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 Merrow Miuzerra(Finished)

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PostSubject: Merrow Miuzerra(Finished)   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 6:53 am

To staff who read this: Be as harsh as you want, as this is NOT my best work. I don't like it a lot >.>;; But anywho!


Arrancar Template

Name: Miuzerra, Merrow

Age: Total age: 2511 years old. 12 as a human, Less than 1 hour as a soul, 1256 as a hollow and the rest(approx. 1240) are as an arrancar.

Visual Age: As he was when he died, a 12 year old child.

Gender: Male

Appearance: A youth who has the looks of an innocent, angelic cherub. And whose odd gleaming smiles and cheery composure conceal the grotesque nature below.

He is rather diminutive for his age, and perhaps that is what gives him a harmless appearance. His hair is simple black (covered in detail later), his eyes are a dark shade of aquamarine, and his skin is of a fair complexion.

A remaining piece of his past that is proof of what he is, is his hollow mask: a clearly visible, but small patch of white around his left eye. A small area around his left eye is covered, extending mostly up to patch up a portion of the forehead. His left eye is still visible in the eye hole of the remnant.His Hollow Hole, another physical feature serving as proof as to what he is, can be found as a minuscule 'gopher hole' exactly 1 in (about 2.5 cm) below the bottom end of his sternum.

The only clothing he has been seen wearing is the common attire of most arrancar from Las Noches ... consisting of a white jacket, black sash, white hakama, and black and white boots that bear an opposing similarity to a Shinigami's sandals; in essence, inverted Shinigami uniforms.

(I am trying sketch out this character of mine. If I succeed and do not burn it immediately ... I will upload it as my avatar.)(Apologies for a generic description)


Height: 3’ 8”(approx. 111.8 cm) - A dwarf, shrimp, stump, or any other words that would describe the vertically challenged.

Weight: About 100 pounds (approx. 45.36 kilograms)

Hair: Simple black. Moderate length, and swept back as though some tenacious parent figure used a comb of steel and several containers of gel. The only difference between that description and reality is that the hair is naturally like that ... and if forced out of position, it would take a few moments before it bends back in place.

Eyes: Interested aquamarine colored orbs that always remained locked upon the enemy (or soon-to-be-victim-of-mayhem). Eyes that shine brightly, and reflect the mad nature of their owner. Beyond that, the eyes themselves are two symmetrical ovals on the face. They are merely the tools of sight, and seem to hold no other significance, unless one wishes to be distracted by either the brightly odd color they are or the rather menacing and dreadful look they can give.

Nicknames: ‘Kid’, ‘Brat’, ‘Nuisance’, ‘Mad Crimson Clown’, ‘AHHHHHHHH!’(See quirk/habit #4)

Reiatsu Color: Gold

Reiatsu Power Level: Dangerous Levels of Power: High enough to be the equivalent of most Captains.

Likes: (AT LEAST 5)
1. His own twisted brand of humor
2. Mayhem orchestrated by him
3. Blood!!!!
4. Flying and Splattering Guts!
5. Shinigami Cookies!!(With 100% ingredients made from the average shinigami)

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5 )
1. Everyone or everything that’s not an arrancar or hollow
2. Seiretei
3. The Human World (except when chowing down)
4. The concept of a Cero Espada
5. Arrancar Traitors

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )
1. A smile that is always constant on his face, whether amongst his allies or his enemies. Of course, when he gets tired, he stops grinning … or when he gets upset (see #2)

2. Hates being called short, and will respond violently towards the insulter, regardless of who it is, for calling him such! *connected to #3*

3. Despite hating it, he IS unusually short, and cannot reach most other ‘average height’ people … thus he resorts to jumping up and landing kicks to the head.

4. If bored beyond all reason, and he sees or wishes to greet another arrancar, he will tackle them. Then again, even if he doesn’t have a good reason, he’ll tackle them anyway.

Hollow Class: With prior approval from Fibrizo ~ Vasto Lorde!


Merrow’s name was given to him by an Espada, who he served as fraccion to. It was given especially due to his love of chewing on bones … and a joke on his personality (mellow, which of course he is not). His last name was also given to him, but it was just contrived to fit him, as there is no real meaning behind it.

So he, a nameless child, had quite an unusual human history, as he lived during one of the grand heights of antiquity, the ‘Golden Age’ of the Greeks.

-Human => Detestable days, shrouded by ignorance … only near the end was it pleasant-

He was unnamed and insignificant … an illegitimate son to an Athenian slave-owner. His mother, being a slave that came from almost the other side of the world, was nothing more than an object to this man. An object he decided to make the most out of, for this man was, by far, one of the most corrupt individuals of the city. Immediately after the owner did his duty, he took no care of the wrecked object … leaving her effectively to die, though he refused to disown her. Nine months later, Merrow(though that wasn’t his birth name) entered the world of the living, while his mother departed.

And he spent the first eight years of his life, employed as a slave to his own ‘father’. It was easy for the man to claim that the boy had no relation to him, after all, the child had inherited most of the traits from his mother’s gene pool. His dark hair, odd eyes, fair skin, and overall frail appearance, made it difficult to pin him as the son of an Athenian. But that appearance of his did not spare him of work. True, conditions were not overly brutal, but they had quite a few lasting effects on the boy, who never took in the freedom and absurdity a normal childhood would provide. (This indirectly leads to his personality today, as his foolishness spawns from his longing to experience the absolute ‘mayhem’, and as he does not truly ‘age’ he can go through it for a lengthy amount of time.)

But a stroke of luck, and timing, reversed his situation. His master, both biologically and legally, died of natural causes(or so the story went). The archaic precursor to a will and lawyer felt profound sympathy to those who had suffered at the hands of their ‘master’. With a loophole here and there, and the support of politicians, all who were owned by the man received honorary citizenship as a compensation for the severe abuse that had been heaped upon them for years.

The boy, now all alone and seemingly without a purpose, wandered the streets of the Greek city. He literally groped around the place, as he knew very little of the city and had been deprived of a solid, basic education. By chance, he came across and old man, accompanied(though at a distance) by several other youths. The elder man, whose bright eyes had a gentle gaze that could bore its way into the minds of whoever looked at them, literally interrogated a poor individual. The individual, a wealthy merchant judging by his clothes, stuttered madly and pitifully spewing out incoherent statements as the old man asked more and more questions.

He(Merrow) was fascinated by this unfolding scene, in which a possibly well educated and well off man was being berated someone who looked like an old beggar. The boy could not help put approach the other youths who stood around the speakers, and politely inquire as to what was going on.

As luck would have it, he had just witnessed Socrates questioning an ‘ignorant’ individual.

For the next three years, the boy followed Socrates and the other youths of Athens, watching him question individuals from all social classes about the meaning of life. He, over time, was taught the basics of education from the others, though it was a slow process … but perhaps his specific heritage made it slightly easier for him to acquire information? Either way, at the end of three years time, he had accumulated enough knowledge to be a literate individual with moderate skills in a wide variety of subject. But even better, his tutoring had given him a small, yet near-insatiable desire to learn.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. First with Socrates. Year 399 B.C., the execution of Socrates. Merrow was not present to see the death of this wonderful philosopher, who had inspired him to break free from the empty void that he had lived in prior to the chance encounter. No, the child had fallen ill. During the trial of Socrates, he tried his best to attend so as to see how Socrates dealt with that massive problem, but fatigue overwhelmed him. A disease unknown to the physicians of the area had stricken him, rendering him incapable of viewing the last few days of Socrates. He could not even see his idol to his death. So upon receiving the news that the great Socrates had consumed the hemlock, and peacefully passed on, he was disturbed to unknown proportions. Despite suffering from a disease, he became an insomniac, a fatalist, a pessimist, and fanatic of death. His mind went going on various tracks, looping around all sorts of various memories, hallucinations occurred regularly.

And the child, of twelve years old, died mad, yet at peace. Or really, he died in one of his rare moments of rest, while his subconscious bothered him with nightmares.

-Soul => An important part of any arrancar’s breakfast-

To put it simple. Death was a painless process. And the transition of human to soul(konpaku?) was an uneventful one. Actually, he spent less than an hour as a soul before being devoured and converted into a hollow.

-Hollow => It begins.

The creation of a hollow is very similar to being born, someone once commented. An individual reborn as such a monstrosity is immediately unaware of what has occured. They are, like a newborn child, temporarily unfamiliar with their surroundings ... responding instinctively to the new stimulus around them. The only difference between a human babe and a hollow, is that the instinct of the newly formed hollow is too lash out all around them.

Less than 5 minutes of rebirth, and a massive hollow already succumbed to the newly formed individual. A being that had multiple limbs composed of white bone-like material, and hardened tails with claws mounted at the ends of them. Merrow had succesfully gone through the transition between human soul and hollow, but still disoriented by the sudden change of perspective, he did not make use of whatever mental abilities or capacities he had developed while alive. Nope. The insectile Hollow just proceeded on killing all around it, driven by instinct to feed immediately ... as a hunger, unlike anything experienced before, bore into both its mind and its stomache. Several weaker hollows succumbed, unsuspecting devoured, weakened absorbed, and so on. Perhaps he was one of those few hollows, who upon being born, instinctively strive for evolution ... without ever realizing what path it was that they were following.

This carried on for centuries, with numerous areas of Hueco Mundo suddenly facing extreme decreases of Hollow population, as Merrow proceeded in and killed. He did not rest, he did not break, he did not stop. All he wanted to do was to kill, and that he did without end.

(Apologies for somewhat generic Hollow history)

-Gillian Class-
IS there anything to say about Gillains, who loose their own personality and individuality upon reaching such a state? Well, for Merrow, the only trait he retained ... was his desire to kill. And with such a drive to devour all, he did not lumber around aimlessly for years like his own kind would normally do, but continued to chase after Hollow and consume them. The Forest Of Menos proved to be an all-you-can-eat-buffet for him.

-Adjucha Class-
Upon breaking the shells of his towering colossus self, Merrow's mind was free ... again? Just like when he was human, kept in the dark from all around him, upon becoming an Adjucha ... 'all became light' is the phrase he uses for that moment. He couldn't reason as well as his human self could, but now he had idea of 'self'. And his perspective of life radically changed compared to all the stages before this one. Yes, he was driven by the need to kill(still), but now he could think about what it was that he was doing.

He soon began to question as to why he was killing. But that question soon lead to, what was he doing ... killing in the first place? And the questions didn't just stop at his purpose for killing, he soon questioned who he was ... for his name, at that point, was long forgotten. Thus, he was an unnamed being once more.

-Beyond Adjucha, and the End of his Hollow Existence-
To all the boy can remember, was his kidnapping. His questions had been answered by fellow hollow, with whom he had been able to spend some time with to ask all his questions. And with them answered, he promptly devoured them out of instinct and personal desire to acquire the ultimate stage of Menos evolution.

He DID become a Vasto. But what happened shortly is unknown to him. All that he recalls was a group of white-robed individuals, peeople ... yet they had masks, or parts of masks on them. His last thought wasted itself on asking who were these people. Until he had been knocked out and carried off.

(Apologies for near-generic Menos History)


There was a graveyard in Las Noches. Not that there were any corpses, but it was all for sentimentality's sake. The grave of all Numerous, Espada, and Privaron existed in this place, each one receiving an honorary tombstone for them. But now, it had fallen slightly in obscurity ... and few people knew of this place.

Merrow Miuzerra, now Fraccion to the current Sexta espada, gazed down on one particular stone. An old battered stone, with signs of obvious decay and destruction ... as it had crumbled mostly to pieces, and eroded so that the name was mostly faded.

"How are you? Master?" Merrow inquired in amused tone, his mouth now curved into a calm smile, reminscient of the former Novena. "I hope you're doing well ...

and I think, if you were still alive ... you'd be happy right now."
he commented, that calm smile taking a more devilish twist.

That was Merrow's last visit to that place, the last time he'd think about his master. For he now had other pressing matters at hand, as that visit was made a month before the arrancar of Las Noches declared an all-out war against all realms of existence. That very war that rages on. A war long desired by the deceased Novena, whose desire was passed on to Merrow.


Innate Ability: -preservación- An ability that is a passive and usually non-combat skill. Merrow's bodily fluids(specifically his saliva, but he has yet to try his blood or such), can fossilize certain bodily remains of spiritual beings ... most commonly, their bones. Generally, when a spiritual being is killed, all traces of them - their remains, their clothing, etc. - vanish with them. Merrow's ability allows him to preserve the bones of his enemies so that they DON'T fade away. There is no known side-effect to the soul in question who has had its remains preserved by Miuzerra's ability.

Granted, it's a near-worthless ability, but seeing as he loves to eat his opponents alive the ability to save their remains which he can crunch and munch on happily away until it is ground into dust is fair enough. This ability can also apply to severed limbs. And thus an arm or a leg or two can be saved up and stashed away.

Basic point, his drool hardens the bones and preserves them to be his chew toys until he crunches them into itty-bitty pieces with his teeth and swallows them.

-Miscellaneous info-
Due to influences from Merrow's human life (Socratic Philosophy, Wisdom, and Knowledge), seeks to learn in whatever free time he has that is NOT related to causing mayhem. Thus, random unqualified 'experiments' are his other means of passing time. Due to being a Fraccion to a former scientist, he has some skill in tinkering ... though he usually makes bombs.
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PostSubject: Re: Merrow Miuzerra(Finished)   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 7:30 am


Honestly not sure what you hated, I found it to be a fun and interesting read, with that funtastical splash of originality. As for vastoness, that's up to Alejandro


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Merrow Miuzerra(Finished)
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