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 The Undying

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PostSubject: The Undying   Sun 08 Nov 2009, 8:40 am

Name: Nachthund, The Undying

Family: Dark - Neutral

Doll Description:
The Doll is a Chimeric creature, a Cross between a Hound and a Human. The color of his skin is night blue, lined with a very weak pigment which is a byproduct of his power over darkness. His Mane, in appearance is Majestic and is a much Deeper and Darker Blue, as compared to his Skin. He is quite well built; overly muscular actually. His height is only 5"8' due to the shape of his Hind limbs, though his insanely muscular body more than makes up for his height. Attached to his ass, is a tail with two ends, similar to a Monkeys. It can be used to bind himself to something, such as a tree branch or so, and his Legs are quite bestial in appearance with a Tough Skin over then giving him enormous kicking power, which often leads to comical situations with him Shoving his Toe up his Masters Ass.
He has a pretty irritable nature, getting pissed of at even the slightest provocation, though he remains unexpectedly calm and collected during a battle. He has a lot of patience, something his Master doesn't and that is often why he is the one to play the strategist, rather than Rhayne. He seems to have a strong bond with Rhayne, and they share a common sense of sarcasm. Unlike most other dolls, this one has the ability to use its medium and separate from its master at its own will, making him even harder to control.

Medium: The medium used to unleash his doll, is a Spork which can change size according to the will of the User. Though the Doll is actually sealed with the Body of its Master, it can be summoned forth using the Spork. Summoning the Doll allows them to fight separately and Joining back together makes them a single entity with a divided conscience. Having the Doll Sealed within gives him a boost in speed, as compared to when they are separated. While separated, he is only good as a Melee fighter, since he can only use his the Techniques if they are Joined.
The Spork can change its size for comical purposes, such as the fact that he has a Gigantic Spork with him.

Doll Ability: Necromancy - Nigromancy
While the term Necromancy was coined in order to define a form of magic in which the practitioner seeks to summon "operative spirits" or "spirits of divination", for multiple reasons, from spiritual protection to wisdom, later on, the term was used generally to categorize all Black Magic, and is in close relation to its brother, Nigromancy which is actually a term later coined for the sake of classification.
His dolls power revolves around this very Ability. One can say its a Darker Version of its Psychic Sister, Psionics. His powers seek to achieve different and varying effects ranging from causing hallucinations relating to fear, to tricking the mind into believing in the existence of something which is not there. Though that is only the tip of its abilities. It's powers Originate and have their base in a Dark Aura which is referred to as, by both Master and Doll, 'Corruption Aura'. Speaking in simpler terms, its his Reiatsu Gone Black. Going into a more complex explanation; the effect of his Reiatsu mixing with his dolls results in a very corruptive and ominous Energy. Its sort of a Fumish Reiatsu, which is what fuels his techniques which will described later. On its own, it has a Rotting effect. Every time any soul/living being comes in contact with it, the Aura has a sort of rotting effect. It impairs the flexibility of that part of the body for Spiritual Beings with a large amount of Spiritual Pressure, though temporarily. Duration may vary depending on how long the enemy was in contact. Lesser beings are likely to suffer from a corrupting effect, leading to them loosing control of that part which would later come under the control of the Doll. Again, its a temporary thing though it has no set duration. It exists so long as Rhayne remains within 50m of his enemy. This is the main effect it has, which is, Temporarily maiming and control over the body parts. Alternatively, it can be used within a certain Range as a Weapon. It can be hardened to form spikes protruding from his Aura, or to cover him in a Shield.
[It may look like I have a lot of abilities, but I'm just describing them over and over again. No need to worry. So far, its only two properties are hardening and maiming >_> I'm just describing them over and over again.
Force of Habit e-e]
Just a Note. When they are merged, it is Rhayne who uses these powers. When he summons Nachthund, it is the Doll that uses the power, but he can cover Rhayne with it to protect him if needed.

Doll Großer König Form Description: It is first and foremost, as one can guess, a Fusion. Unlike a Merge using a Seal, it does not simply give unto its holder, the power to exercise his dolls abilities. It literally fuses two Spiritual Entities into one, creating a completely new entity. While the body remains completely Humanoid, there level of agility is greatly increased.He becomes quite bit faster, stronger and definitely more acrobatic, in the sense that his doll is part Monkey. It results in a change in his fighting style, though unlike a normal Fusion, this fusion creates a new sort of Monstrosity. Its one being with two minds. Rather, with a Split Personality. One is Rhayne and the other, Nachthund. In this form, Rhayne exercises control since his body is the medium through which Hund is able to exist in such a form. Hund most of the time is submissive and gives subconscious suggestions rather than actively order him around as he normally would. The reason to this is that Hund knows that his Master would not resort to this form unless he were serious and when he is serious, he requires no aid from his other half.
The body doesn't change much though becomes slightly more muscular, and he develops a Tail similar to his Doll. His hair grows somewhat longer, giving him a more bestial appearance. His Skins turns bluish and his Hands and feet develop Claw like ends. Just think of beast from X-Men, but less muscular and more humanoid in body shape. Hair color and skin color turn the same as Nachthund's.
His aura turns more malevolent than usual, giving him a very, very ominous presence. Its not like an Arrancars. It can be associated more with the sort you get when facing the gates of hell.

Großer König Ability
He is already insanely strong even without this form, but this form increases his strength further. The Neutral element, which can be defined better as a twisted mix of Psionics and Nigromancy is developed. He gains the ability to use a Wider Range of powers, which can be best defined as Witch Craft. During this time, he gains a very corrupting effect which grants him the power to turn anything into a Darker, more corrupted version. His power over darkness increases to a point where he can even combine it with his Reiatsu to form a Destructive Blast of pure Demonic Energy. His famed technique, Necropolis can be used only in this form. To be specific, it is like expanding upon his already existing powers, expanding to sorcery, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: The Undying   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 4:12 am

For the Medium, please remove the gain in speed and the changing of size of the Spork. Both are abilities of which shouldn't be included in this section of the doll.

The ability of the doll seems too much like Barragan the Segunda Espada from the manga. I would appreciate it if you modified the ability to make it so it seemed less like him in some way.

"During this time, he gains a very corrupting effect which grants him the power to turn anything into a Darker, more corrupted version." For your Großer König Ability, I want you to explain this a bit further. For example, tell how the corruption occurs and when it begins and when it ends. Also, tell how far an object can be corrupted. Can you corrupt human skin? If this relates too much to Barragan again, I would like to to look over the ability and remove any similarities.

Any who, denied.
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PostSubject: Re: The Undying   Fri 13 Nov 2009, 10:51 am

Ok, Now you're just thinking stuff on your own. Its not aimed at doing what Barragans Ress does >_>
When I say "During this time, he gains a very corrupting effect which grants him the power to turn anything into a Darker, more corrupted version" I mean that I was planning to use a Technique similar to that. Its not going to be anything like Barragans which will make my enemies have their body parts disintegrate like that. Please, Bad Breath Barra was lame in his own Right >_>
I'm aiming more for an Occult Effect.
I have a habit of explaining everything more than once, so I explained it here instead of in the Technique. I'll remove it in a minute.
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PostSubject: Re: The Undying   

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The Undying
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