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 Calamity Advent [Rairin]

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PostSubject: Calamity Advent [Rairin]   Tue 27 Oct 2009, 11:43 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Yakusai, Rairin

Age: 1649

Visual Age: 14-15

Gender: Male

Division: 13th

Personality: Rairin is something of an enigma, letting out little of himself out to others. It’s not out of a tragic past or hate of the world, the sad fact is his social growth was harshly stunted; leaving him unaware how to adequately express and convey how he feels. He can experience joy, sadness, and everything in between but it rarely makes any appearance into his expression. Rairin is dreadfully curious about almost everything there is; especially people. What they like, what makes them tick, sad, smile; all of it. This will often lead to extremely inappropriate questions and actions, and just as often to consequences, despite there being no foul intention behind his ways. The concept of what is “right” and “wrong” is somewhat lost on him, though all in all he is a pure-hearted soul. However, his difficulty understanding people and their emotions will most likely lead to some confrontations; especially with the opposite gender. This is due to the fact that he and his Zanpakuto’s spirit have a very open communication with each other; so profoundly that the spirit often manifests itself outside the blade (Though not quite at the level necessary to attain Bankai, as it is only visible to him alone). The spirit is incredibly mischievous, often persuading most of his inappropriate actions by leading him on; saying “This is what women really want”. Oddly enough, the spirit is a woman.

Unfortunately there is one thing that, without fail, will make Rairin genuinely smile. Explosions.


Rairin is relatively... “Vertically challenged”, as he puts it; reaching only 5'2". Along with a short height, he has a small and slender build. Looks are deceiving though, and he can pack quite a punch. Despite the small physique, his muscle is lean and incredibly tone, more of a sinewy strength than bulky, “Hulk smash” type of deal. His skin tone is pale as he rarely leaves the confines of the 12th Division Labs. For eye color, it sporadically drifts from an icy dark blue, to a dull blue-green color. The latter is more prominent, and matches his vacant expression swimmingly.


Height: 5'2"

Weight: 128Ibs

Hair: Green

Eyes: Blue/Blue-Green

Nicknames: None as of yet.

Reiatsu Color: Light Blue

Reiatsu Power Level: Awesome.

Likes: Explosions.

Dislikes: He's not sure. He'll get back to you on that one.

Complete unpredictability.

Yakusai Rairin is a pure bred Shinigami. He was born into the Soul Society, entirely skipping the more literal “life” phase straight into being a wandering Spirit. The details and specifics of how such a thing came to be are sketchy at best, and as a child Rairin constantly searched for the truth behind his existence. It seemed odd for one to be born a Soul; illogical to him. But no matter how much he begged, pleaded, persisted and pestered his parents, they just simply told him that the facts were simple and obvious, that he was their birth child. After a decade since “conception”, Rairin forfeit his pursuit of a Truth he felt was being kept hidden from him; though possessing no solid facts or evidence behind such a suspicion.

Then again, perhaps there was a fair enough reason to wonder such a possibility of his parents hiding something. Both belonged to a group known as the Onmitsukido; a military branch within Soul Society that handled primarily in Covert Ops. It wasn’t long after before Rairin himself was found to belong to the same group, and belong wasn’t too strong a word. He had become the property of this organization; to do their bidding and will at every beck and call. The harsh, cutthroat life stunted his social and emotional development; and severely regressed what little had already taken place. Mentally, the boy was unfit for this type of life by far.

Physically, however, he proved adequate; a valuable asset within the ranks of thousands. His parents were proud, yet hideously envious at the same time as he had surpassed them in a short amount of time. His hand-to-hand prowess was nearly unmatched, his fighting style a mix of various martial arts that blended smoothly and effectively; observing him fighting was like watching a dance of Death. Beautiful, yet haunting and terrifying to non-military personnel. It was almost... Inhuman, the skill and strength with which he dispatched any who sparred him; but beyond that of a normal high-class Soul. Almost as if he had been created for this very purpose. Everyone within the organization felt as if this were so, and though some spoke the thoughts intending to be a great compliment to his skills, others sneered and made snide remarks towards the up-and-coming assassin, saying he had been ‘made’ for this “Just like a tool”.

As simple as the insult was, it was the one thing that broke past Rairin’s cold, impassive exterior. The old paranoia of his childhood came creeping back, crawling up his spine and sinking it’s warped fangs into the back of his neck. What if they were right? What if the words spoken weren’t just jealousy lashing out? Had he literally been created like a cheap, simplistic tool to further the strength of this shady organization of assassins? There was one question that clawed at his stability relentlessly above the rest: If it was true, was he the only one being kept in the dark? That was the final straw, the breaking point. The young Soul had to leave that place, and he had to be smart about it. No matter how much he loathed the idea, it was inescapable that he must remain within the military forces. Anything short of that would land him within the Maggots’ Nest. The very idea sent shivers through his spine.

A chance made itself apparent. Kurotsuchi Mayuri had been suspected of conducting experiments that the Central 46 would find deplorable; and who better to spy on the Captain than the Onmitsukido? Rairin volunteered for the mission and was accepted without question. The higher ups felt it was time to see the fruits of the laborious training and if their pawn had what it takes for a covert operation of such degree. Shortly thereafter, he was transferred into the Gotei 13 Protection Squads, 12th Division.

No conclusive evidence was to be found, Kurotsuchi had been well aware of such an investigation and kept Rairin farther than an arm’s length at all times. However, when the invasion to Hueco Mundo rolled around, he eagerly took the new Shinigami along; a devious plan already in mind. The Captain was just as aware about Rairin’s distaste for the Covert Ops as he was of being under suspicion. It seemed like the best solution to simply let the boy vanish. The plan was formed between the two. Things progressed smoothly, infiltration of Las Noches had been relatively easy. In the midst of the heat, chaos, and confusion; Rairin simply slipped away into the endless night of the desert wasteland.

Centuries later, he returned to Sereitei, almost no one from his time within the Onmitsukido remained within the standing they had been once before, replaced with those more qualified, making it an easy task to carry on as just an ordinary Shinigami. His skills had reached an entirely new level beyond what they had been, polished and greatly refined during hundreds upon hundreds of years fighting for survival within Hueco Mundo. Life was peaceful and simple; but he yearned for the truth behind his existence.

A Truth he now sought to find through any means necessary.

Role-Play Sample:

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Calamity Advent [Rairin]   Wed 28 Oct 2009, 3:36 pm

Approved. Generate your character sheet.

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Calamity Advent [Rairin]
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