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 Hezro Hittori , Division 13 Captain

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PostSubject: Hezro Hittori , Division 13 Captain   Thu 05 Nov 2009, 12:31 am

Shinigami Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name:Hezro Hittori


Visual Age:25



Personality:Hezro is a very quiet man by nature.It takes him awhile before he fully opens up to people around him.Once he does finally find them to be someone he can be friends with he can hold a decent conversation but still is a quiet man.He is also very analytic as he always tends to judge people by first impressions and is often hard to change his opinion of them. He usually ignores those he dislikes and is hardly seen around them unless he cannot do so, such as in a meeting.He is very blunt and doesn't like to say anything from the truth and if he doesn't know the answer to a question you ask he will simply ignore you.He also tends to keep chivalry and manners to a high standard when in groups of higher noblity. Being from a noble family he has been thought these rules all his life and always uses them. He is never late to any meeting whatsoever and sees it as a disgrace for someone to do so.during battle he is very brutal and shows no mercy while always looking to end the fight as soon as possible.He also tends to be very mindful of his current surroundings to the best of his abilities while trying to never break eye contact with his opponent.He will also defend any shinigami weaker than him in battle, regardless of who the opponent is.

Appearance:Hezro is 6 foot 2 and weights 173 pounds. He has a very athletic build as well as a very cut body making him very agile.He has a lightly tanned skin with no visible scars. He has pure white hair that is very thin and is worn straight down across his face stopping just below eye level. He wears a black blindfold over his eyes due to being blind.He wears this because he hates feeling people stare at him with his eyes closed. He wears the traditional shinigami attire as well as the captains robe over top of it.He also wears a small silver chain made of .08 inchs links. This chair rests on the left hand shoulder and rests on his right hip and is connected from front to back in a circle. Over his left breast in the chain is his family seal engraved in silver as well. This seal is fastened to his shinigami robes to keep the chain from moving while walking,running, and battle.The only other additional articles of clothing he wears is a solid gold weeding band which he never takes off under any circumstance.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height:6' 2"

Weight:173 pounds

Hair:pure white

Eyes:not known (blind)

Nicknames:the hand of god

Reiatsu Color:yellow

Reiatsu Power Level:Captain?

Likes:walks in the seireitei, especially during sunset. checking up for duties given to him by the captain commander, protecting those weaker than him, reading ancient texts and novels in his spare time and visiting the grave of his wife.

Dislikes:people who yell, being late, anyone who would dare to raise a blade to someone weaker than them for their own gain and sake.

Habits/quirks:He loves being the first one to anything important.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

History/Background:Hezro was born to the Hittori clan blind. His family was one of the lesser noble classes on the verge of entering poverty. They were almost heartbroken when they realized Hezros condition. however at a very young age be began to learn to feel another peoples reiatsu and determine an objects location by feeling the flow of spiritual particles.His father, Captain of division 13, treated him like every other boy and more. As soon as Hezro was able to walk he began training with his father. He taught him swordplay, tactics, self defense, and even the simplest of kido all before entering the shinigami academy. His father was very strict on Hezro and made sure to tell him that being blind was not an excuse for failure.

He entered the shinigami academy as early as they would allow him. He almost failed the entrance exam due to his blindness but his fathers preparations had paid off by his extraordinary skills. He was quickly placed in the advanced course which gave the Hittori clan hope for survival. He studied day and night taking much interest in the history of the seireitei and the binding arts of kido. He was also a master swordsman and had few that rivaled him.

A year before graduation he took one week off, something he had never done before, to go train with his father. His father told him that the focus of the training would be for Hezro to achieve Shikai.The two fought for nearly two days before Hezro released it. Doing so he almost killed his father because the man was taken by surprise at how devastating the release was and had not released the appropriate amount of reiatsu to keep it from hurting him.He was not angry at Hezro however and blamed it on himself. after that he returned to the academy to finish up his schooling. A week before his graduation his father was to be promoted to division 0 on the same day as Hezros graduation. He did everything he could but could not get out of it being that same day.The two never saw one another again after that week visit he took off at school.

Hezro was assigned to division 6 seat 8 at graduation which stirred a lot of conflicts within the squad itself. Hezro constantly had to prove he was able for the position and quickly raised through each rank every 20 or so years.At the age of 354 he meet the love of his life, Amilia Versi. Amilia was a squad 4 medic and served as the 10th seat.she was very kind and sweet and was one of the only people who didn't care that Hezro was blind. they had meet on a mission to the world of the living to save a fallen squad member against a group of hollows. As he always enjoyed being first, Hezro was given the task to monitor the area until all aspects were cleared. He quickly disposed of the hollows and waited for squad 4 to arrive. Squad 4 had sent just Amilia to the site and the two quickly started talking while she healed the injured. After that the two meet frequently and were hardly seen without the other. The two were wed 100 years later.It was the happiest anyone had ever seen Hezro. he was lively, active, and was an active speaker during meeting. it all came to an end however on their 175th anniversary. The two had decided to take a trip to a secluded waterfall in the forest outside of the rukongi. The two had a wonderful night until a group of hollows came, lead by a strong adjuchas.Hezro had left his zanpaktou at home since it had been a date and the two were left defenseless. Hezro would cast kido after kido in an attempt to destroy the hollows but was soon surrounded and was held down while the leader killed Amilia. In a feat of rage he strangled the hollows with his bare hands killing as many as he could. The leader however escaped into the woods with a smile on his face at what he had done. Hezro emerged the next morning with her dead body and tears streaming down his face yet he said not a word. He keep this vow of silence for a good 14 years before he finally returned to his normal quiet self.

The death of his wife gave him new meaning to destroy any and all threats that would dare attack him or anyone he knew. He raised the remainder of the ranks with ease until he became vice-captain of squad 6. on the one hundredth anniversary of his wife's death he went to the same waterfall again. He found an underwater cavern hidden by the waterfall and trained his bankai there in remembrance of his wife. A few years after achieving bankai he was nominated for the rank of division 13 Captain and took it with pride, following in the footsteps of his father.

Role-Play Sample:***I'm currently a head admin at another bleach site if that is taken into consideration at all***

Exodus made his way back into Los Noches like nothing had happened. He had been gone to tie up any loose ends and saw that everything was still running smoothly. He quickly made his way to his war room, a place where only the espada held access to, and sat at the head of the table and waited for the espada to arrive one by one. He was eager to get things started and knew exactly how he would do them to. The trouble was he didn't know if his espada could hold up to the orders he would soon give them. If even one espada failed then the entire plan will fall to ruin. This was not the place to fail and it would be looked upon as treason if they came back without for filling their jobs. Even Exodus had a job to preform that had to be carried out without failure, the most important of all of them in fact. He keep going over and over it again and again in his head as he waited. he had sent out a messenger a few minutes after his arrival so that they knew to come. Now it was only a matter of time before he would rule over seireitei as well.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~

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PostSubject: Re: Hezro Hittori , Division 13 Captain   Thu 05 Nov 2009, 2:40 am

I think some minor discrepancy in the personality, mostly cause I don't think Chivalry includes bluntness, but perchance you're being chivalrous to specific people.

Technically you do have an eye color, even if its not "known" - for example if the blindfold should somehow be removed and at whatever point (unless sown shut) your eyes opened, they might see something <.<

Adminship wouldn't mean much on another site I don't think...not unless someone on the staff knew which site, who you were, and witnessed your role play there - don't take it as an insult please, just that one is never sure.

Personally I like the look of this app save for some grammar/spelling mistakes, and a nice and different history I don't recall seeing (sometimes hard it seems).

Overall I APPROVE you as a captain unless someone else objects. Please do the group proud ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Hezro Hittori , Division 13 Captain   Thu 05 Nov 2009, 4:56 am

Yeah, generate your character sheet as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Hezro Hittori , Division 13 Captain   

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Hezro Hittori , Division 13 Captain
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