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 Yeah... Whatever e-e

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PostSubject: Yeah... Whatever e-e   Fri 16 Oct 2009, 9:23 pm

[Its been too long since I last RPed, so if you don't like the App. keep your wise cracks to yourself]

Bountou Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

-Real Name: Unknown.
-Adopted Name: Rhayne

Age: Unknown.

Visual Age: Roughly Mid to Late 20s

Gender: Male

Personality: Quite the Oddball in almost every aspect of social conduct, with a questionable sense of Justice and vaguely immature attitude. He thinks beyond the norm, and tends to do whatever he feels like, with little or no regard for authority or society. Not rebellious, but neither a Law Abiding Citizen; he can be best described as 'indifferent' to the rules. Unpredictable in every sense and at times, a hypocrite; likely to be criticizing heroes one minute, and involved in heroics the next. Interesting... in a way, yes. He can be funny, and good company though he chooses not to be.

His Involvement with people, other than his own kind has always been low. Truthfully, it has always been his own choice to stay as far away from humans as possible, though there have been certain instances where a few people have managed to impress him enough to be considered worthy of spending time with. Even with bounts, his socialization has always been akin to that of a Master with his Servants, only calling upon them when he needed their assistance. To him, Race, Caste, Gender, etc mean little. He thinks of people as individuals and those that interest him are allowed to come close. Truthfully, its not that he thinks too much about it, but the exact opposite. He cares very little for others, even people who think they're close to him.
His loyalties often lie with the highest bidder, least he believes that it may directly or indirectly interfere with his objectives, which till date remain unknown.

Cruel, Relentless and Merciless, he is a force to be reckoned with. No, thats not a comment on his Fighting Skills, but on his attitude in a fight. He often says that, "In a Fight, the dumbest thing you can do is Hesitate". Following that, it would be very unwise to think that he is easy to provoke. Irritating him may be easy, but getting him to make a blunder because of it nearly impossible.
Some would say he is a Genius on the Battle Field, because of his ability to cook up strategies at a moments notice. Not much of an instinctive fighter but he possesses experience, which more than makes up for it. His knowledge of different battle strategies, Fighting Styles and Psychological Warfare make him an indispensable asset.

He is pretty intelligent, though not in an egghead kinda way. He would fall more on the Wise and Logical Side of the Spectrum, rather than Methodological and Factual. He's good at what he does, and for him, thats all that matters. Its remains unknown how many languages he knows, or how many sciences he has studied. It can be assumed that he is fairly well versed in most sciences, being present at the time most of those scientific discoveries were made. He claims to find Physics, Chemistry and Biology interesting, but shoes no particular inclination towards the more advanced applications towards the later.

As described above, he is Intelligent, Cruel, Social in his own way, and kinda Immature. Some would say he is Insane, other would say he is one of a kind, and yet others would say he's an oddball. He is both a Realist and an Idealist, just as he is Indifferent yet Interesting. His behavior changes from time to time, depending on the situation, though the one thing that can be established is, that he is not someone you can trust.

Although not very tall, he more than makes up for it with his Athletic build, boasting of an exceptionally strong upper body. Along his back is scar that cuts across the spine, beginning from just an inch below his shoulder, and runs all the way till the end of his Ribcage, on the other side. His most prominent feature is his messed up hair, which often makes him the butt of many hair jokes, being called 'Crow', 'Urchin Head' and the likes.
Though his hair stands out the most, another very prominent and possibly the thing people remember him by, are his eyes which are said to resemble those of an Eagle about to strike at its prey. He usually carries a rather lost yet somewhat serious expression on his face.
His wardrobe consists of shirt [of a color somewhere between Royal and Slate Blue] with a Skull on it, along with a pair of Black Trousers. The Trousers are made of a rather soft and flexible material, which allows him to move with greater ease than he could in Jeans.
Over his shirt, he dons a a Jacket, which has a color which is a mixture of a very deep purple and grey.
At times, he may wear another Jacket, of White Color over the one mentioned above, but its not necessary that he will, either.
His Shoes, are a special variation on the very uncomfortable Military Shoes. They have the structure of a sneaker but serve the same purpose by allowing him to move silently. They have specialized soles, which prevent Rapid Wear and Tear.


~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 5"11

Weight: 62 Kgs

Hair: Jet Black : Messed Up

Eyes: Black

Nicknames: None

Reiatsu Color:

Metallic Deep Purple: Whether or not he is using his power, his vast spiritual pressure remains unchanged from its Demonic Purplish form. It can't be described as a purely evil type of Reiatsu, though one could call it Ominous and Suffocating.

Reiatsu Power Level: Elite

To begin with, he Likes Curvy Girls and has a Fetish for Neko.
He likes eating different kinds of foods, specially when its on the house.
He has wanderlust. Its a situation where he enjoys exploring different places, like Jungles, Ruins, etc.
Enjoys a good joke, or funny quote. Sarcasm is his favorite hobby.
Lastly, though he isn't particularly fond of fighting, he sometimes enjoys going Jackie Chan on some Idiot who really deserves it.

He hates having to sit down at one place, doing absolutely nothing. Just sitting at one spot tends to get him irritated.
He really hates uninteresting, boring people. He would rather spend his time, provoking some hot headed idiot, rather than with a bunch of bookworms.
One thing that really makes him tick off, is when people try to get too chummy with him, specially when they don't know him at all.
Since I can't think of another two things, lets make them; People who have a constant habit of correcting others or people that try to nag him, and having to attend boring functions and meetings.

One Major Quirk of his, is his sudden personality changes. Going from Full on Bitch Mode, to "Whatever" in a minute. He tends to do so randomly.
His other Habit, is to go on and on about something, while others might not be paying attention to him, at all.
Another one of his signature quirks, is the Habit of stepping on the toes of a person who goofs up, in any way. Its say... His Signature Quirk. [Like Ed Dislikes being Called Short]
He tends to have these Spazz moments where he turns into this Rapist/Pedo/ watchamacallit. There come and go as they please.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


Year; 1498. Location; Modern Day Marseilles. Possibly the first ever act of terrorism of such massive scale. The Incident was wrapped up and put aside as the 'accidental' explosion of a Gunpowder Factory. Year; 1508. Location; Modern Day London. Half the city, blown apart by what was described as the work of foreign powers. Year; 1518. Location; Modern Day Brussels. The Forest Outlining the settlement, burnt to ashes through another 'Accidental' Fire. No matter how many written records were found, Historians and Archaeologists could not logically come up with a method through which Destruction of such levels could be possible in that day and age. The one thing they could discern was that these 3 incidents were masterminded by the same person. In order to avoid the news of their inability to accurately summarize these events, their very Occurrence was kept a secret from the General Public.

So what was it that happened? What was this force that wiped out almost 7 entire settlements over a period of 20 yrs? The one man, solely responsible for these occurrences. A young man, roughly in his Early Twenties. His name was unknown. His origin Unknown. All that was known was that it was act against the Church, because all of the above mentioned locations were secret locations of the Church where the Witch Hunts were being carried out. The church was the most powerful organization at the time, and the fact that a single man was able to oppose them to the point where they couldn't even defend their Cathedrals, despite having the Kings Armies at their disposal was preposterous. Such an act was considered, not only an act against god, but a federal crime of the Highest Degree as well.

" Heretic! Lunatic! Genocidal! ”

That’s what the masses called him, and he didn't care. The Church dubbed him as nothing more than a Demon in Flesh, aiding the Witches. It was their excuse for being unable to come up with any leads in their investigation. They knew nothing about his motives, and the only thing that made sense to them was that he was against the Genocide of the Witches. But they were all wrong. About 5 more years passed and the masses had finally started to forget about those instances when he struck again. This time, it was the destruction of any ordinary Cathedral. In fact, it wasn't anything like his previous crimes. His target this time was the Cathedral in Antwerp, Belgium called 'Notre Dame'. At the time, it was one of the most well known Structures of the Church. Within its boundaries lived over 200 Bishops, along with some very important and dominating members of the clergy. He struck at night. No one even noticed as he murdered each and every Priest he could find and as a final touch, he Mutilated the body of the High Priest, and hung it on the very same cross which they used to show the townspeople the body of the crucified witch, with the words "Change" [In the then Language] written on the Marble Platform below in the blood of that Priest. He even went as far as burning all the Archives of the Church, which included the information from the Investigation of the Destruction he'd caused. All the records were lost, but to make sure he wasn't forgotten in a hurry, he kept one man alive to tell the tale of his power and horror to the world.

But the Church wasn’t about to give up that easily. They erased all evidences of the Genocide, and made sure that all the people who saw the High Priests Body were taken care of. They inquired from the man, all they could about this killer. The only thing that the frightened and disturbed man could narrate was the fear of being confronted by one who had eyes like an Eagle about to pounce on its Pray. Thereafter, he was referred to as the 'Sage Bane'.

After his assault on the Antwerp Cathedral, he continued to assassinate the High Ranking Members of the Clergy, the most notable one being the then Archbishop of the Sistine Chapel. Every time he killed, he left a message in blood. Each Message narrated a story, and each story had a clue. Seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, this Wave of Witch Hunts began to decline and by the late 16th Century, the practice was nearly abolished. As the Witch Hunts began to decline, so did his activities, and in another 2 years, he seemed to have complete disappeared from the scene. The situation was handled, and the Clergy once again stabilized its position over the masses.

Many years later when everything seemed to have calmed down, nearly mid 17th Century saw the Rise of these Activities again. He thought it was time again, for him to start the Execution of the Priests who dared to Partake and Promote this barbaric practice. But the question was where to begin? More importantly, how to carry out his plans to have maximum effect, But the Question was… what this effect he was looking for was? On the outside, it looked like he was against the Witch-hunts. One night, when he was about to finish of the Last Remaining Priest of a Minor Cathedral, when he received quite a shock. He found out that the priest, in fact, was a Shinigami disguised in a Gigai. He was taken aback, but not surprised in the least. He’d seen the men in Black Robes near the places where he’d committed genocides. He was well aware that they were investigating him, but to think that they would actually trap him.

The Shinigami broke the silence which had settled over the room by beginning to explain that they had been looking for him the 15th century. He said it was the lack of proper Reiatsu Sensing Technologies that he managed to evade them. With the recent break through in the Field of Technology, coupled with their executions of bounts which conveniently provided them with a Spiritual Frequency to Trace, they were able to locate him. Almost half asleep, he decided to cut the Shinigami Short, and asked him what it was that he wanted. A little pissed, he said that he was here to kill him in accordance with the orders from the Higher Ups. Looking at him with a very irritated face, he moved faster than the Shinigami could comprehend appearing 3 ft to his left, as he spun around and kicked him the Gut. He smiled as he choked the Shinigami, holding him up-against the wall.

“Any last wishes?”

He asked, with a sadistic grin on his face. The Bewildered shinigami looked awestruck as he came to his senses and realized what had happened. It took him another few seconds to fully understand what was happening and realize that he had no chance to run away. Awaiting his Impending doom, he said in weak voice “Why… would you do all this?”
He looked at him and said…

“Because its fun... why else?”

The Shinigami smirked and said “You’re mad” and that was the last thing he would ever say as the Bount tightened his grip and with that, ended the Shinigami’s pathetic life. He didn’t know where the Priest Ran off to so he decided to leave. When he returned to the place where he’d taken accommodation, he began to mull things over. In the end, he came to the conclusion that he was tired of taking part in the petty affairs of humans. They were definitely not worth risking him being captured by those Death Gods. They underestimated him once. They wouldn’t do it again. So with that one last hit, he decided to sit back and enjoy the show, i.e. The Renaissance.

During this time, he read up a lot. Most of them were books regarding the Renaissance and related Philosophy as well as a couple of others. He was more interested in the writings of the people supporting the Revolution, rather than the Church. The new and changing thoughts of the Humans intrigued him. Seeing as he was nearly illiterate in anything other than basic Reading and Writing before, he began to see the world in a new light though his view of humans remained the same. He simply watched as the Revolution finally emerged victorious and the Power of the Church fell. It was very amusing to watch the Humans fight each other, supporting what they believed him. It was even more amusing because he understood a large part of Human Psychology and could tell that in a matter of decades, a new Idea would emerge and that would catch their interests. They were like little children who were distracted by anything and everything which glowed. He ridiculed them and in a cruel sense, he mocked them for their pathetic struggles. But ironically, he envied them. He knew that they had limited lives and they would still dedicate everything to what they believed him, without any regard to themselves. This green eyed monster pissed him off, and that only made him angrier. In fact, it what was drove him from Insane, to Partially Sane. Over the years, he decided to leave the Human world alone, only keeping up with current affairs. His goal was now, to get more involved with the Spiritual World. It was more or less because of the increasing number of Shinigami and Hollows he’d been seeing around him. It aroused his Inquisition. From then till the end of the 19th Century, his involvement with the Spiritual World greatly increased as he started hunting doing, what the Shinigami called hollows. He found that they were a great source of information; some more accurate than others. The smaller and stronger they were, the more they knew. He was careful not to let the Shinigami notice him. Partially involved with the Humans, and partially with the Spiritual Entities, he began to find life becoming both monotonous and interesting. Monotonous, as he did the same thing over and over again; Hunt down Hollows, Avoid Shinigami, etc and interesting since he was learning more and more about the Spiritual Realm.

Around the Mid 19th Century, the Shinigami in the Human Realm increased drastically, and from one of his Sources within the Bounts, he learnt that they were hunting them down, now En Masse, unlike before. He knew when he was out-matched and out-numbered. He completely halted his Activities related to the Spiritual World and lived like a Normal Human, for almost half a Century, moving from City to City ever 5-10 yrs. During this time, he began to enjoy living like that. It was a lot more peaceful. In fact, it surprised him that he was able to get used to living such a passive life, given that he was a Serial Killer once. One could say that knowledge tamed him. It wasn’t that he was a civil being; non-violent and peaceful. Not in the least. But he went from being Savage to unpredictable.

[Since I don’t feel like Writing any more, I’m bullshitting it using the ultimate weapon of all Writers with a Writers Block… Time Skip]

Time Skip – World War I

A free agent, working for whosoever paid him the most. He was a spec ops soldier with a talent for Hunting down enemies, and taking them out silently. He was like a Shadow at night. No one knew when and how he would strike. All they could do was wait as they cold hands crept around their heads and twisting their necks; feeling their spine crack as their souls slipped out of their body and straight into the belly of the monster. He was codenamed ‘Rhayne’.
His real name, identity, was all lost. All that remained was his legacy. He didn’t play any important Role in the War. He was simply an assassin. He was ordered to take out Military Leaders and High Ranking Officials and occasionally to spy on the enemy and that he did flawlessly. In 1918, when the war ended he once again went into hiding till the Second World War, where he was a Captain in the German Army. He commanded a Battle Ship known as ‘The Aurora’. It was more of a carrier than a Battle-Ship but it was equipped with its share of weaponry. During this time, it is possible that he for some reason had lost the use of his doll. It’s not clear why, but not once did he use his Dolls power for the duration of the war. Rather, he fought using a Pair of Rapiers. He was called a Super Soldier and there were attempts to create more like him. They actually thought he was an engineered being and that thought scared them. Rather, it pushed them into starting a Project to create more. The ones to achieve Success in this were the US.
After the war, he disappeared again. It is suspected that he was being forced to take part in the war by an unknown source. Probably related to why he was unable to use his Doll.
The first war was more of a test run to see if he was worth using. The second war, despite him being on the side of the Germans was lost.
It is unclear where he disappeared to, or what he did afterwards. It was suspected that he fled to South Asia, but no one could be sure. He’d actually taken refuge in Japan where he’d noticed, the Spiritual Density was high. He’d also found out that there were many Bounts there, though he decided to stay away from them, seeing as he was… different, even by standards of bounts.
He spent many years free-lancing. He did any job he could find and made a living, till he got bored with the monotony and decided to try something different and so he became a mercenary. He joined up with a fellow Merc. Who he later discovered was an artificially created human, called Null.
Till date, he works as a Mercenary with Karakura Town as the base of Operation.

Role-Play Sample:

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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Yeah... Whatever e-e
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