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 Methias Stelligar

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PostSubject: Methias Stelligar   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 6:53 am

Arrancar Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Methias Stelligar

Age: ~1500

Visual Age: Early 20's

Gender: Male


The above picture is for Methias' released state. During his sealed state, the wings are gone, and he wears a normal Espada costume, although he wears his top half unbuttoned, aswell as being sleeveless. His trousers are worn loosely, in order not to restrict movement. His Espada number is located on the back of his neck, hidden beneath a mass of silver hair. His hair is a general mess during his sealed state, with no style being apparent.

His mask fragment is located on and around his forehead, appearing almost as a halo. It is a full circle, although it appears to be shaped in a strange, jaged-like manner. His eye's appear to be lined with a black ring around them, making his eye's more striking to look at when they are finally seen, and not hidden by the hair covering his face and creating a shadow which hides them.

His Ressureccion is in the shape of a greatsword, attached to his back.

Personality:Some describe him as an incarnate of madness, his very essence bring chaos to all those around him. He finds even the most disturbing of moments humorous, babies dying bringing a smile to his face shows the true darkness lingering within his heart. Such a twisted mind causes him to be far more confident than nearly anyone, be it through his slightly demented mind bringing with it a lack of fear, or true courage is yet to be discovered.

He enjoys the company of others, however, this only applies to those he considers allies. Around those who could remotely become enemies, he grows sinister, almost mocking them by the way his voice echoes through the air. He tends to talk down to people, even the strongest of opponents are seen as nothing more than a childs play thing. His plaything.

During battle, his Malevolent nature is shown to truly appear. Capable of killing even innocent bistanders with but no remorse, he becomes a force truly to be reckoned with. He attacks based purely on instinct, although it appears to most to show no real pattern. Attacking from multiple angles at once, aswell as showing great tactics, it is shown that he is truly a master of battle and chaos indeed.

He is infact highly intelligent. Carefully thinking through everything he does, he is for certain a truly manipulative being. He has been shown to create fear in the minds of others simply by speaking a few select words. For such a being to be able to do this, he has proven time and time again that he is truly a master of the mind.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: Around six foot tall.

Weight: The average weight for someone who is six foot tall..

Hair: Long, silver, and covers his eye's with a shadow, making them impossible to see.

Eyes: When his eye's are infact, visible, they are an incredibly dark shade of red,

Reiatsu Color: White

Reiatsu Power Level: High Captain level of Potency

Hollow Class: Vasto Lorde

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


Life as a human? Yeah right!

Born several hundred years ago, Methias never knew his birth parents. An unmarried couple accidentally fell pregnant, and upon giving birth, left him in a forest several miles away from his unknown hometown. Being newborn, his fate seemed to be sealed from that very day. However, nature is often kind in its blessings, and something truly amazing happened on that very night. A wolf pack found the child, and as amazing as it may sound, they took the child in as their own. They fed it, looked after it, and gave it a family.

Growing up without a name, he lived alongside the wolves that raised him, unaware of what it was to be human. At the age of four, he was much stronger than most fully grown men, capable of running on all fours at incredible speeds for such a young child. He already knew he was different to his family, but he didn't care. By this time, he had grown to be able to understand them, as well as being able to communicate with them. His mind was truly no longer human, and his body had began to make some striking changes due to the way he lived. His fingers and grown in such a way he had claws, and his teeth were ever-so sharp.

As the years had passed, he became an efficient hunter, his hands now devastating weapons, along with his teeth. By this time, he was around eighteen, a matured young man with scruffy, silver hair. While hunting with the pack, a group of hunters eventually charged the pack. Seeing the young man with them, they took an interest in him, and killed the whole pack but him, instead knocking him out and taking him with them. Upon waking up, he was a freakshow. Locked up in a cage and shown to the two legged creatures, he couldn't help but notice that they were like him.

Another four years had passed, and he had picked up an understanding of the so called "Humans". It was this year that he made his escape, although it would end up being the last day he spent living in this world. Taking vengeance for his pack, he killed atleast fifty humans before being killed with the same method his pack was, shot. It took a whole four bullets to take him to the ground, and upon deciding he was no longer useful to them, they took the final shot to the head, his life ending within moments.

Death? Such a pity

And then it was blank. His life was over, but he still felt something. The feeling of being given rebirth. But this was not the case, he was but a spirit, slowly but surely becoming something more, a Hollow. By the time he had properly awoken, his spirit chain has only a few hours before it severed completely, and that is exactly what it did. As it broke from his chest, a strange darkness filled the area around him, a white mask building upon his face. The transformation was complete. He was now something else.

He spend several years prowling the area he lived in, the area which names he couldn't remember. His mind scared to the point of no return during life, he was but a truly sinister creature now he was dead. Spending the majority of his time around deathbeds, he instantly devoured the spirits of the recently dead to forfill his hunger, and further avenge his fallen pack. However, the curse of eternal hunger was far greater than anyone could imagine, and he eventually turned to the other Hollows who lurked around to further forfill his hunger.

First things first, Evolution

Menos Grande, and the forest of Menos. This was where he found himself next, his mind lost in the darkness of several hundred Hollow entities sharing a single body. During this time of peace, he spend several years docile, unawakened. Yet, something eventually triggered within the truly pointless Menos. It heard a name, his name, for the first time - Methias. A mighty roar filled the air within the forest, Methias finally awakening yet again some four hundred years later. The hunger was too great, and all the Menos around him were ripe for the picking. Every one tasted better than the last. Merely days had passed, and the next evolution had taken place.

He spend many years as an Adjuchas, too many to count infact, atleast a thousand. The days of hunting had grown dull, and spending so much time alone had caused his mind to fall futher into dissaray. Eventually the chaos within him dulled down to a much lower level, turning the darkness of his heart into pure madness. It was during this time that he had achieved the pinnacle of Hollow Evolution, the legend itself becoming true, the power of the Vasto Lorde being granted to a beast that one would truly not expect such greatness to come to.

The years continued to progress, as the God of the Hollow's found of his power. A power so manipulative and twisted it was said that it eventually brought beings to their knee's, begging for a swift death. The insane beast that he was, however, he left them to become nothing more than a vegetable. With but a wave of his hand, many simply stared in awe at his amazing power.

However, towards recent times, Methias found himself striving for something else... His thirst for power has led him to inevitably remove his mask. Upon doing so, he became what he is today, an Arrancar, a god.

Enrolling into the Espada, fun times

And so the tides had turned. The once beastile young man had ascended into an vengeance seeking Arrancar, mild insanity running through his mind, although nothing too serious. It was during his time as an Arrancar that he eventually found the grand citadel of the Arrancar, Las Noches. His first memories include breaking into the place, firing a Cero at the main doors and smashing through, an Aura bursting off from his body and causing all the Arrancar around him to fall to their knees like the meaningless puppets they were. It was during this time that he was recognised as he was, a truly deadly Arrancar.

Days passed into weeks, before he was approached by an unnonomous being, seeking his aid. A smirk falling upon his face, he agreed to become one of the Arrancar's Elite Army, the Espada. A number was then scarred onto him for life, hidden behind his flock of long, silver hair. This number showed his rank within the Espada, and although rumored to be high, nobody even had a remote idea what he was other than a few of the Espada.

Eventually, as time continued to pass, and he became more settled into the routine of being an Espada, he gained respect from those around him, becoming one of the most influential members of the Elite group. His seat at the table enabled him to have some form of say in the goings on of Las Noches, and although he was truly insane, he was rarely wrong with his decisions. It is here, our story begins.

Role-Play Sample:

A horrific growling noise could be heard through the very walls of Las Noches, as the newest addition to the Espada prowled through the marble halls. Walking on all fours, the white haired, wolf-like Espada truly manifested the insanity that lied within his mind. Scraping his metal claw upon the ground, a screech joined in with the now many musical notes that filled Las Noches with noise. Scratching the ground as he continued down the halls, his ruby colored eye's fixated on the ceiling, somewhat oblivious to the world around him.

His clothing could be seen to be loose, a little too loose. The only thing keeping his trousers on was the black belt that tightened around his waist, a tail ripping through just beneath it. The clothing on his upper body covered all but his arms, even his neck being hidden by his neckbrace. On his right arm, the number "10" was in clear sight. Although it marked his ranking within the Espada, Methias didn't care for rank, only living for the chance to see those around him suffer.

Truth be told, Methias was lost. He had only been in the grand palace for a mere week, and still hadn't got aquanted with the magnificient place. This didn't bother him, however. He just wanted to find something to do. Boredom, such a terrible thing. He truly longed for a chance to destroy someone's very mind. Unlike most of his kind, who enjoyed causing death to whomever stood in their way, Methias delighted in causing a fate worse than death. Eternal madness. To see someone fearing for their very life, all the while slowly becoming nothing more than a vegetable bought about more pleasure than a swift death ever could. Most of his victims ended their own life, much more satisfying.

His feet eventually led him to a whole new place, a huge, grand room. Several seats could be seen in plain view, along with a table to sit around. Methias had a seat on this table, the lowest ranking, but still there. His eye's glanced across each and every seat, firstly thinking it was empty, before noticing another in the room, sitting on the grandest seat in all of Las Noches. The Primera's throne.

Staring blankly at this new being, it was someone he had never seen. Although he hadn't met many of the Espada, he could only assume that this being was the Segunda Espada, although even the truly insane may have doubt in their mind. His lips grew into a snarl, another growl escaping through it. This didn't seem agressive, however, it was simply how his upbringing had left him, his mind being eternally warped. Luckily enough, the Espada didn't take into account mental instability when deciding their ranks.

Moving forwards, he climbed up onto his seat, simply continuing to snarl and watch the new arrival. Seeing as how he was sitting, Methias thought it was what he was expected to do. Nothing more than an animal? Maybe in this state, but such was the will of those who created him. With a sudden change, his snarl lowered to an emotionless state. A chance meeting, or something that would affect the future of Methias' life? Only time could tell.

(Copied from Bleach Unify. This is pretty much the average post I produced on said site.)

Innate Ability: Aura - When he is in battle, Methias initially releases Reiatsu. The reason behind this is that his Reiatsu is so potent, it could bring most lower ranked beings to their knee's, leaving them inable to breath. Upon doing so, a white light fills the area he is in. This "White light" is known as Aura. While standing in Aura, the opponent is slowly becoming drained of any and all power they have within them. Aura works slowly, but the longer the opponent is within the light, the weaker they will feel. It has a range of about twenty to thirty yards, and if they're outside of the range, the draining does not effect them. This ability does not have a set time on how long it takes to completely drain an opponent, however, even three posts in melee combat with Methias can cause even the strongest beings to feel themselves being drained.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~

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PostSubject: Re: Methias Stelligar   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 1:59 pm

For your appearance, take out the parts about your release, that is for your Ressurection application, not this one.

Your Reiatsu power level can't be C.C. level, you're not the Cero nor are you the Primera.
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PostSubject: Re: Methias Stelligar   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 8:04 pm

I only used CC level of "Potency" to describe the effect his Reiatsu has on those beneath him. While not as strong as the CC's Reiatsu overall, it's much like standing in a tank of water 100 foot beneath the surface. I'll remove it and replace it with something more appropriate, however.

Removed both this and the release section.
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PostSubject: Re: Methias Stelligar   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 4:45 am

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PostSubject: Re: Methias Stelligar   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 4:52 am

>_> To be a Vasto Lorde, ask Alejandro and also ask him to be an Espada.

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Methias Stelligar
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