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 The Blind Defender

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PostSubject: The Blind Defender   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 3:11 am

It had been a few days since Hezro had taken a walk. It was one of those irrelevent things one does to simply enjoy oneself. Being blind he cared little for how the sun started to hide beneath ones plane of view while the moon took its place over the heads of thousands. All he knew was that Amilia had loved the sight of the shy turning a deep orange and shades of red, as she had described it to him. He slowly walked while he could only imagine what it must look like, and smiled as the thought of the combination of the sunset and Amilia.
He had always finished his walks with venturing up the sacred hillside that was Sokyoku hill. He felt a spiritual attachment to this place as it held so much history of his race. He would envision the many battles that took place here that decided the fate of the very city he called home. He only hoped he could fight here one day to do the same.
He continued to walk up the small hollowed out path in the side of the hill listening to nothing but the soft fall wind that was blowing.He was glad to be away from his office for once. Over the past couple of days the Soul Soceity had finally been able to renter the world of the living and they hadn't liked what they found.He had been told the hollows had near complete reign over the world of the living and that the squad were doing triple rounds to pureify as many souls as possible. Hezro was mainly interested in the flow of souls in the dangai path, hoping some pour arrancar would find his way into his soul society. Hezro missed combat after all and an intruder of any sort would be met with his blade.
Before he knew it, Hezro had reached the top of the hill and was now traveling through the barren trees that lay the outer edge before it leveled into the familiar plain everyone knew it by.He never knew why but he had always felt cold whenever traveling this part of the woods. The thought lingered until he broke free of the tree line and into the plain of barren dirt. Now he thought of his lost wife, amilia and walked slowler than before. He remembered every last memory he had with her, every sound of her voice, and touch of her skin. The thought of living without her was almost unbearable if not for his unforfilled oath. That oath burned in the back of his mind as soon as he created it. Dispite anything that would befall of this world, he woud find that damned hollow that took the only thing Hezro loved in this world, the only thing that gave him light, and the only thing that gave him sight in the world of nothing he was banished too.He had no idea what he would do to that creature or what he would say but he knew, in his very soul, that when the time came that he would know.
At this thought, he reached the tip of the cliff that overlooked all of Seireitei. He knew to push the thought of revenge aside and focus on the task ahead, making sure to guard every last one of the men and women that called themselves shinigami with his life.He would make sure that he guarded them even more than he would have guarded his wife if he had been given the chance. She loved these people and so did he and if keeping them alive would bring joy to her, then Hezro would do anything to see that it was done.
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PostSubject: Re: The Blind Defender   Wed 11 Nov 2009, 5:25 am

Hezro stood on the tip of the hill with a blank stare. A messanger from squad one slowly walked up beside him, with a folder in his hands. the shinigami had always given Hezro his orders since he was the only man in seireitei other than Hezro that knew braile (SP?).

" It looks wonderful today Hezro, she would have been glad to see it." The shinigami said after he let out a sigh. The two never saw one another face to face, it was always like they never wanted to.

"What are my orders today? The crisis in the world of the living I assume?" Hezro said as he keep staringout into the distance. He wanted to know why the Captain commander had inturputed his time here on the sacred hill.

" You are correct hittori-sama, It seems you have been assigned a extermination mission. Due to the overflow of shinigami in the world of the living the Captain Commander has requested you take care of atleast one, if not the entire hollow force in karakura town that has sprung up in the past few days." He finished and handed Hezro the folder in his hands.

He opened it and slowly ran his hand down the page reading the piece of paper. He then closed it once he was finished and turned around to leave.He didn't say goodbye and the shinigami knew he wouldn't . Hezro then opened a sinkimon gate and entered it slowly, having it close just as slowly behind him.

(EXIT to Karakura)
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The Blind Defender
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