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PostSubject: Xane--Arrancar--   Sun 08 Nov 2009, 3:53 am

Arrancar Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name:Ororu Xane

Age: 300

Visual Age:19


With skin a little less than fair but more than pale, and golden eyes, Xane stands at 5 feet 10 inches. His hair going down to his lower back is colored a light violet with a bright that fades into a fair orange at the end. His fingernails are painted (yes they are painted) a steel gray, and his knuckles are tattooed with a black stripe. His left ear has two golden earrings. His body is lean, but muscles do exist. The correct term for his body type, I suppose, would be athletic. His eyes often hold an amused look to them, even when his face is void of all emotion. This look is nothing human, or preternatural. It is a look that speaks of a world so horrid none dare look at it. It shows that he has been to places and seen things that would make other run, but he stays and lives in this world. That look that is in his eye tells people he sees a world beyond that most see, and despite the horrors of the world he lives there happily. Does this make him crazy? Maybe. Or maybe it’s the reason he lives.

Personality: One word can describe Xane. Deceitful. He is never what he truly appears to be. Hosting several sides to him, each one more confusing than the last. At times he can be your best friend, at others a gentle loving poet, and then in the blink of an eye he will cut you down without a second thought. So who is he really? He is all of these things, a friend, a poet, a killer. He does not enjoy befriending the weak. He will not stop to help a stranger sort out their issues should he see them crying. He will not assist old ladies across the rode. Those who have past his personal test and whom he considers to be his friends shall reap the rewards of his friendship. To him everyone is cannon fodder, and only those who survive by their own power are worthy of living. This does not mean he cannot make friends. It just means that for him, it is a bit harder to make friends because his selection is limited.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height:5 foot 10 inches


Hair:Light violet that fades into orange at the tips


Reiatsu Color:A dark purple

Reiatsu Power Level:Captain

Likes: Fighting, being alone or with others (he doesn't care either way), poetry, deep thinking, people who think before they act

Dislikes: People who give a battle cry (he REALLY hates battle cries), people who jump before they think, people who cannot think logically, shinigami, sunny days

Habits/quirks: Checks his fingernails to make sure they are clean quite often, smiles when nothing funny was said (often means in that horrible world he sees, he has seen something or thought of something that amused him. You can be sure that it was nothing pleasant), and humming at various times.

Hollow Class: Adjucha[color]

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

Xane's history is lost to him. He has been a Hollow for so long he often questions if he was just born a Hollow, but he does not recall ever hearing of Hollows reproducing. In truth Xane remembers only fragments of his history. His past is nothing but bits and pieces of events that make no sense to him. He remembers small pieces of conversations, partial faces, and only a few places in the human world. The one thing that he does remember though is his older brother who died when Xane was ten. He remembers that day as if it had just happened yesterday. He remembers helping out in the store with his father. His father sold various fabrics of high quality, and Xane and his brother helped by bringing customers in, cleaning, or even sometimes helping said customer pick out a fabric. Xane never helped pick out fabric though as he was bad at it. His brother did though, and his brother would have gone on to probably be a tailor or designer.

One afternoon though as they were closing Xane was sweeping the floor, their father out getting food, and his brother was reorganizing the fabrics. A boy came into the store out of breath, and to Xane it was odd aside from the fact that he was out of breath, he had never seen the boy before, and the people that came into the store were usually regulars. Anyone else just walked by. Xane smiled at the boy politely; clearly he was lost by the expression on his face. “Hello. I am sorry to say this but we are closed. You can come back tomorrow though.” Xane’s brother looked at Xane funny. The boy just shivered. “I…I won’t make it to tomorrow…” He said with eyes dead to the world. “Why not? Are you okay?” Xane asked setting the broom down. The boy nodded. “There is nothing you can do about it though…” A loud roar was heard outside. Xane screamed, but his brother was clearly oblivious to it just looking at Xane with questioning eyes. The store wall was destroyed by an unseen force. Xane couldn’t see what did it but he saw a shimmer of the beast.

The boy screamed, and Xane ran for him. Clearly whatever this thing was it was after the boy. As Xane got there one of the monster’s claws barely missed him. His hands went through the boy. “Y-you’re a ghost!” Xane said stating the obvious. The hollow roared once more and attacked for the spirit boy. Xane’s brother had no idea what was going on, but he ran to protect his little brother. He couldn’t see the monster but he knew his little brother was in danger. It was unfortunate for him that the beast’s claws pierced him as he crossed it’s path. Xane’s brother was killed on the spot. Xane holds a deep hatred for Shinigami because no sooner had Xane’s brother died when they showed up and killed the hollow. They sent the soul to Soul Society, and left. They weren’t aware that Xane could see them.

The next thing Xane remembers is attending the funeral for his brother, and leaving home later that year overcome with sadness. He remembers bits and pieces of his time away from home. Mainly that it never seemed to stop raining. He searched hopelessly for his brother’s spirit, but never found it. He remembers begging for food and money, he remembers the pain and suffering, he remembers the anger. Anger at himself for not leaving the second the boy came, anger at his brother for jumping into action without thinking about it first, anger at the Shinigami for coming so late, but most of all. Anger at fate for dealing him such a hand.


Just like his human life Xane's life as a Hollow is bits and pieces. The earliest part of his history he remembers was when he was an Adjuha class Hollow. He remembers that his body was, as some of the others were, more animal than human. He had dark blue skin with lighter blue and black spots that resembled a jaguar. He spent the majority of his time thinking upon his life which was odd for a Hollow, but even when living he was never truly "normal"

Xane remembers that he rarely attacked but he always defended. While he desired a reason to fight he was not going to try and argue with a Hollow who knew nothing but violence and a thirst to evolve. If he was attacked he would not hesitate to attack back. Eating other Hollows became a sport to him, seeing how long it would be before the next Hollow attack and, should the attacks spread thin, going out and eating them. While he wanted a reason to fight he was not one to struggle for a reason. Staying like he was and getting to the next level was reason enough for him

Even in this animal state he retained the same personality he had before. He retained the same likes and dislikes. He kept everything that was and gained everything that is. The hunger, the rage, the desire, the will. It all drove him to become better, it pushed him to his limits and beyond that. He learned that the only thing keeping other Hollows from moving on was themselves. They were beaten because they did not remove their inhibitors. He saw such madness in their eyes, madness that could be controled if they chose to. He does remember one important time as a Adjucha. This time was important and a time he refuses to forget, less he forget himself.

He remembers he was feasting upon Hollow after being attacked. Five of them and each one had taken turns punching and kicking him. One leaned down parting it’s jaws getting ready to bite him, but he’d have none of that. Bringing his hind legs up, his Adjucha form resembled a lynx he kicked the Hollow in his jaw and turned to bite another that had gotten too close. The Hollows roared at him and he knew they would not stop just because they were bitten. If they couldn’t move on then neither would he. Xane would not roll over like that though. He would not accept that fate. He had been punched by their large hands and kicked already. He was beaten and bruised, but he’d be damned before he let them take his right to power away. He ran off and they followed. After about twenty feet he stopped and kicked up with his hind legs once more. He swiftly brought them down, turned and pounced on the hollow who he had kicked earlier. Biting into his chest and neck area before he was kicked. The hollow was dead though. He turned and growled low and deep at them as they stepped closer to him, his golden eyes let rage flow down his masked face. The one with the biggest arms and hands threw a punch, and Xane jumped back then pushed forward. He sunk his claws into the hollow’s arm as he raced up and ate part of his forearm. The hollow roared and threw him off, but Xane had already done his job, and the hollow knew he wsan’t going to win this. Two down. Xane eyes the other three and they seemed a bit unnerved. They had nothing to lose, but nothing to gain either. They turned and left as well.

That day Xane realized that he could never let his guard down. He could never roll over and accept his fate. If he was to die, then his enemy would be coming with him. Since then he has viewed everyone as cannon fodder. Anyone he met as a hollow whether they were kind or malevolent, he not only took a bite of them he killed them. He would not take any chances. Trust no one.

Role-Play Sample: (( Made on the spot. These characters are NOT real. Sorry it’s a bit lengthy, and doesn't fit here. I will post it in a reply...))

Innate Ability: Xane has the gift of cryokinesis. He may pull water from the air and use it to create ice, or he may make it out of nothingness. The difference between the two being that the water from the air is stronger (a bit stronger than a bala, but not by much at all), but the ice from nothingness is more durable. As Xane creates this ice, no matter the method, he cannot move. He can direct the ice via his mind, but his body must remain still.

[color=Darkorange]~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Xane--Arrancar--   Sun 08 Nov 2009, 4:05 am

RP Sample:: ((And I'm sorry about the colors in the profile...I tried to fix it but it wasn't working ><))

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. BOOM. Nikki sat inside his house listening to the water fall from the leaky ceiling onto the wooden floor below. He listened to the thunder make it’s presence and power known, as lightning entertained the masses with it’s elegant dance. Most of all though Nikki listened to his own heartbeat. Bump-bump…bump-bump…bump…bump…It was fading. HE was fading. Nikki was losing his life. Was it all for naught? Would his mission go off as planned? Or was his death pointless? Would he be dying for something that he didn’t need to die for? Nikki’s green eyes weakly looked at his hand. He still held onto his Zanpakuto, Luminoso. “Lu-Luminoso…” Such a cliché line to whisper, but it was the one Nikki saw fit. Who are we to say what is okay and what is cliché to a dying man? A peek back in time, I believe, is in order to see what happened to poor Nikki, the 5th Division Captain.

Nikki stood in the usual captains wear in front of the Captain Commander. His aged face and barely open eyes looking at him as he held onto his cane / Zanpakuto. He had told Nikki that he wanted him to investigate Kakura Town as he had been getting reports of high Hollow activity, and he was not too happy about it. Nikki, of course, accepted this task. He used shunpo to get away and to his barracks. When he arrived he grabbed his own sword and donned it as well as gathering a group of men. “We have been given specific orders from the Captain Commander. We are to stay in our spirit bodies until told otherwise. Do not, I repeat, do NOT attack anything unless it attacks you first or it is attacking the city. Do I make myself clear?” His voice boomed across his men as his emerald eyes looked at this all through his chesnut bangs. “Yes, sir!” They shouted in unison. Nikki smiled. “Good.” He led his men to what was a well thought out trap.

As they entered the town they split up into three groups. Each one consisting of five men. He was in group B, his Vice-Captain in group A, and the rest in group C. As they searched the town for hollows they found only a handful, and they were little problems. They met back up again inside a building that was not used anymore. “Sir…I find it strange that no hollows should be about but according to Soul Society hollows are roaming quite a bit around here…” His Vice-Captain said carefully as if afraid of being heard. His eyes were filled with a kind of caution and panic that only men who believed all was not as it seemed held. Nikki nodded. “I agree…this is quite strange indeed…” He thought for a moment before speaking again. “Everybody move out. Search the town again. We must be missing something…Meet back here in exactly one hour.”

With that they all departed again, but this time as individuals. They could not feel nor see the hollows existance, and Nikki thought it would be better to go out alone. The hollows killed so far were nothing that they could not handle alone. He stood in the air looking around for any signs of trouble, but saw none. He was truly baffled. It was then that he saw it. “Wh-what…” Several black portals ripping open the sky above and spewing thousands of hollow into the city. “That’s impossible…” He whispered to himself as he witnissed this. He gripped Luminoso and held it above him. “Blind mine fear and thy foe, Luminoso!” The entire sword was taken over by a blinding light as it grew to twice it’s size. When the light faded Nikki held a double edged sword. One blade was black the other white. The bridge was black and white, black for the white blade and white for the black, and had a white ribbon on the black part of the bridge and a black one on the white part.

His Shinigami all managed to get to him and he began to take off for the hollows. Speaking orders was pointless in his mind. It was obvious what needed to be done. He spun Luminoso in his hand and threw it. The blade began to glow bright once more as it moved through the massive crowd of Hollow that seemed to never end. It cut down it’s foes with ease and grace as Nikki directed it with hand motions. One of the Hollow fired a cero at him and he was forced to stop his attack. Dipping down he avoided the cero but ran into another. Luminoso came to his master’s hand once more as he regained his footing in the air. “Show no mercy!” He shouted to his men and they cheered as they began to slaughter the hollow that had spilled into Earth. The portals closed and Nikki let out breath he had not been aware he wa holding.

Time passed and eventually the hollows were all killed. Nikki had lost about five men to their attacks, but considering the amount of hollow that had entered he was not too upset about it. They prepared to go home when arrows flew cutting down their numbers. “What?!” Nikki began to spin Luminoso quickly. The light returned to it and it began to act as a shield deflecting said arrows away from his body. He looked around and only his Vice-Captain and three others lived. “Shit…“ He swore under his breath. Looking down he saw a man with a blue bow standing on a rooftop. A proud smirk danced upon his lips as he pointed that bow at them again. “Quincy! Move!” He commanded as the shower of arrows began again. They lived again, but the Quincy was far from done. He dared the Shinigami to come down to him, and they did. Foolish, but needed as they were melee fighters, and he was not. Using shunpo, Nikki arrived down there first, but his eyes went wide when he noticed what was going on. “Everybody move!” He ordered, but for them it was too late. The Quincy activated his Ginto and a large explosion took place killing his men, but his Vice-Captain lived having used shunpo at seeing Nikki’s face.

The Quincy laughed as he stood on another building. “Shinigami…” He said teasingly. “I will hold him off. Go tell Soul Society we have a Quincy on our hands who is more than willing to kill anything and anyone if it means we will die.” He saw the question on the younger Shinigami's face. "I said I'd hold him off, go!" The Quincy laughed. “Hold me off? You think you can match me?” He fired a volley of arrows once more and the Vice-Captain escaped thanks to Nikki who took the hits for him. He stood dripping blood on the roof top, looking at the Quincy with rage. “I’ll end you…” He said to him, followed by a single word. “Bankai.” Luminoso began to glow once more until even the Quincy was forced to look away. When the light faded Nikki stood there with a normal looking katana, but it was maybe two feet longer, and half a foot wider. “Luminoso Scudo…” He smiled at the Quincy. “Two blades, one blade, it matters not. You will perrish.” The black haired, brown eyed, pale skinned Quincy leaped into the air with grace firing a continuous stream of arrows. “Don’t think so!” Nikki snapped his wrist and the blade unfolded like a fan which he used to shield himself from the attack. “Ah a fan. Interesting…” He smiled. “Very interesting…”

One side of the fan was white, and the other was black. Simple as that. All black and white, the fan was, and Nikki folded it back into a blade. Using shunpo he went to the Quincy, who was taken by surprise, and slashed his back. “Gah!” The Quincy screamed and turned on the Captain firing three arrows. Unfolding Luminoso he blocked them, but the Quincy had managed to get behind him shooting seven more. Each one made contact. He refused to scream out his pain. The Quincy vanished from sight. “What is going on…” He looked around but did not see him. “CAPTAAAAIN!!!” He heard his Vice-Captain scream with pain. “Shit!” He used shunpo to get to his friend and arrived just as an arrow was zooming for the injured Shinigami’s head. “H-he came out of nowhere and began firing arrows at me. I was caught off guard…” Nikki nodded as the story was told. “Enough. Go to the Soul Society. You have a mission to do.” Nikki looked at the smug Quincy. “Haha. Are you angry with me, Shi-ni-ga-mi.” He said playfully.

Nikki vanished from sight and the Quincy followed. A battle ensued in which the Quincy had all the right moves. He had planned this out from the very beginning. He knew if hollows were here Shinigami wouldn’t be far. He knew if enough were here a captain wouldn’t be far. He knew where to go to lead him into his Ginto, and he knew that someone would have to report him to the Soul Society. He thought of everything it seemed. Nikki unfolded Luminoso and slashed the fan through the air. A large light wave was the product and it cut through buildings until it hit the Quincy who was hiding. “You will die, Shinigami…” He mumbled under his breath. “YOU WILL ALL DIE!” He shouted as he released a massive amount of arrows. Even Luminoso would not be able to protect him for ever. He ran into a building. The same building that he and his team had met up in. The same building that would become his Earthly grave.

As he looked around for signs of the Quincy it began to rain. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Then harder, and harder, then thunder and lightning existed. He paid it no attention though as he tried to sense the Quincy. He couldn’t. The room was rundown, old, beaten up. It also had three exits / entrances. He couldn’t hold them all in his view which made things tricky. A single window was in the room, and a single couch that had a white sheet tossed over it. He was about to leave for his Vice-Captain when he felt his arm go numb, and then he heard something his the floor and felt blood dripping quickly. He fell to his knees and felt something enter and exist his chest through the other end. “I told you…I will kill you…” It was the Quincy’s voice. He removed his seele schneider and walked out of the room slowly. He stopped in the door frame and looked back at Nikki. “Pathetic…” He walked away and as if taunting the Shinigami allowed his energy to flare. So now Nikki lay dying. His eyes resting on his sealed Zanpakuto. “Luminoso…” His final words seem to echo in his head. Nikki’s eyes become drowned in crimson blood as he closes them.

For Nikki it was true, that as you die the last thing to go is your hearing. His eye sight was gone. He couldn’t feel his body, his mind did not work correctly. He did hear though. He heard things he never thought possible. He heard each and every rain drop inside and outside. He heard the thunder just before it rolled. He heard the lightning as it took it’s first step to dance. He heard the voice of his Zanpakuto ringing inside of his head. “Sleep well, mio amico…” It said to him. “Sleep well…” Then his hearing faded. The last sounds he heard was. Drip. Drop. Drip…Nikki’s life faded. His body submerged in a puddle of his own blood. His dying thought was that his message got to the Soul Society. His final wish was that the Quincy died. He let go of life and allowed himself to go into the dark abyss one last time.
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PostSubject: Re: Xane--Arrancar--   Sun 08 Nov 2009, 10:12 pm

I'm sorry, I can't allow you to make ice from nothingness. Though I will assume that by nothingness, you mean using up your own reiatsu, which would be most costly than pulling it from the air.
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