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 Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]

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PostSubject: Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 8:51 pm


Name: Skaeith Locke

Age: 777
Visual Age: 16

Gender: Male

Class of Arrancar: Vasto Lorde


Calm, collected, laid back, and above all: lazy to the point where it's almost an art. He likes to stay behind the scenes and let others handle the work. Or rather, he's quite fond of the notion of such; but realizes more oft than not one must dirty their own hands. Scheming, calculating, and cunning. This Arrancar revels in intrigue, intricacy, secrets and the like. Knowledge is power, and knowing what others want no others to know is leverage.

Skaeith's also nigh a constant contradiction. He's stubborn but in no way conservative, with beliefs that change on a daily basis. Sarcastic to a fault, his sharp tongue tends to lead him into conflict. Cold and callous, yet at times shockingly kind and compassionate. Loyal, yet distrustful and paranoid. Proud, but in some ways humble. Even he knows his delusions are ridiculous, but that doesn't banish them. Everyone has a secret agenda. Everyone.

A self-inflicted burden is that at times he can be sociable as an aristocrat, yet intolerant of the people he is socializing with. Skaeith can hardly stand the company of most, but if one can prove themselves adequate, he can seem a bit like a puppy. Humor, tolerance, rationality, and common sense are traits he both possesses and finds enjoyable in others.

In short summary, the Arrancar is unpredictable. He has his ways and beliefs, but nothing every stays the same forever.

(Refer to the avatar for facial features) Standing at a massive five feet, four inches, Skaeith is hardly the most intimidating thing around. Nor does he wish to be, though, always finding those who relied on appearing as if they could wipe the floor with you having the smallest chance of doing so. His build is lithe which compliments his quick, fluid movements. With wild, untamable hair of silver and eyes that glow an azure, Skaeith has an exotic attractiveness about himself. Garbed in the usual white garments of the Arrancar, but with his own personal twist: A white, long-sleeved hoody left unzipped at all times. One sleeve is usually rolled up to his elbow whilst cuff of the other goes a little past his knuckle, a hole cut into which for his thumb. Underneath the outerwear is a black, collared vest usually zipped up around the base of his throat with the collar upturned. His lower half is garbed with white, semi-baggy cargo pants, and discarded the standard sandals in favor of wrapping his feet in black cloth to further his silent approach, his hands and arms are wrapped in a similar way, up to the shoulder, open-fingered. His Zanpakuto comes in a set of twin style short swords sheathed at his lower back in an x formation. The remnants of his Hollow form: A small, jagged fragment of his Hollow mask that runs from his left cheekbone under his eye ending in a point just before his nose and his Hollow hole is relatively small placed on the left side of his chest beneath his collarbone.


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 128Ibs

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Azure

Reiatsu Color: Black/Azure

Reiatsu Power Level:

Likes: Biting, Sleeping, Reading, Full Moons, Biting, Nighttime, Cool/Cold Weather, Women, Biting Women, Being Bitten by Women, Alcohol.

Dislikes: Stupid People, Loud People, Stupid Loud People, Irrationality, Overly Psychotic People, Daytime, Bright Light, Hot/Humid Weather, Scientists.

Turn-Ons: Curves, Soft Skin, Exotic Eye Colors (Or pretty much anything that's not Brown), Elf Ears, Canine-Lovers (But not the creepy, excessive type), Intelligence, Wit, Humor, Rationality.

Habits/quirks: (3-5 ) Smoking, drinking, adds "Yeah" at the end of his sentences frequently, fear of spiders.

Talents: Ambidexterity, People-Reading, Bluffing, Writing, Creativity, Dancing, Flamenco Guitar, Piano.

Hollow Class:[color] Vasto Lorde


Skaeith Locke was born on a cold February morning in small town was blanketed in white to a loving mother and a distant father. His first years were spent as anyone's, getting into things he shouldn't, reaching for things he couldn't, and being scolded for things he wouldn't. The child was a bit of a crybaby, much to his father's chagrin.

One day, fed up with the infidelity and unhappiness that plagued her life, Skaeith's mother packed up and took him away from that small town. They moved on to a larger city and tried for a fresh start, hindered by the harassment of the infuriated father, but nevertheless they managed.

He lived an ordinary life, he was your slightly above average everyday average boy. Not a prodigy in music, literature, or athletics, but Skaeith was intelligent. Sadly, he was smart enough to realize that he wasn't smart enough for anything extraordinary and resigned himself to the average, ordinary life. Luckily he had the mindset that it's the little things in life that piece together and make the big things.

Unfortunately, Skaeith was oblivious to the them. Everything felt insignificant and unimportant. Each person he met just felt like another face in the crowd. He was becoming more and more detached with the passing days. However, like the case of most boys, there was a girl. And like most cases, she changed everything. Being unlike all that preceded her the girl effortlessly won over his attention and curiosity. Calm, quiet, and reserved, she spoke little of her mind.

Naturally, Skaeith wanted to know everything about her. Being weird in nigh every sense of the word, the boy's classy ice-breaker was "What's your favorite kind of cheese?"

And so began this unusual courting process. The girl was hard to crack, but the boy possessed an unshakable determination. Day by day they grew a little closer, until finally she caved. The two weren't your average high school couple. Instead of constant flattery and outright affections, they were tender to each other through no ways other than sarcasm and insults. But they were happy together, content with just each others company. Skaeith knew he would spend his days with this woman, and that was fine with him. And so he spent the rest of his life with her happily.

He didn't live to see his twentieth birthday, he was killed in a car accident.

When he came to, Skaeith felt nothing but a sickening hunger. It was pervasive and relentless, plaguing his every second to the point he felt as if he was going insane. Which didn't seem like a far out possibility. What could this ghost-like desert be other than a hallucination brought on by an unstable mind? Memories were reeling through his head but slipping through the cracks before any grip on himself could be taken. Frantic and desperate, he looked for somebody, anybody, to help him. And in a twisted sort of way, he found it. Stumbling upon a group of three beings the lost soul thought to be distorted only by his hysteria and pleaded for their aid. So the Hollow were asked, so did the Hollows grant. In the cruelest fashion imaginable they pounded the knowledge of what a hideous monstrosity he had become into Skaeith's head.
"All because your spirit was too weak, and you couldn't accept death." The ringleader cackled, a hint of sadistic pleasure easily caught in tone. Luckily he was able to enjoy his last few moments. Fury and horror have their limits, and once broken only bloodshed can be wrought.

And so it was. When restraint and self-control finally made their reappearance, Skaeith found himself struggling to leash his appetite with the flesh of those he had fell. A perverse satisfaction spread over him paired with a sense of sickness. To say he loathed what he had become would only fall short. With a wounded pride at having deteriorated to such a beast, he resolved to take down and decimate as many Hollow as possible before they returned the favor. The task was made less strenuous when the newly born Hollow literally stumbled onto his innate ability during a fight not wisely picked. Fleeing from his pursuer, all Skaeith could think of was the need to get away, to vanish. Passing under one the trees that sparsely populated this wasteland he felt himself sink into the shadow it cast. Fearful that this was a power of his opponent he closed his eyes and resigned himself to a grim fate. One that never came.

Daring a look around to see what had happened, the Hollow was startled to find he was in an entirely different region of Hueco Mundo. And so the technique "Shadow Step" had been discovered. With it, Skaeith could step into a shadow and reappear in another within twenty or so yards. Never was he able to use it to travel the distance he had during that flight for survival.

Time lost its meaning in the world of gray and black. All there was, was the devouring of his Hollow kin. Skaeith's body had gone through a variety of changes. Growing, growing, and growing still until suddenly shrinking was thrown into the mix. Oddly enough, though he was decreasing in size, he could feel his power was growing like never before. From the monstrosity that looked as if it had been ripped from the scripts of a cheap horror movie he had evolved drastically, now resembling a normal sized wolf, though still with the demonic-like touch of being a Hollow. Unaware was Skaeith that he had become a highly powerful Adjuchas class Menos. He'd never bothered to learn much more of his kind after the first time he had met others. All he knew was Hollows were not to be trusted, not even himself.

Eventually, Skaeith could feel the years begin to drag on. Hunting, though never had it been exciting, lost it's meaning. The growth in power didn't provide thrill. It never had. He could hardly remember why he did it in the first place. Weary of this pointless existence and endless solitude, the Hollow broke his mask thinking that would be the end of it. Reiatsu erupted from him in such a massive amount even he was shocked. Surprise was short lived and swiftly replaced by a agony unlike any other, and darkness quickly overtook him.

When Skaeith once more, much to his behest, became coherent he felt himself being carried. Not bothering to open his eyes, he figured someone was about to be pleased with their next meal. It seemed like a reasonable conclusion, as one of the things that were carrying him (he hadn't bothered to check) was chattering excitedly. "Did you feel that Reiatsu? This one's gotta be at least around Vasto-..." but the voice was quickly cut off by a harsh "Shh!"

The sound of a tremendously large gate opening reached his ears and curiosity was beginning to reach that level of unbearable. Slowly did he open his eyes to slits, but couldn't make out much as he had been carried through the gate.

"Welcome," A deep voice echoed through the halls. The gate doors slammed shut and Skaeith's eyes shot wide open.

"To Las Noches."

RP Sample

Raziel expression was dull and vacant as he stared up at the oncoming dusk, the sun slowly sinking into the horizon and splashing a myriad of colors, shades, and hues upon the skies like water paints on an empty canvas. The dimming of the light cast over the landscape seemed to rob the rocky cliffs and ravines of their abnormally unique blue coloration, such an odd dye granting the terrain something of a mystic visage. It was a majestic view, so Raziel thought as he gazed upon it with his chin resting on lazily on his knuckles, his elbow supported by the sill of the arched cobblestone lookout, a window of sorts.

"I wonder what the others are up to..." He spoke his thoughts aloud as his mind drifted to the activities the rest of the Restoration Committee were up to. Squall-- (At the thought, Raziel chuckled and "corrected" himself) "Leon" was probably off at some secret location of solitude to train. Cid? In the works of a new masterpiece Gummi ship, without a doubt. Aerith... Well... He wasn't quite sure what she'd be up to. Tifa, of course would be gallivanting around all of Radiant Garden in search of Cloud; and probably for nothing more to assure he was still here. At the thought of what mayhem Merlin might be up to, Raziel could not suppress the grin. The old Wizard was... Well, he's something else, for lack of a better way to put it. Images of coffee pots running amok and attacking people flashed through his mind, and another chuckle followed.

Raziel absentmindedly brushed away at the fly buzzing in his peripherals, but the bug persisted to do what it's kind had been given a nickname for; bug. The boy swatted at it a little more persistently, but to no avail. What was this, some sort of superfly? Turning his head to get a better look at this annoying insect, he noticed it hadn't been a fly. It was something gathering near the Castle Gates. A swarm of...


[What's a good post without Theme Music?]

The boy was already flying down the Bailey's flights of stone staircases as if the Devil himself were at his heels. At the final platform before the last two sets of steps Raziel leapt off the edge, completely bypassing them and landing in a crouch, his left hand began unsheathing Tiamat as his azure eyes leveled with two large wooden double-doors, fastened and locked tightly together by a heavy crossbar. This door's useless against the Heartless anyway. Mentally the words were muttered. Energy amassed about him and his sword as he thrust forward with all his might, driving the blade into the double-doors. In response to the sheer impact of Sonice Rave they violently exploded from their hinges, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake as he burst through.

"I stand corrected." He mused with an arched eyebrow at the few pairs of Heartless' legs twitching from under the massive wooden doors.

Raziel took up stance, holding Tiamat in reverse grip behind him. The barred gates had been trampled, proven once more ineffective at repelling invasion as they lay underfoot a squadron of Armored Knights; their armor rattling with each movement, numerous of which made, giving them an air of impatience. Best not to keep them waiting. He thought with a wry smile before sprinting full-speed; energy swirling about the sword once more.

The Heartless charged forward eager to meet him.

When he came within fifteen feet, Raziel launched himself roughly the same amount of distance into the air; his body bathed in a radiant glow from the setting sun. Splitting Tiamat into two separate katana, the teen hurled them into the midst of the horde, each blade burying a good portion of it's tip into the ground five feet apart from the other. The energy from Braver erupted from both swords in a bluish-black explosion of Dark energy that splashed out around twenty feet, obliterating the the Heartless in the center where the two waves of energy clashed and was most volatile. Raziel landed within the now-hollow center and grabbed hold of his blades, four of the Armored Knights remained. In a graceful motion, he ripped the swords from the earth and backflipped into the air, landing on, and driving each half of Tiamat into, the chest of the Knight closest to the fallen Gates who had yet to regain it's feet.

The sound of metal cutting through air triggered his reflexes, weaving to the left as the broadsword sliced past his right cheek, leaving a cut that ran horizontally beneath his eye. A wave of panic flooded him and the boy lost his footing, falling to the defenseless onto the stone courtyard. His eyes shot open and he rolled to the side as the bloodied tip of the Heartless' blade pierced the ground where Raziel's head had been moments ago. The boy looked up into the steel visor, empty save for darkness and two yellow eyes glowing with malice. The sound of the others approaching was heralded by the clatter of metal; armored feet in haste and swords scraping against stone.

It can't end here! His heart screamed. Instinct tangled with desperation, and together they pushed him from the state of frozen terror; he thrust his palm into the Heartless' visor. "FIRE!" Raziel shouted in rage, and the crimson flames lit up the Darkness within the Knight's helm; the entire body bursting into flames. Still clutching the Heartless by the head, he rose to his feet and twisting his body around one-eighty degrees, the blazing body of the Knight whipping around with the velocity like a rag doll before it was released; sent flying into one of the two remaining. The two collided with a "CRASH!" before simply crumpling to the ground, both lit afire.

The survivor had jumped to the left just in time to evade the flaming body of it's fallen comrade. With the distance between it and the boy now closed, it raised the large sword in it's hand and brought it crashing down with a vicious strength; but only to have it miss the intended target and become lodged into the ground. The sharp end of a sword pierced through the side of the Heartless' helmet, and the Dark being went limp. Pressing his foot to the midsection, Raziel kicked and freed his weapon.

[End Music]

Panting heavily, he gazed wearily around the little battlefield. Various corpses of the Heartless lay littered about, only to vanish into Darkness a moment later. With a smug gleam in his eyes, he staggered over to outer wall of Radiant Garden, leaning his back to the brick wall and slumping down into a sitting position. He pieced Tiamat back into one weapon, and planted it's blade into the ground next to him. "Ugh..." He groaned as he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and checked how badly his cheek was bleeding. Nothing serious, just a scratch.

Running his hand through the soft strands of hair that dangled before his eyes, he sighed contently and once more fixated his azure eyes to the dimming skies.

All in a days work.

Innate Ability:
Shadow Step - A peculiar ability that allows Skaeith to literally walk in the shadows by stepping into a shadow and re-appearing in another. Or even the same shadow for deception purposes (Trick Step), and being the most conserving "Step" Reiatsu-wise. Whereas re-appearing in the Shadow of a living entity (Specific Step) is a little more draining. This ability can be used to re-appear into any shadow within roughly Fifty yards. Entirely different from Shunpo or Sonido, Shadow Step is not a quick movement but actually exiting the current plane and entering the Shadow Plane. After seven minutes every second thereafter begins to leech at Skaeith's Reiatsu. This ability is Innate and may be used outside of Resurreccion as well. The Shadow Realm is not another Dimension, like Hueco Mundo or Soul Society. It's an entirely different plane of existence that is like a shaded mirror reflection of the Material Plane. Thus, being barred from Dimensional Escape has no effect on Shadow Stepping. As long as there is a Shadow, the technique may be performed. Period. People, buildings, trees, attacks, etc. made in the Material Plane are visible in the Shadow Plane, however not vice versa, but contact and touch between the two are completely impossible. Someone in the Shadow Plane cannot attack nor be attacked by someone in the Material.

Additionally, while in Resurreccion, Skaeith can bring any being he has physical contact with into the Shadow Plane. Extreme caution must be taken if this is used to escape with an ally, for if at any point contact is lost while sinking into the shadow, whatever had passed, be it limb, clothing, equipment... Anything, it will be phased into the object on which the Shadow rests. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Even if the transition goes smoothly, the "guest" must remain in physical contact with Skaeith. Seeing as traversing the Shadow Plane is an innate ability that Skaeith alone possesses, none other than he are suited to it, nor welcome in it, and will be wracked with agony beyond description or imagination. Even but a second within will sap a noticeable (But not insanely so) amount of the person's life force and Reiatsu. But if carried out correctly the juice is definitely worth the squeeze as the distance that may be traveled is greatly increased (By leeching off of his guest's Reiatsu, of course) making a smooth, clean getaway.

Seven times a battle* with a Cooldown of Zero turns for Trick Step, One for a normal Step, and Two for Specific Step. [*Increases by 1 every 100 Points.]

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PostSubject: Re: Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 9:04 pm

Ok, if you're going to have several versions of "shadow step", then make them as techniques instead of having several into one. Have ONE effect in the innate ability.

And I will have to say no to the vasto lorde class. You needed permission in advance in order to be one.
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PostSubject: Re: Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 9:10 pm

Yes, I noticed this. Which is why I plan to find out who the Webmaster is and notify him of my request. Seeing as you're not him, I'll just ignore that bit.

As for the Shadow Step, it's not several versions. It's the same exact technique, carried out in the same exact way. Using it in certain ways is more taxing, and requires a larger resting period between. I would kindly ask that you use your head a smidgen, Celeste.
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PostSubject: Re: Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 9:14 pm

Actually, I am one of the webmasters, according to the one who made this site.
So Skaeith, I would suggest that you don't get smart with me and actually edit it to a more mild form as an innate is not the same as a shikai ability. If there are other variations of the same innate ability, then it is infact, another ability within one. And it's the same using it in "certain ways" as you would call it, so edit please.
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PostSubject: Re: Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]   Tue 27 Oct 2009, 5:07 am

I apologize for my previous rudeness, Skaeith was having a very, very bad week. And I felt like you were singling me out, 'cause I've had this approved by even you before.

If you feel I'm unqualified for Vasto Lorde, I will prove to you otherwise. If you simply just do not want to hand the Class out at all, then I'll speak little more of the matter.

As for my Shadow Step, it may seem a little overbearing, I know. But in truth, it's just really wordy. I like to go in-depth and get descriptive and leave little room for "What if"s. I will try my best to tone it down, change the limb severing to a phasing concept, and etc.

As for it being separate techniques, honestly, it isn't. Nothing about the function of the technique changes, and it's carried out the same way every time. No matter what "Step", I'm still going into a Shadow, and emerging from a Shadow whether it be the same, a building's, or someone else's. I simply felt I should make appearing out of a Humanoid's Shadows a little more difficult to recover from after use, thus giving it a higher cooldown. The idea was to limit it so I couldn't constantly ambush people, while still effectively use my ability.
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PostSubject: Re: Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]   Wed 28 Oct 2009, 5:08 am a whole, including vasto lorde. But I would appreciate it if you would discard the shadow plan sapping reiatsu part, but everything else is acceptable.
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PostSubject: Re: Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]   

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Skaeith Locke [Arrancar]
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