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 Levels of attacks

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PostSubject: Levels of attacks   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 6:38 am

I have noticed that people compare their defences to various levels of power, like being able to block Bankai Level attacks and such, but that becomes confusing when you include all the races available to this site.

What I am suggesting is difficult and tiresome, especially when you have considered individual rank and power, but I would like a chart that shows what is equal then or less then to what, like is Bankai equal to a Ressurection or not. Shikai to a Bount Release, etc I know this has already been addressed to in other sections but not entierely, I mean if someone can block Bankai techs can they block Quincy techs, how about Final Form or Kido Level. Its sounds stupid and bogus I know but for the sake of uniformity I have to push it. I will be hella fine if this doesn't pass though.
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Levels of attacks
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