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 Just a heads up.

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Nebula Cana

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Name: Shishigami Jubei
Race: Arrancar.
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PostSubject: Just a heads up.   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 2:37 am

If I am not logged in, and on the forum every waking minute of the day, do not assume that I am inactive, or that I have suddenly decided to say "go the hell with the forum" and then "disappear". I check in every 5 minutes, and log in every ten to twenty, so you could say I am still very much here, and yet very much not here. Come on to post and approve and what not. Anything needed that is urgent could be posted, or put in the administrator and moderator area, or sent by means of private messaging. See, I just do not want to spend a lifetime on the chatbox because I have better things to do with my free time, but as a precaution I thought I should post this anyways. Bottom line, I am saying that, even if I am not on a lot, I am still the lurking guest keeping an eye on things. Some people have thought that when I disappear and do not log in, and my activity drops, that I am gone and abandoning things, so to clear up any misunderstandings of that, I posted this. It has happened in the past, so yeah... This is not really even an absence, but a explanation for a change in my activity patterns.

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Just a heads up.
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