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 Damned and Dark Corridors

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PostSubject: Damned and Dark Corridors   Fri 06 Nov 2009, 2:09 am

This was written and thought of by me last month.

Alone in these damned and dark corridors
I do dare to find myself
That part of me
That heart of mine
That has been separated from all else
When mind takes over
The heart does fade
And away it soars
To be lost another day

Alone in these damned and dark corridors
I do dare to find myself
What I am
What I sing
Was locked in what I lost
These dark corridors haunt me
They show me the sky above
And how I loath that painted sun
How I loath the bright sunny sky
Painted or real it haunts my dreams
As my heart continues to beat

Alone in these damned and dark corridors
I think I find myself
This familiar beating
This rush of blood
It could be none else
How could this have happened
When did it get so bad
That I must question my body my mind my soul
Every damn thing that haunts me
Is born from this cursed mind
Oh how I loath it all
But wait I do fear that the answer is here

These dark and damned corridors
Were built by my heart not mind
It is here I find what I was looking for
Here that I have saved my time
Tis naught but a thought
But just maybe tis true
That these damned and dark corridors
Is actually my heart through and through
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PostSubject: Re: Damned and Dark Corridors   Fri 06 Nov 2009, 3:10 am

Well its kind of like the raven in the way it was written. The repeating first line and a common theme within the actual verses. Personally I enjoyed it however honestly poetry was never my forte but as far as I can see its a good poem it has reason and a good flow.
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Damned and Dark Corridors
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