am

His blade now sheathed, his smirk returned to him once more as he heard two names being called. Shishi and Methias, the Decima / Cero and Segunda respectively. Apparently, it was time to continue the hollowfication of Karakura town. Letting out a slight laughter, his hand absent-mindedly grasped hold of his blade. The destination and goal apparent, a garganta appeared before Methias, he himself walking into it. Taking a quick glance towards the door once more as it closed, he bowed his head in achknowledgement of the new Octava Espada, before heading to Karakura to finish the job at hand.

>>Exit to Karakura.<<
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Nebula Cana

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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Fri 04 Dec 2009, 2:34 am

(Bull shitted)

Shishi had accepted the change of clothing Vlad had given to him, disappearing from the room, and replacing the worn out ones he was wearing with the new ones. Quickly, he appeared in the room once again, standing in a quiet, dark corner of the room, alone. The invasion of his personal space would usually have been punishable by something such as a cero to the face, but before he could do so, the Arrancar had engaged in combat with Methias, the Senguda Espada. This made it very difficult to do anything, causing the Decima Espada to give up on the idea of attacking Vlad. Standing silently with that infamous violent look in his eyes, Shishi said nothing, even as the Primera announced a new Octava to their ranks. Following through the garganta Alejandro had opened, the Decima Espada went with his brethren to the town of Karakura.

>>>>To Karakura Town.

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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Fri 04 Dec 2009, 3:47 am

Vlad remained still as the 8 was carved into his Face. From 87 to 8. Not bad not Bad at all. The pain was slight but it was good. Pain was good. Vlad was now the Octava Espada. He now had duties and it was time to go to them. Vlad being a Servant for so long already knew what was expected of the 8th Espada. He remained silent as the Cero/Decima, The Primera, and the Segunda Espada left.

Vlad looked at the other Espada and nodded in respect, he then began to make his way to the exit. Vlad needed to rest he would be needed soon and so he left. Idea's soon popped into his head but quickly dimenished but one remained.

"Power, I need more Power..."

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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Fri 04 Dec 2009, 10:33 pm

(( Migraine, making this short... ))

Xane was not looking at the fight. He didn't have to. The fight did not include him and was no concern of his. He only stayed simply because he had not been dismissed and the Cero and Primera were still there. After they left though he didn't waste anytime with goodbyes. He quickly walked passed Vlad as the new Espada left. He didn't bother with congratulations either. He saw no reason to. He had done nothing but prove that he was not a waste of space. Big deal. He made his way to the desert rather quickly, not wanting to be around should they call him back. Besides, he had a job to do. The "security" of Hueco Mundo should not slack off. Ever.

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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 5:29 am

OOC: Due to limited internet access, I apologize for not posting sooner.

This will be my last post for the whole week(I typed it out while I was offline and bored), pray mein finals will go well and I can stay on for the winter break.


Merrow had quietly watched the ongoing match between Vlad and Methias rage about in the meeting hall. Quite honestly, he was happy that there was still more skilled and powerful arrancar spread out in the wide category of numeros soldiers.

"Tch ... but now that he's an Espada, I have to catalogue his reiatsu level and signature so as to keep tabs on his development. Meh, looks like I'll have to bait him into hitting me once just to get that down.

But, at least now we have a new 'brother' amongst our ranks! Someone to replace Rykira ... pity that he died."

The youthful Espada's thoughts went on after most of the others were leaving the room. His eyes twitched slightly as the thoughts turned towards Rykira and his death at the hands of the shinigami. True, he had never liked him very well ... but the death of an Espada at the hands of a shinigami was unacceptable.

"They will receive a suitable payback in the near future ..." he muttered to himself, as the young boy walked out of the room, heading off into his favorite room of the Castle, Grantz's lab.
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PostSubject: Re: A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)   

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A meeting in Las Noches (Required for those not in KT)
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