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 The Fantastic Mr. Fox

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PostSubject: The Fantastic Mr. Fox   Sat 24 Oct 2009, 2:06 pm

Human Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Hyuga, Ben. But goes by his nickname, Fox Face

Age: 450 give or take a year or two

Gender: Male

The old Ben Hyuga (this personality is sleeping deep within his mind, may resurface, but that will be very rarely, if at all)
Ben is a good, kind hearted man, can never walk by a person in need. This good nature has gotten him in trouble a few times, but he always seemed smart enough to get out of it, a ‘hold your cards close to your chest’ kind of guy, never really reviling what he has going through his mind unless its needed to carry out a plan, however he is not closed off to his friends, he will talk about his feelings, his hopes, dreams, and fears. When this personality resurfaces he will be afraid of what he has turned into, only wanting to return to his wife and child, also ‘time’ seems frozen for this side of the mind when suppressed, so he could be suppressed for 5 years, but it would only seem like a few milliseconds.
(So far Ben has been suppressed since before the First World War.)

Fox Face (the dominant)
The one known as Fox Face (not its real name, as this personality is really nameless) is cold, cruel and cunning; he is the one you always suspect is plotting something. The Fox is what some would consider pure malice, hate and sprite lurking behind the mask, however don’t mistake this for a reckless hate that lashes out at the world, he is the subtle sneer that disturbs someone, the hateful comment that starts depression and leads to self hate, the bad piece of food that causes your entire stock to mould, he strike out as the scorned lover who attacks their partner. He takes pleaser in all these things, yet he will never give any outward sign of this, the only time he will laugh outwardly is when he wants to use it to taunt his victim. He is not ‘below’ following others, knowing the experience could be fun.


Ben is a tall Japanese male, with a lean but muscular build. His dark brown hair is very short, military cut, with a few patches of gray showing at the roots, if anyone was to touch his hair they would find it quite cores, despite it looking soft, he always wears a white Fox mask over his face, making only his eyes visible, his left being hazel and his right being pure white. If he would to take of his mask you would find a very handsome man, looking like an older version of his son, Yuri, however only the left half of his face is good looking, the right being horribly scared.

He is missing his right cheek and lips, forever scaring his face onto a horrid snarl. He has a mass of scar tissue covering his right jaw line, up to the right eye; he is also missing his eyelids of said eye, making a few mistakes that he is winking rather than blinking. For clothing he always wears the same thing, yet they always seem to be clean, he dons the green uniform the Japanese army wore around the First World War.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Height: 6’5

Weight: 140

Hair: Dark Brown with patches of gray at the roots,

Eyes: Left is hazel, right is white because of old wound

Nicknames: Fox Face, Mr Fox, Foxy, The old Fox, Freak, Old man or ‘Him’

Reiatsu Color: depends on form.
Normal – Silver
Shinigami – Ash Gray
Superhuman – Burnt Orange
Arrancar/Hollow – Cream
Bounto – Gold
Quincy – Sky Blue

Reiatsu Power Level: its over NINE THOU--- wait.. that’s been done ><

Likes: Watching others pain and suffering, angst, acts of vengeance, and plotting things of an unpleasant nature.

Dislikes: others trying to look under or try to take off his mask, people trying to ‘get to know him’, the cheesy god forsaken images of ‘friendship’ and ‘love’, people who think the world is a wonderful place and last but not least, grapefruit.

Habits/quirks: Because of his wound on the side of his face his speech comes out slurred, making it hard to tell what he is saying. He normally hisses and wheezes from the sound of air passing through his teeth, because of this he normally stays quite or just talk to any who can understand him.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

Ark 1: early life
The greatest and the smallest, light and dark, right and wrong - they all come together to form the miracle that is life, and none can exist without the others. –Silvetris

Ben was, as everyone said, a good man with a pure heart. He could stand no injustice, no matter how small, often leading him in to trouble and fights with other kids when he was young, and sometimes into even deeper trouble when he was an adult, he joined the Japanese army when he came of age leading him to meet Anne, a Russian woman, who would leader become his wife and together they would bring in a child into the world, a boy named Yuri. Spritely Ben was nothing too out of the ordinary, he could not see spirits yet he did hold that odd 6th sense, he could feel something there, like the way small kids could feel the monster lurking under the bed, but he always put this down to being tired and his mind playing tricks on him, yet he could feel that there was something bad brewing.

When his son was three he moved his family to china, with everything going on in the world he thought they would be safer their. Life was going well for the man; that was he was ordered back to Japan when his son was only 10 years old, he hated to leave him family but he had a job to do.

Ark 2: Powers awaken
"You're welcome to believe that the world is a nice, logical, rational, safe place... You'll be wrong, but that hasn't stopped anyone else who thinks the same way." -Dierdre, Otherworld by Mercades Lackey and Holly Lisle

He hated travelling alone, but it was a necessary evil, this time however the road started out promising. Despite winter rolling in the days where still warm, and there was a festival going on in one of the villages he passed through, he took the chance to pick up a fox mask for his son, planning to mail it to him along with a letter when he finally arrived back in Japan. Because he ended up getting sidetracked by the festival Ben decided to travel through the night to make up for lost time, he was quite content on travelling at night, seeing as he knew this area and it was safe.

Safe from threats as humans knew them.

Ben’s spiritual power, though small, was enough to be a sweet morsel for a hungry beast. He did not see the attack come, as simply he eyes could not see the being to strike him, the hollows clawed hand connected with the right side of his face, ripping of a large chunk of flesh, almost skinning that part of his face, he did not even feel himself hit the ground, his mind a blank, in shock he could feel himself shutting down and a weight on his chest. Even though he could not see it then hollow had laid its oversized hand in his check, trying to crush him, like the way a snake would crush it victim before swallowing it up, the hollow slowly came into view as it lowed its masked face, a sign that Ben was not long for this world.

The hollow sunk its teeth into the dying aura around the man, starting to devourer his soul. Ben was helpless, he minds drifted to his wife and son, he wanted to see them again, he did not want to die, he still had too much to live for, to protect, as his will to live struggled to fight of death his soul became unstable in a way, like taking some bricks out of a wall would make said wall unstable, however instead of the wall crashing down what was behind the wall got out. There was a bright light as he human cried out in pain, startled the hollow stopped feeding and backed away, a large fox stood there in place of the man, the fox lunged at the hollow, sinking its fangs into the spiritual beings left eye, this new being created from the once kind hearted Ben believing in an eye for an eye.

The beast tore the hollow’s head off at the shoulders, but it did not stop there. After all Ben was human, despite being kind hearted he still was capable of hate, still held malice within his heart, and this fox was the result, maybe the hollow had eaten the part of the soul that human’s knew as Ben Hyuga, and now all that left was this fox that was relentlessly ripping and tearing into the flesh of the hollow, destroying it in mere moments. His would be killer now dead the fox returned to its human form, though sill mutilated, but even if the form was the same Ben had not returned, no, it was still the fox walking upright in some fowl mockery of man. He took the mask that he was planning to send to his son, using it to cover up his wounds and identity.

Only the blood was found when morning came, his friends looked for him for weeks, but after no sign, Ben Hyuga was announced dead.

Ark 3: looking for completion [Human Fusion]
"Do not ask which creature screams in the night, Do not question who waits for you in the shadow. It is my cry that wakes you in the night, And my body that crouches in the shadow. I am Tzeench and you are the puppet That dances to my tune." - Karanzantor the Vile, The Traitor of Xian


That is how he felt, no longer Ben Hyuga but not fully a fox. The hollow had not only robbed him of his face, but of half of his soul, he had to feel that void, he had to find something, anything to complete himself, he could not bear this feeling, it was almost maddening, but it was not a hunger like with hollows, but he could feel like a missing limb. He wondered around china for what seemed like years, he had no concept of time, there was no today, no yesterday and no tomorrow; there was only the vast void in his heart, and his wish to fill it, by any means necessary.

He killed a lot of humans, taking their souls and adding them to his own like the way someone would patch up an old ragdoll with mismatched bits of fabric, but it was no good. The souls of normality where no good, he needed something with more strength, so he began hunting other humans who had some kind of power, taking their souls and patching them together with one another till he had made himself a spiritual blanket of sorts, the fox than wrapped it around himself, fusing with it and becoming something else.

However he found that he could end this new form at will, it seemed the fox had stumbled on something.

Ark 4: Gaining Shinigami Fusion
"No one holds command over me.
No man. No god. No prince.
What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal?
What is a claim of power for ones who defy death?
Call your damnable hunt.
We shall see who I drag screaming to hell with me."

-Gunter Dorn, Das Ungeheuer Darin. Vampire the Masquerade 2nd Edition Book

Despite having the slyness of his feral kin, Fox Face’s actions did not go unnoticed by the gods of death. He would not hang around in one area for long, not that there was much need too, normally anyone who has real spiritual power was few and far between, at least in the areas he had travelled, and when he did find someone worthy of ‘joining him’ he would always make their death to appear caused by a hollow, simple to him as he was taking their soul. Yet the Shinigami came, pocking and prodding where they where unwanted, like a pack of hounds scurrying around for a lead, whilst the fox was watching them from a nearby shrub, oh so much fun he is going to have, he did not see this as any real threat to him. A bother - maybe, an opportunity - defiantly.

A group of five, never to return.

It was ‘entertaining’ by his standards, frustrating by the shinigami’s. He would lead them around, making it so they felt like they almost had him, before slipping away again, and then when they thought they had lost him, he would kill one of them, his own way of saying ‘I’m still here, come and get me.’ There were many times when one of the spirits in black would hear the scream of one of their companions, some running, only to arrive to a sight of a blood and only to glimpse the vague shape of a fox disappearing into the night, slowly the hunters knew they were becoming the hunted, but in a stubborn since of pride stopped them from returning to Soul Society to get help.

Pride does not count for much when you’re dead.

Ark 5: gaining Hollow Fusion
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."-H.P. Lovecraft

If it was not one thing it was another, first humans, then Shinigami and now, hollows; or more precisely Arrancar. He had learnt that there kind, or at least the majority of them, where eager for a fight, to kill anything as strong as them to increase their own power, and he guessed in that way they were a lot alike, he applauded them, right up till he killed them, yes they were a lot alike. Yet he was not going to hold back, no matter how much of himself he saw in the other race, if anything it made him fight all the more fiercely, using the powers granted by his Shinigami fusion to fool them, thinking that they were fighting their hated enemy seemed to make things more intrusting.

After the learning experiences with the humans and death gods, melding the arrancar souls into something useable became easer then before, the saying coming true, practise does make perfect. Yet something was still missing, he had taken the souls of humans, Shinigami and now the refined race of hollows, kin of the same beast that trigged his transformation into what he is today, but he knew that was not enough, it was raw power he was interested in per say, it was..... he could not pin it down with words, it was just simply a longing.

Ark 6: Back again
"I'm afraid to believe that there is hope somewhere in my black heart for the darkness to be shown the light." -Jedidiah Knight, my char

Karakura town was.... a strange place, Fox Face had never seen, or another sensed so much power in one town. He had found out about this place thanks too the souls he had fused with, this place was a nexus for spiritual beings, so the fox in human form set forth, looking for something. What? He was not quite sure, but with a place this... unique, he was sure to find it, or at least a clue as to what ‘it’ was.

Role-Play Sample:

A dim white light would of gone largely un-noticed, covered up by the city’s own unyielding glow and party far to high up to catch anyone’s attention, even anyone who happened to be watching the sky would of failed to see this gateway into another world, very few seemed to have the ‘eyes’ at this part of Japan compared to other spiritually rich lands that his race watched over. A figure drenched in light seemed to fall from the opening in the sky, as the residual glow that seemed to cling to him fell away his form became clear. A tall male dressed in a jet black hakama seemed to be in free fall, a white haori fanned out around him seemed to almost look like white wings when viewed from a distance. Ryuujin Shirosaki, Shinigami and Captain of the 5th Division, slowly opened his dark eyes, taking in everything from his upside-down prospective.

It had been a long time since he had been to the human world, the roar of the wind flowing past him, the sharp sound of his haori flowing in the wind, the neon glow of the city was amazing to him, after all he had not seen anything like it before, but the large black pillar-like figures that towered above the sleeping metropolises where a blight to anyone’s eyes. The dragon horned man stretched his right hand out in front of him, collecting spirit particles around it to the point it looked like dust was flowing around it, clenching his fist he freefall came to an abrupt stop like he had just grabbed an invisible ledge, grunting with the sudden jolt to his right shoulder as his body swung around so now he was up the right way, his back now to the area he was just viewing. The sight behind him was not any better, Menos where doted around like weeds in a garden, plates of white placed on high their towering forms, masks, and two red dots in the eye hollows portrayed their eyes.

Letting go of his ledge the Shinigami seemed to float down to the pavement below, a whirl of wind coming from around him like it was aiding his decent. A small jet black butterfly finally caught up with him, the dark haired male’s guide and messenger for this trip, “Go back to Kageoni-Sotaichou, tell him that there is unnaturally high levels of Menos activity in Tokyo,” he stopped quickly glancing around to count, “there are at least 30 that I can see.” The butterfly quickly flew off, back to its home world as the Shinigami reached up to take hold of the long black katana that was attacked to his back.

Hooking a finger under the guard he gave it one sharp flick, sliding the blade cleanly from its sheath before grabbing the weapon by its edge between his middle and index fingers before letting his grip go on it, causing it to fall till the hilt was in line with his hand where he snapped his hand around it, holding it tightly. However his appearance had not gone unnoticed by the giants, one of them turning slowly towards him, Ryuujin expected a cero to be fired from the beast but instead it lifted one of its feet to try and step on him, how foolish. The captain simply put his hand up, blocking the foot dead in its tracks no matter how hard the hollow tried, it was like he was nothing but a child to the dragon horned male, Ryuujin slowed as he pointed his other hand towards its heel.

“Hado #4, Byakurai!” he muttered.

Because of the angle of the attack the lightning Kido blasted through the hollows heel, up its shin and burst through its knee, totally destroying the leg from the joint down. The hollow roared in pain, alerting more of its kin to Ryuujin’s arrival, unable to balance on one leg the monster started to tumble backwards, shunpo’ing behind the beast he moved his arm in a quick ark, so fast that even light did not have a chance to glisten upon the blades edge as it severed the Hollow’s head from its body, the black and white form disintegrating before it could fall and cause any more damage.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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The Fantastic Mr. Fox
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