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 Penoso the Quincy

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PostSubject: Penoso the Quincy   Wed 21 Oct 2009, 11:05 pm

Quincy Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Kokoroe, Penoso

Age: 18

Gender: Male

BirthDate: December 29th 1991

Personality: Penoso is not a very good judge of character so he does not often quickly judge people. He is also fairly shy making it harder for him to talk to people thus to judge them. Penoso is a great lover of knowledge especially when it comes to tactical knowledge. He loves to go over and over tactics to find the best for each battle. He often evaluates his opponent to find the most effective means of combating him or her causing him to be a little slower at the beginning of a battle. Penoso does not like to fight as much as he likes to strategize although, he finds that the best observations can be made by being involved. He also likes to study history causing him to often quote “Those who do not study history are due to repeat it.”

Penoso has light brown hair which he always keeps in messy condition. He has light blue eyes and oval shaped glasses resting on his nose. Penoso has fair, tan skin. He normally wears a black, short sleeved, buttoned dress shirt a grey trench coat over it. For an under shirt Penoso wears a tin, dirty white, t-shirt. For pants he wears fairly loose black jeans belted by a black belt with a plain silver belt buckle. For shoes he wears black hiking boots with silver liner and black laces. Penoso also has crystal white teeth lining a seemingly perfect mouth.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 122lbs

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Nicknames: (This one isn't required.)

Likes: (AT LEAST 5) People, Animals, Music, tactical knowledge, history.

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5 ) Mathematical Equations, herd labor, people who act smart, hollows, heights.

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )
Falling asleep easily, complains often, gathering knowledge.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~
History/Background:Penoso comes from the small town of Bosa which is located on an island right beside Italy. His mother is Italian and while at a university in Japan she meet his father, making Penoso half Japanese and halt Italian. He was born and raised in Bosa, making him legally Italian. At the tender age of 12 Penoso stumbled across some mysterious notes.

Penoso was looking for batteries in his father’s study when he found these notes. They were in the bottom shelf in his father’s desk. The shelf did have a lock on it but the key was in the lock. Penoso opened the desk to see in bold black lettering “Quincy.” He was fairly curious at the time so he opened the portfolio. Scanning over the many pages of notes he quickly read the history of the Quincy. 102 pages into the portfolio his father walked in, seeing the title peeking over the top of what Penoso was reading he quickly grabbed the pages and shoved them into the desk kicking it closed with his heel. He quickly dismissed Penoso to his room as he sat in his chair thinking of what to do next.

Penoso’s dad came into his room an hour later holding the paper in his hand. He told Penoso all about his life as a Quincy and how him and Penoso’s mother really meet. His mother was actually not going to university in Japan she was further training her skills as a Quincy. When they married they vowed if they ever had a child they would never tell them of the Quincy life and it’s burdens but now it was out. For the next five years they trained Penoso intensely as were his wishes. Penoso’s parents had unknowingly trained him sense birth not to be a Quincy necessarily but to be able to take care of himself using Quincy techniques so he was not so far behind other Quincy his age. At the age of 17 Penoso’s parents had taught him all they could so they sent him on a journey to Karakura town to begin further training as they knew it was beginning to become a high spiritual pressure area. They gave him their life savings so he would be able to sustain himself in Japan and to make it to Japan.

Role-Play Sample:
The sun stood atop the horizon as a strong wind began to blow throughout the area. Clouds dotted the sky drawing many pictures for one to see. Two trees stood parallel to each other in the middle of an empty field, grass was scattered throughout the field as if someone went through and threw seeds in specific spots to attract attention to these spots. A small river lined the outside of the field breaking into two rivers at one point so people may enter the field. It was paradise; the sun gleamed off of the water creating a beautiful picture. This spot was one of very few you could now find in the industrialized world we live in. This spot was also home for now to Penoso. While traveling through on his way to Karakura town he noticed this beautiful sight and sense it was nearing night time he decided to stop for a rest. He set up a ten between the two perfect trees, hanging a tarp from each tree to protect him from the rain. Penoso quite enjoyed the peace of this place although; it would not make for a very good strategic spot. You could be surrounded by all sides or they could very simply wait for you to exit through the small opening and bottle neck you there. The only good strategic point was that it was sort of on a hill giving you a fairly good view of your surroundings.

Unannounced to Penoso he was being watched it was all a trap. As he settled into his sleeping bag to rest a stir could be heard from somewhere around him. He immediately jumped out of bed materializing his bow in hand he became ready for an attack. All of the sudden a light came from a tree in the distant forest. It grew ever bigger and ever closer to Penoso until he saw what it was. It was an arrow made out of energy. A fellow Quincy had set this trap and they were now attacking him. Penoso hastily shot the arrow out of the sky with one of his own. Then two more arrows came his way and again he dismissed them as quickly as the last.

“Who and where are you? And why are you attacking me?” shouted Penoso in the general direction of where the arrows came from.

“I thought you’d never ask,” cackled a voice from far away.

Just then a person appeared behind Penoso and shot him in the back. He lunged forward with pain as the man disappeared again. He then appeared in front of Penoso and kneed him in the face. Penoso flopped onto his back winching in pain. The man prepared one final arrow to finish him off when Penoso disappeared. All of a sudden an arrow flew towards the man and hit him in the back of the head sending him flying forward. Right before the man hit the ground he vanished and reappeared beside Penoso. He then circle kicked Penoso trying to knock his feet out from behind him. Penoso jumped into the air doing a backflip in midair and he fired another arrow at the man. The man simply palmed the arrow out of the air as he thrust his hand towards Penoso’s neck trying to strangle him. Penoso thrust his hand forward and he connected he the man’s hand he then twisted his hand causing the man to twist with it then fall flat on his stomach. Penoso then materialized a arrow in his bow and he pointed it directly at the man’s head. As the man looked up he began to speak.

“Very good, but it took you far to long. I mean c’mon I wasn’t even at full strength at it took you this long. Tisk, tisk, tisk,” taunted the man.

When the fight stopped Penoso finally got a good look at the man who had just attacked him. He had long black hair and dark brown eyes. He was about 5 or 6 feet tall and he wore a business suit. His bow was pitch black which seemed strange to Penoso. After examining him he began to speak.

“What do you mean took me long enough correct me if I’m wrong but you seem to be the one in the less tactical position,” said Penoso.

“Oh, but you are wrong,” said the man.

The man then disappeared and reappeared behind Penoso but he was ready. Penoso had gathered that this man liked to rely on his powers a lot and he seemed to be found of jumping around. Penoso was watching his back so before the man appeared he aimed his arrow behind him and as soon as he saw something he fired the arrow. The arrow hit the man dead on sending him flying back.

“You win this time but I’ll be back,” screamed the man as he vanished into the wind.

As soon as the man disappeared the wind died down and the sun set behind the horizon. Penoso stood there confused and alone again. He had no idea of what just happened, but he decided to sleep on it. Penoso walked over to his bed under the tarp he had laid before. Just as he snuggled into his bed the rain poured down from the sky. His body still aching from his wounds he feel into a deep slumber.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Penoso the Quincy   Thu 22 Oct 2009, 3:48 pm

everything looks in order to me, Approved unless one of the higher up's have a problem with it that I missed.

Talk to •Mr. Angel• about any Elite ranking
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PostSubject: Re: Penoso the Quincy   Thu 22 Oct 2009, 8:34 pm

Thank you. But no offenise to Mr.Angel or you but I've checked through the rules and I can't seem to find out how long I have to wait until I can ask someone else because I've noticed that he has been absent for 7 days without a absence note that I can find.
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PostSubject: Re: Penoso the Quincy   Thu 22 Oct 2009, 8:46 pm

He is also the user named ODa. So if he doesn't come online with the Mr.Angel account, contact the ODa one in order to ask him. But for all purposes, you need just to post in the quincy elite rank sticky and ask for a rank there. Click here for the link.

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PostSubject: Re: Penoso the Quincy   

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Penoso the Quincy
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