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 Penoso's Armor (finished)

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PostSubject: Penoso's Armor (finished)   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 1:37 pm

Name: Lampeggiare Armamento

Manifestation: Penoso's armor starts off at the top with a bright white with slight gold trim helmet. The helmet has two large feather horns sticking out of each side pointing upwards. Two huge shoulder pads lay atop his shoulders. The should pads almost give the look of an anvile with again gold trimming. The breast plate is made of a shimmering steel like the reast of the armor and detailed with gold symbols and gold trim. His gauntlets have golden ring patterns engraved around the fingers and a gold feather shape jetting out from the wrist. The bottom half of his armor follows the same pattern as the top half. The shoulder blades eminate a faint glow as well as the top of the helmet.

Quincy Bow/Glove/Cross/Armor Ability: Penoso's armor gives him the ability to move twice as fast as he normally would. Although, the metal of which the suit is made up of looks to be encumberson it is acually rather light. The suit gives him extra speed because it extracts a small amount of reiatsu from Penoso and uses it to propel himself in whatever direction. Even firing arrows becomes twice as fast whenever he dawns the suit giving him the ability to fire fifty more arrows than he normall would be able to. However, the suit causes a slight strain on Penoso when he wears it for an extended period of time. After three posts of wearing his amor he loses the ability to fire ten arrows which happens every post untill he reaches six posts at which time he loses the abilty to fire twenty arrows every post. When he reaches nine posts with the armor on he loses the ability to fire thirty arrows. When he reaches ten posts however, it changes he becomes completly drained, he can no longer move at all untill he has completly removed the amor and given time to rest.

Family: Lightning
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PostSubject: Re: Penoso's Armor (finished)   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 4:18 am

The ability describes that you are fast, but, when you are in normal movement, is your armor as light as a feather or does it have a good defense? If it has a good defense, it's heavy and has good protection, if not, it's a weak armor with bad protection but it's quite light.

Your ability has nothing to do with your element, due to this, it is denied.
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Penoso's Armor (finished)
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