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 Kushami Hageshii (WIP, No touchy)

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PostSubject: Kushami Hageshii (WIP, No touchy)   Mon 26 Oct 2009, 7:02 pm

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name:She's had many names over the years, but she currently goes by Kushami Hageshii


Visual Age:Lower twenties

Gender:Femme Fatale

Personality:Kushami is an odd ball. She can be anywhere from bitchy or sweet depending on the situation. She is a loyalist at heart, and will never betray someone she is loyal too. This doesn't mean she can't lie or just pretend to be loyal though.



~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:



Hair:Strawberry blondish

Eyes:Orangey Yellow.

Nicknames:Depends on who you ask. Unless you have history with her, you don't get to know any.

Reiatsu Color:Orangey yellow, just like her eyes.

Reiatsu Power Level:Erm..Elitey hopefully.

Likes: (AT LEAST 5)

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5 )

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


Schmetterling, Arc 1

Kushami Hageshii was "born" like all bounts. Thanks to that experiment in soul society, Her budding soul was forever horribly altered, turning her into a vampire before she was ever born.

However, said vampiric tendencies remained dormant, and she grew up as normal as it is possibly to when your blind. She managed to get around pretty well though, using hearing instead of sight.

Nothing can remain dormant forever though, and that includes a vicious will to eat souls...this became active and asserted, and gained control of her life in one violent day, at the age of 12.

She was out in the woods with a friend, a small boy of her own age. They were maybe 100 feet from the border of the village..within view of a guy who was supposed to be watching the path for visitors (the village had had a problem with raiders lately) but usually spent his time getting high on various herbs.

Well a bad thing happened to the boy. He tripped, and fell, cracking his skull open. Well then something odd happened. She'd been blind her entire live, nee? But then she sees something, in a way. The boy's soul, disconnected from it's body.

A huge urge overcame her....the soul looked so...pure...and delicious...she ate it. Somehow absorbing it's essence into her own....Oh it was...Delightful. Then something rather strange happened. A butterfly flew out of her chest.. Floated in the air...And then swelled, burst, and developed into a man.

She cannot see him as we would, but she can see him in a way. His reiatsu glows brightly in her minds eye, so she can see him more or less, a bright man surrounded by a bright aura, a dark purple aura.

He introduced himself as Schmetterling. He thanked her for awakening her. And that's when her life started to go downhill.

The watchman was actually not high for once this day (He'd run out of weed), And he saw this happen. He also saw the man appear out of the butterfly. He yelled, summoning more men as he ran to investigate.

At this point the massacre started.
Schmetterling dissapeared, reappearing behind the watcher. His hands ripped through his back, the man's heart in his left hand. Blood spurts out of it, splattering onto Kushami. She sees his jaw snap open, opening to proportions that no natural man could achieve, the bright purple sight of it in her minds eye snapping shut over something...Which could only be the watcher's head.

She see's his soul rising from his corpse, and the urge overwhelms her again, she lunges at the fresh soul, devouring it, and some of his flesh at the same time. As the warm meat and blood slides down her throat she is in a viable ecstasy, and indeed something is making her underwear damp.

Now the watcher's yell alerted people, and his shriek as he was killed summoned them. Three men to be precise. What they saw was a slave girl, the blind one, the one they all assumed to be stupid just because she was black and ontop of that she was blind. They saw her hunched over a man whose body is covered in blood, his blood splattered over her chest and on her face. They see another man, White, With wraps around his eyes, And no shirt, Simply a long black cloak, And he has blood on him too.

Role-Play Sample:

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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Kushami Hageshii (WIP, No touchy)
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