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 Empowered form

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PostSubject: Empowered form   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 6:05 am

Empowered Template:

Name: (What is the name of this ability?)

Appearance: (What is your appearance and what does your Final Form look like? It can be from an illustrious new appearance that makes you completely inhuman looking or no changes at all.)

Ability: (What ability does your Final Form grant you? It must be related to your original powers. Also, as a note, this doesn't give you a massive surge of energy like a Kyuu does or any other final form, but rather, refines your power, increasing your Rieryoku rather than your Reiatsu.)

Note: The Final Form only lasts 10 posts and because of it’s power, you’ll be very fatigued after using it not in terms of physical prowess but in terms of Reiryoku. The fatigue lasts for 5 posts, meaning no techniques or unique abilities to use for that time being.

Note: Only an elite of the race are able to maintain the final evolution without training.

Note: A regular Human that doesn't have elite status are required to have 500 points and they must train 5k words at least in the training area in order to get the ability. Elites get half that and need only 250 points, and 2.5k words in the training area to get the ability.
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Empowered form
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