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 El Gran Elercja

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PostSubject: El Gran Elercja   Thu 05 Nov 2009, 6:15 am

After Alejandro claimed the leadership of the Espada, he recruited and assigned each Espada a rank that not only gauged their strength, but gave them special duties and tasks as well. They now had more of a feel for individuality as he destroyed the superiority complex of senior Espada over the weaker ones. Each of his beloved arrancar are now commanders for each of their respective personal army they had their jobs to do. The Espada expanded into a reknowned army in Hueco Mundo known as "El Gran Elercja" or "The Grand Army".

10/0 (Task Force Unit): The Decima/Cero Espada is the commander of the task force, filled with special arrancar suited for stealth with high attack power, complimented by the late orb of distortion. Orders come from the primera espada to give to the Cero espada to relay it to his army. They could be used for stealth missions,distractions or for war.
9 (Exequias): The Novena Espada is also the captain of the exequias, executing intruders in Las Noches and traitors as well with a small army of elite arrancar.
8 (Defense Unit): The Octava Espada stands as the commander of the defense unit that protects Las noches with a unique bunch of hollows with defensive capabilities, personally chosen by this arrancar. The tattoos on these arrancar alerts the Espada of an intruder trying to break in.
7 (Pesquisa Unit): The Septima Espasa is the commander of the Pesquisa unit, full of arrancar with enhanced pesquisa abilities that scan all of Las Noches to pick up any unfamiliar reiatsu. These arrancar also communicate to the espada using telepathy and their location is unknown to everyone except the Espada.
6 (Offense Force): The Sexta Espada Leads a small army of strong adjuchas capable of wide scale destruction in war against an inexperienced opponent. The Espada is usually using his army as the first wave in a war or in an invasion.
5 (Cluster Unit): The Quinta Espada is the commander of a league of adjuchas-level arrancar to back up the Exequias.
4 (Negacion Unit): The Quarta Espada is in charge of rescue operations, using Menos Grande to use Negacion to rescue other comrades. This Espada is also in charge of carrying out punishment to insubordinators using Caja Negacion under the Primera Espada's conscent.
3 (Garganta Unit): One of the most reckoned force in Las Noches. The Tercera Espada is in charge of the Garganta that leads to Hueco Mundo. He/She has almost Espada level arrancar posted in Garganta that intertwines with other dimensional routes, including other garganta portals. They confirm and permit travel in and out of Hueco Mundo, unless it's the Espada themselves.
2 (Broken Sword Unit Commander): For those demoted to the Privaron Espada, the Segunda Espada is in charge of keeping them in line and occasionally have them act as high level fraccion until they become Espada again. These arrancar can be used as partners in crime, war, and even in invasions.
1 (Cero Unit) The Primera Espada is in charge of arrancar and hollow whose specialty lies within using spiritual pressure. This unit usually accompanies the Sexta's Espada unit as backup.
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PostSubject: Re: El Gran Elercja   Sat 07 Nov 2009, 3:18 am

I LOVE THESE, delete if you want, but you need to know. I bow before your genius
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El Gran Elercja
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