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 Valintine the Quincy

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PostSubject: Valintine the Quincy   Fri 06 Nov 2009, 1:35 am

Quincy Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Montega Valintine


Gender: Male

BirthDate: December 15, 2081

Personality: Valintine is quite most of the time. He speaks what he knows when he feels that it will benefit others, but often will just keep information to himself. Valintine grew up around the saying "Knowledge is power" and as such seeks nothing more in life than to know more than the person next to him. He is cold, cruel, calculating, and quick. He will NOT spare a second though upon those he kills. If he wants you dead there is little that will stop him. Despite the short time in which he will make the choice to kill or let live, he actually does think. Valintine's favorite thing to do is think actually. He will spend countless hours pondering questions most would fear asking for many reasons. He thinks of ways to better himself as a Quincy, and help to better his fellow Quincies. On top of all this he is also a very big romantic. Writing poetry for those he favors, speaking in languages he finds flows of the tongue (French, Spanish, and Italian are his favorite) He enjoys flirting a lot as well. Valintine’s attitude to new people differs depending upon the situation. He can often come off as arrogant, but he does not mean to be. He just states what’s on his mind at will.

His short white hair has a few strands that gently fall over his shoulders. His eyes so cold, emotionless, deep, and mysterious like the winter storm he was born in. His fair skin is smooth and flawless to the eye. Under his clothing (unless he wears no top) one can see a cross shaped scar on his right forearm. His lips are soft, and average, not too full not too thin. A tattoo graces the side of his face literally next to his eye. His left ear only is pierced with a silver cross hanging down. Two rings are placed upon his right hand, and a single ring on his left. The left ring is a silver band with a small sapphire gem held in place by tension (this is a real style of rings), and two diamonds on either side of the sapphire are placed into the band. Finally he wears a collar around his neck, black leather, with a single ruby teardrop.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: About 5 foot 11 inches


Hair: White

Eyes: Icy blue

Nicknames: Val (This one isn't required.)

Likes: Writing poetry, deep thinking, intelegant conversations, helping the Quincy, planning, fighting, sharpening his skills, being alone or with people (to him it doesn’t matter either way )

Dislikes: Annoying people, overly preppy people who work his nerves, people who jump into fights without thinking, people who do stupid things, being bored

Habits/quirks: He will often (when not fighting) twirl his finger around his longer strands of hair. He does this whether bored or amused. He also has a habit of He will sometimes get a look in his eye as if he is not paying attention, but he in fact is. This look just means that while he is listening he is thinking about something else usually that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Finally he sometimes answers questions (or answers) with another question. This is because he was raised in a house where knowledge was power.(3-5 )

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~
History/Background: Valintine grew up in a household that was very, very old fashion. His mother Maria was expected to have dinner on the table, never set foot outside the house unless instructed to by his father, watch the kids, teach them their school lessons, Valintine and his two sisters were home schooled, cook, clean, so on and so on. His father, Ben, worked as a salesman at a local shoe store. He would handle the discipline, bring home money, fix the house, so on and so on. Valintine never did like how it was set up. He hated it, and when his father was at work he would vent about it to his mother when he helped her prepare dinner. This is how Valintine learned to cook, and he was rather good at it. Often he would send his mother to bed, make dinner, and wake her before his father came home. She promised one day to pay him back. Valintine had no idea that said day would come as quick as it did though.

Valintine was only nine when it started. He began to see things that his sisters did not. He heard monsters, real monsters, in the middle of night. He saw strange people with weird swords that changed shape and size. He saw people with glowing blue bows that shot the monsters. He saw people with masks that looked like the monsters, and often acted like them. He lost a great deal of sleep over this, and when he told his mother about it she dropped the plate she was carrying and stared at him. She gave him very specific instructions to never repeat that to anyone, and he obeyed. He helped clean up the mess and went to bed that night, unaware that that small conversation just threw his old life out the window.

One in the morning his mother woke him from his slumber. Her dark hair fell over either side of her face, her green eyes seemed to radiate joy. Valintine awoke slowly and very unwillingly, but she told him that he must. She wore strange clothing. It looked like a one piece, all white with a few blue crosses here and there. Valintine sat up looking at his mother. She told him to be quiet and get on her back. He did as she was told and, in his eyes, she teleported, which was really just her using Hirenkyaku. He held on tight as she took him out of the town and to a near by forest clearing. She sat him down and began explaining what was going on. His father was there as well and dressed in a similar manner. They explained that they were aware of how they were acting at home what with Maria staying and Ben leaving. They explained that it was because Maria was the better Quincy between the two of them and so she stayed at home to watch over Valintine and his sisters.

Valintine was only nine though so he was confused as to why they were telling him all this and why they were dressed so strangely. They promised everything would soon become clear. They began giving him various tasks to do that seemed pointless to him, but he had quite a bit of fun with the. Things like gymnastics and from their acrobatic maneuvers, they showed him how to use a bow and arrow and were impressed at the speed of which he caught onto it, as well as fencing. When he was eleven they began showing him how to detect reiatsu, and explaining to him what it was and what spirit particles were. He soaked up all the information they could give him asking question after question after question. Despite all his training and the ease at which he learned things was not what impressed them, it was the way he utilized his acrobatic skills and archery skills is what impressed them. They set up various moving dummies for him to shoot, and their only rule was that he couldn’t shoot them while he was standing still. Any Quincy could shoot a still target when they too are stationary. It took more skill and effort to hit a moving target while you are moving, Quincy or no Quincy. He proved to have some difficulties with this, but when night time fell he would be out there long before his parents came to get him.

Valintine by the age of fifteen had learned how to perform the Hirenkyaku, and was becoming quite adept at it, but no where near as fast as he could and would be. It was still quite impressive for his age though. He proved to have some trouble when it came to fighting Hollows, and this is where the problems came in. He did not want to kill the Hollows, he wanted to save the spirit like the Shinigami did. His parents told him that it was not right. That they had changed, the spirit that is, and that they were to die. When it comes to Hollows it’s either kill or be killed. “You cannot save everybody all the time.” They told him. “But you can save yourself every time.” Valintine did not know what that meant until he had to sacrifice his own father. During a training exercise to test out how fast he could move, a Menos class Hollow showed, and caught both Ben and Maria off guard. It used a Cero blast to badly wound his mother, and as Ben shot at it Valintine shrank away. He had never seen a Menos class before and it scared him the first time. Ben told him to attack or run, but not stand there and be in his way.

The Menos caught Ben of guard as Ben rushed to get his wife to safety. Grabbing him in his hands and drawing him near to his mouth. Ben screamed at Valintine to shoot. He told him to shoot without fear for his, Ben’s, life. Valintine couldn’t do it though. He couldn’t shoot and give up his father; he didn't even try to materialize a spirit bow. The Hollow ate Ben, and Valintine cried watching it all. His mother meanwhile had come to and screamed with rage as her husband was devoured. She shot the Hollow far more than was needed and before it was even gone she left. Valintine was alone. He had let his father die by the hands of a monster. A monster he would never let kill again. He drew blood from his upper forearm and swore to himself to never allow such weakness again. Now-a-days he curses himself for being ever so cliché.

Role-Play Sample: (taken from another site I go on. Yes, this is my original post)
Valintine sat there his blue eyes remained emotionless as the man showed. His blue eyes darted all over the man taking in every aspect of him he could. Height, possible weight, length of legs, items in hand and around his neck. Anything he could see his eyes went to. After the man introduced himself Valintine spoke. His voice was soft, polite, and distant. His eyes told all that he was very much with him though.

"My name is Valintine. You'll forgive me if I do not let out my Quincy number. Due to recent events I feel it is best if such information remains between me and my people."

He smiled politely. Number 11 huh?... He thought to himself as he looked at the man carefully. If his attire bothered him it didn't show. Most likely because Valintine was not dressed much better. Wearing a crimson button up shirt, a black, long tail, V-cut trench coat, black pants, and black boots, it was pretty clear why the other's attire didn't matter much to him. If the number bothered him it didn't show. He just accepted his words and stood there looking at the man as he offered to show his weapon first.

Valitnine arched an eyebrow as the Bount tossed a sphere into the air. He had not really been around a lot of Bounts so he was unsure of what to truly expect. When a boy was standing there Valintine just looked. A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he spoke though.

"Kid, I advise you to not judge a book by it's cover. It's how people die."

This was Valintine's history of "knowledge is power" kicking in and speaking. In Valintine's life he learned early on if you don't know all you can you are liable to die. This also explained why Valintine's eyes moved over the man at such a rapid rate earlier. Valintine was not fully aware of a Bounts powers, but he figured now was the best place to learn of them. He held out his left hand. From his wrist dangled a black Centaur with a red bow.

"You were kind enough to present me with a name. So allow me to do the same. May I introduce you to...Bella Morte..."

After he spoke the bow's name black spirit energy formed in his hand rather quickly and just as quickly took the shape of a bow. Even now as he released his weapon his eyes remained emotionless. Those icy blue pools called an iris showed nothing that swam beneath the surface. His face gave no hint either. His black bow had a metallic shine to it as it reflected light from the moon. He looked at Tsuna as he removed his jacket, hat, and guns. He held the bow by his side and waited.

His mind went back to his memories as a kid. His parents told him that he should observe an opponent first. See what they are all about, and then attack. They told him that this went hand in hand with knowledge equals power. This was something Valintine followed to the letter to this day. Rarely making the first move, and now would not be any different. He held his bow by his side, and his icy blue eyes held Valen and Tsuna in his sight. He looked for the slightest twitch of movement that was signal an attack.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Valintine the Quincy   Fri 06 Nov 2009, 7:01 am


Generate your character sheet, and then post in the Quincy Elite thread to request a spot amongst the elite. Mr. Angel then shall decide if your placement in the Quincy ^^
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Valintine the Quincy
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