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 "I Used To Be Love Drunk!"

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PostSubject: "I Used To Be Love Drunk!"   Fri 23 Oct 2009, 1:20 am

"Top down in the Summer Sun"...Nah, let's start this off a little differently. Though hot outside it was, it had very well been in the Autumn season in K-town. A lofty breeze blew through the air, carrying withering Sakura blossoms and scattered colorfuly leaves across the streets and grass patches all through the town. The smell of those sweet, yet still dying blossoms still filled the air and left a fresh scent in the calm air. It was now after school hours so the day would be coming to an end within hours to come. The sun hovered high in the sky, creeping across the horizon ever so slowly. The sky was a mixture of it's normal sky blue along with a soft hint of orange wisping though it. The sound of children playing games such as tag, hide and seek, and the like would break the silence every now and then or the conversation of a few adults on the sidewalks. A car would go by every now and then passing this now empty street where everything was about to happen. On this particular street, there was a bunch of family-owned stores and a couple restaurants. But heres where Oda comes in...

Oda, just walking through the town, a bag carried across his shoulder, had just been on his way back from school. Yes...this Vaizard had disguised himself as a normal child and infiltrated the local Karakura High School. He was a third year there, making him appear to be one of the youngest and intelligent ones though it was just the amount of years that he had been living which would obviously give him enough time to pass the others in intelligence. Even so, he had to 'dumb' himself up a little or they would just pass him straight through. Normally, this wasn't a bad thing, but considering the fact that he wasn't a human child, why would he even feel the need to do such? This school didn't really matter to him. It was just a way to pass time. He got the chance to meet with some humans...the whole high school experience that he missed in his own human life.

He wore an odd variation of the school uniform. He wore a black pair of pants that fit him quite well with a pair of black sneakers. He had a white buttoned up shirt, untucked from his pants with a black uniform jacket open revealing his white shirt which also had the first two buttons unbottoned. He loved to wear black, probably having something to do subconciously with the fact that he had such jet black hair...or maybe not. Either way, all of this black surely did contrast with his shining blue eyes. He'd been told before that someone could get lost in them just like the depths of the blue ocean....but then again, that just sounds absurd..

He came to the corner of this little street and his nose twitched. His mouth slightly gaped open and drool began to drip from the left corner of his mouth. A sweet and intoxicating smell of chocolate and fudges flooded his nose with such ecstacy. His knees went weak and a shudder sent down his spine. His eyes now focused on this street and where the smell was coming from. Suddenly, as if on their own accord, his legs began to take him down this street...and not in a slow stroll like normal, but not a run either. He almost appeared to be power walking down the street, passing trinket stores, a clock store, a bakery, a meat shop and then.....there it was.

Fukimasu's Fudge Shoppe?

He read the words located above the door. The shoppe was a pretty large size and business seemes to be booming. Odd, considering the street seemed so empty. The 'fourteeen year old' pressed his face up against the glass window of the shoppe and he just gazed inside. He saw some people waiting in a line to speak to the cashier while there were others mixing and molding the fudge into squares and other types of delightful dishes. He then turned his attention to another area, where tons of fudge had already been molded and was waiting for a craving customer to consume them. Oda continued to drool some more. His stomach agreed with his mouth by adding a loud rumble to the situation. He pulled his face from off of the glass window after a girl looked at him and started pointing and laughing. He then reached into his left pocket to gather what little money he may or may not have had...
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PostSubject: Re: "I Used To Be Love Drunk!"   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 9:45 pm


;.; No one's gonna post wit' me?
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PostSubject: Re: "I Used To Be Love Drunk!"   Fri 06 Nov 2009, 6:48 am

[ooc: fear not! A savior from boredom has arrived!]

School wasn't for everyone, visual age or actual. Then again you start telling people you're older than you appear you gain weird looks, such as Chesha had been forced to learn the hard way sometime ago. They also looked at you funny when you said you were far younger, but that time had been relatively shorter in her life. The only way she'd ever somewhat attended school was by sitting in a tree and staring through the windows. Then someone would look, freak, security would come running, and it'd be an amusing adventure that would be repeated again shortly. But school was out, the police tired, students gone, so school held no more appeal now. Right now, the sweeter things in life called out to her, and that would be literally the "sweet things in life." This alley cat couldn't help the call that hypnotized her where sugar was concerned.

But what delight would be had today? Pure sugar? Something coated in sourness - actually no, those weren't as fun - or perhaps...yes! The most saintly of all delights: something chocolate! This area wasn't exactly well known to her, so walking was in order, but that quickly grew annoying when taste buds were screaming for creamy and sugary delicacies. An elder woman was kind enough to point her in the right direction, deciding against commenting on the girl's pale blue dress that reached mid thigh in the front and fell to the ground at the sides and behind her, while utterly shoulder less and with long sleeves. The dress was synched in by the built in corset aspect, though it didn't inhibit breathing processes, and the rimming at the top was somewhat petal like. Overall it was quite cute on her, in addition to her shortish stature, just that the lady wasn't expecting to see a gothic-lolita girl at this time.

Couple corner turns, a block this way and one that way she found herself standing in front of Fukimasu's Fudge Shoppe! While a bit of a treat connoisseur, fudge was one that Chesha had yet to sink her claws into at this time, so the prospect was quite fascinating to see if it would be like normal chocolate, or if it'd be bad like coconut flavored things. Some boy though was causing condensation on the glass in the front and she stopped to stare...and stare...and stare, until something probed him to stop staring and dig in his pockets for likely the currency to buy the treats. Because of his amusing antics previously she decided to engage him in conversation, or rather, to see if she could shock him into spilling his pocket contents on the ground. That was always funny to watch. And so, walking up to him while he appeared to be absorbed in his task she belted out loud enough to shock but not so as to harm hearing,
"Got any change?" in a nonchalant, perhaps even bored sounding voice.
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PostSubject: Re: "I Used To Be Love Drunk!"   Sat 07 Nov 2009, 6:02 am

Shit, School was one thing Tsuna ha gotten very use too. He had gone through it many times. Tsuna looked about 18 or 19. So, he would repeat the Final year of school hundreds of times. He would come in as the new kid in town, and get invited to all the parties. That was the good old days that he didn't have anymore. So, what does he do know. He goes to college parties and such. The way of life for Tsuna was once run the Mafia and go to school. Yet, once he found out he was going to be young forever. he was going to have some fun with it.

Tsuna was a rather old for his real age, but his visual age gave him away as either 18 or 19 years old. He had dark brown hair and eyes with almost perfect skin. He looked rather sey to all the human girls, but hell he was a bount. A soul Vampire as some would say. He was surpposed to be perfect in every way. Tsuna was wearing his normal styled suit with a white under shirt and black metal chess piece necklace. So, he had his dress pants nad shoes on to match his ongoing nice dressed look, but whatever.

Tsuna turned a corner to find a fudge shop. Wow, that stuff brough back memories, but Tsuna had to like dodge to the right to miss two people jsut standing in front of the store. he sighed. He was in the middle of the road, and cars were zooming at him, but luckly he was fast. he quickly dodged past numerous cars to get back to teh sidewalk. He stood to the left of the girl and guy waiting to get into the store.

"Excuse me, could you step to theleft or right? So, i can go inside the store."

Tsuna voice was almost angel-like. He waited for the young girl and boy to turn around. He would give the girl a slightly wink, and wait for them to move. Tsuna hadn't ate fudge in a really long time, but whatever. He had enough money for anything.
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PostSubject: Re: "I Used To Be Love Drunk!"   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 10:57 pm

[ooc: yeah, I've waited LONG enough and this is pointless to wait for someone who refuses to post or whatever]

Chesha watched as they guy fumbled but overall he didn't feel anything spectacular to her. She wouldn't even bothering to ask him her question, already deciding what he was at this time and thus, discerned she didn't feel like speaking to him much. Some other fellow came up, wanting into the shop and she supposed she and the gawker were making it hard to get in. Flashing a sweet smile she said, "Sorry about that!" and promptly began walking off down and around the corner.

Once around the corner she was done with her human charade, releasing the facade and allowing her true form to appear to some eye's for but a moment before the scarf waved over her form and she was gone in a 'poof.'

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PostSubject: Re: "I Used To Be Love Drunk!"   

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"I Used To Be Love Drunk!"
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