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 Kashiwa, Kihaku

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PostSubject: Kashiwa, Kihaku   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 5:23 am

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Kashiwa, Kihaku

Age: 489

Visual Age: 19-20


Personality:Kihaku is easily seen as a classy guy. He acts much like he is royalty, but he isn’t as snobby as actual royalty, it’s more like he has a good sense of class and elegance. Kihaku seems very unflappable, not being affected by even the biggest of events, though he does enjoy letting his emotion out sometimes. Amongst his peers and superiors he acts very casual and he has no problem taking orders. Kihaku likes to drag fights out and savor every moment of them, also taunting his opponent the whole time and he hates weak opponents and will kill them mercilessly. He seems to enjoy long fights to the point that if even his worst enemy gave him long fun fights, he would spare their lives just for another on a later note. Overall Kihaku is a very confident man and seemingly indifferent, though he is very caring on the insde, but not many will have the chance to see this.


Kihaku’s appearance might not show his sense for class. Kihaku’s skin is slightly pale and seems to have a light glow in the sun, his hair barely reaches his neck, it’s a bit untamed and has a nice light brown color. His attire consists of a short sleeve black skin armor covered with a hard rose red vest with a black rose-like insignia, and rose read ashigaru gauntlets that cover his forearms. On his lower body he wears black loose sweatpants with larger versions of the rose insignia on the side of either leg in a rose red color, with black sandals and rose red tabi.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:


Weight:164 lbs.

Hair:Light brown

Eyes:Rose red

Nicknames:None as of yet

Reiatsu Color:Rose red with some light green

Reiatsu Power Level:So awesome I can kill you with a teacup

Likes: (AT LEAST 5)

Plants(flowers especially)



Long fights(unless a mission calls for a hasty battle)

Beautiful things

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5 )

Loud, arrogant people

Dumb people

Short easy fights

Water(ironic a bit yes)

Awful smells

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


Kihaku was born to a pretty poor family, consisting of just himself, his mother and his father. A family tradition was to work a sushi cart around Japan, even though they didn’t make much off of it, they did it mainly for the family pride, soon Kihaku was also destined to work the sushi cart, which wasn’t much of a problem since he grew to like sushi. Kihaku’s life was as normal as it was going to get in his situation. There was often a boy who ate his father’s sushi and he quickly became friends with him, it wasn’t long before they figured out the boy was actually an orphan and they decided to take him in. They traveled through Japan selling their sushi, it was common that Kihaku would see the more wealthy kids and envy the things they had, the elegant things they walked around with, soon Kihaku grew tired of being poor and learning to work the sushi cart and decided that when it was his time, he make the cart into something bigger and become wealthy so he could have those same things, though the boy, who they had named “Koji”, saw Kihaku’s intention and didn’t like how he viewed the business.

It was one night where Kihaku and Koji were out on their own, they walked back to the spot where his parents were set up that they found the cart damaged and their parents stabbed several times, they didn’t know why this was, maybe it was a desperate robbery, but it devastated the both of them. After a few weeks of recovering from the shock and depression, they both knew what was going to happen, they took the cart and continued from where his father left off. Kihaku’s desire to expand the business never changed, he tried desperately to expand, Koji tried so hard to stop him from doing so, but both had no effect on each of their goals. A few years later, the same people who killed Kihaku’s parents found him alone with the cart on a grassy plain in the open. They recognized the cart and decided to repeat the mugging they did some time ago. They had beaten Kihaku near to death after he refused to give anything up. Lying bloddied on the ground, and unusual rose stood in front of him on the round, he reached for it desperately, it could’ve possibly symbolized a lst hope for him, he passed out before he could reach it. The thugs moved in to kill Kihaku, when the rose suddenly transformed and sliced each one in one swift strike. When he came to, Koji stood above him and the rose was beside him, he picked it up and stared at it for a long time.

Kihaki never really understood the true nature of the doll, even when she explained it to him, but he knew one thing, he had power and his life could be different, better. Trusting Koji he said that the sushi cart now belonged to him and his future generations and bid him farewell, setting on his path for a new life. After some years he strayed into Karakura town and learned the nature of his power, he was a “bounto” it seemed. The next hundred years were devoted to increasing his ability and supporting the other bounto. To this day he wonders exactly what became of Koji and thinks about whether or not one of his descendants still worked the cart today.

Role-Play Sample:

The footsteps hit the ground rapidly as the shinigami panted with exhaustion. He found a set of boulders and hid himself from sight. He leaned against one and held his side, trying to catch his breath. Hopefully he could have a moment of reprieve before he came again. What he was now witnessing was something he, nor his team, were even close to prepared for what had befallen them. His only hope now was to hold out until the backup came. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. ”Ahhh, there you are.” his eyes widened as he heard the soft voice of the menacing terror. Sensing the attack the shinigami flash stepped before he could be hit by the arrancar’s powerful hand. He held his zanpakutou in his hand as he waited for the arrancar to appear again. The tall figure walked from the smoke of the crushed boulder. After a few seconds he revealed himself. At a first glance one wouldn’t understand the shinigami’s fear, the arrancar wasn’t ominous looking nor did he look like he held much power, in fact quite the opposite, he appeared to be a man of elegance who’d never raise a sword, but one would be wrong to think this.
The shinigami grinded his teeth, it was do or die for him now, running was no longer an option, “Thrust, Kajou!” the shinigami’s katanat shifted to a long spear with a spiral edge. Jumping forward he lunged the spear at the dangerous arrancar, but it was of no use. The villain quickly ducked under the attack and grabbed the offender by the neck, choking him while holding him up. He gave a devilish chuckle, ”How foolish, did you really believe that you could hold me off let alone outmatch me? If this is what’s of the shinigami, you all have no hope. he threw him a few meters away from him to the ground, the shinigami could no longer move, he stood helpless in front of the arrancar. He held out his hand at the shinigami and curled his fingers so his nails were all pointing at his palm, in the center of them all a dark maroon colored ball of reiatsu formed. He gave an evil smile before firing the cero and removing all traces of the shinigami.
He checked his nails after ending the shinigami, yes Sin was a cold and cruel man when it came down to things that got in his way, he had no mercy for anyone that tried to stop him, but you couldn’t blame him really, it was his own personal way of reaching his goals. ”Well well, another one down, and yet still no information, seems they really are useless. Oh well, another day. I better get back before… Sin’s sentence was shortly interrupted by the backup team’s arrival which he hadn’t at all expected at the moment. ”So it’s you again, Sin Juicio.” A puzzled look crossed Sin’s face before he turned around and faced a group comprised of six shinigami. Five of them he could tell were even in power, the one who just spoke seemed much more powerful. Sin stroked his hair and gave a twisted teasing smile while licking out for a moment, ”Oh dear, it seems I was too slow, what a predicament. the shinigami wasn’t going to let himself be taken by this, he took a step forward and used a stern voice when speaking to Sin, ”Enough games! You’ve been a thorn at our side for far too long, it’s finally time for you to be removed.” it was obvious that a fight was imminent, but he wouldn’t dare do it on these terms, Sin looked around for a moment and saw the forest to his side. He chuckled slightly then flash stepped away. The shinigami knew what he was trying to do and pursued him to the forest. The forest was pretty big so they knew they had to split up to find him. ”Stay alert!” they split up into the forest looking for Sin. One shinigami took his time walking through and kept his steps quiet. He slowly unsheathed his sword and held it at the ready. He could hear Sin taunting him and remained prepared for an attack, when Sin got louder he opened his mouth to release his blade only to have a cold hand clasp over his hand before he can speak. Sin shushed him before slitting his throat with his blade.
The leading shinigami felt his teammate’s presence disappear one by one. He couldn’t believe that this one man was doing this, he thought he was going to escape through the forest, but instead he had used the terrain to his advantage. He heard the sound of someone running from one direction and faced it. He kept his zanpakutou forward ready to strike. The sound went on for a few seconds before it disappeared. He was about to turn around before he heard laughter from above, he looked up to see Sin’s figure on a branch above him. He raised his sword, but it seemed his hadn got stuck to something and he couldn’t pull it off. He raised his arm and got that one trapped as well. He struggled to get himself free until he saw what he thought to be four red pillars in front of him until Sin had descended, appearing right in front of him. He held a blood thirsty and psychotic look in his eye as he cackled maniacally, ”It’s time for your removal.” he slowly pressed his lips onto the shinigami’s neck and stabbed his bestial teeth into him, sucking all of his reiatsu. The blood curdling scream of the shinigami can be heard from miles away.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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Approved, Akabara, now go ask your beloved leader for a spot! Generate your character sheet, and change your name to your character's name.

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Kashiwa, Kihaku
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