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 Segunda Etapa: Resurreccion

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PostSubject: Segunda Etapa: Resurreccion   Fri 06 Nov 2009, 3:39 am

Alright, so here is the template for the arrancar second release.

Release Phrase: (Yes, we will have a release phrase. IT will not be anything like the shinigami's. Have a phrase like Ulquiorra right before he released..such as "I'll show you the true meaning of despair".

Released Description: Tell us how you look in this transformation. There MUST be a drastic change.

Abilities: What abilities did you acquire? (This could be an enhancement of your old abilities or you can gain new ones. Up to two new abilities may be acquired).

Ultimate Ability: Same thing like your first release, but stronger. If it's an enhancement of your last ultimate ability, you may reduce the cool down by three-five, depending on the technique. This will be viewed by ME and ME alone.

Technique: You will only gain one technique in this form. You may use techniques in your first release and have one technique exclusive for this form.

Release Phrase:

Release Description:


Ultimate Ability:

Technique: get Segunda Etapa, you must do various tasks by me. Do not ask to get it as I'm going to decide out of all of the Espada, who will get it. Perhaps more than one person will get it, who knows. What's definite is that the top four espada MAY get it without doing the tasks, depending on how they RP and much they're worth. If it's anyone below the top four espada, do not worry, you will have to work just as hard as the top four, so you have an equal oppertunity. But here are the training requirements for those who are chosen to gain this form.

Espada may do number three. I will be viewing history and RP samples before PMing those who can train for the second release.

1.Must have at least killed four high level opponents, or ten other players.

2.Do a self RP of 1600 words of consuming souls, and possibly killing some NCPs. Do not godmod with it.

3.Do a 1k training post of getting the form.
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PostSubject: Re: Segunda Etapa: Resurreccion   Mon 07 Dec 2009, 3:32 am

NEW NOTE: IF you're not an espada training for this, and you have done number one, you may skip number two and go to three. If you've done two, then you can skip one and do number three. Do two separate topics for two and three.
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Segunda Etapa: Resurreccion
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