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 Flow MSST 000-Modsoul Vaizard

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PostSubject: Flow MSST 000-Modsoul Vaizard   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 6:14 am

Vizard Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name:MSST000 Flow (MSST000 means Mod Soul Shinigami Type 000) (Your characters name. Must have a first and a last, type in last name first, and first name last format. That is how names are in the manga, and in japan.)

Age: 137

Visual Age:16

Gender: Male

Ex-Division:12th (Experiment)

Personality:Cheerful and outgoing, Flow is larger then life, figuratively the light in the darkness, his happiness is seldom gone, though he does harbor some feelings or vindication against the 12th Division and by extension the Gotei 13 he is not vindictive enough to not consider working with a shinigami or anyone that can earn his trust. Flow also has a soft spot for the ladies as some Mod Souls do, he has overtime learned self control that does not necessarily mean that he will not flirt with any cutie that passes his eye. To his duty for the Vaizard Flow has no second thoughts he will do almost whatever to protect his “family”, that does not however mean he is the “perfect” soldier he has his morals he believes life is precious and only taken when the user is not worth remorse. Flow also has an analytical mind capable with machinery and laboratory equipment as an ex-experiment of the 12th Division as such he is eager to make things for his people.

Appearance: Looking in reality like a light blue pill, Flows gigai however looks like a teenager with brown hair and brown eyes. It has a very youthful appearance to it and it is very muscular partly due to design and as well as Flows daily training. However the gigai does personify Flows personality traits such as its smile is very charming a heartwarming.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: Pill: 2 inches tall, Gigai: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: Pill:8 ounces, Gigai: 140 pounds

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Nicknames: Not a nickname but his official experimental name, is Mod Soul Shinigami Type 000 (This one isn't required.)

Reiatsu Color: White

Reiatsu Power Level:Unsuspecting (tis all I can say)

Likes: (AT LEAST 5)Friendship and understanding, protecting comrades, learning things, pretty faces, food, and inventing.

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5 )Cruelty, dumbasses, raisins, mean girls, and a broken invention.

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )Always references food, always flirts, always is a little obnoxious and always is a little heartwarming.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~
History/Background:First in a new line of mod souls, Flow was the product of a technological breakthrough in how they could be produced with many scientists efforts being poured into him. Similar to the earlier line of modsouls in the respect that they needed to be put in gigais and usually had one special improvement, Flows improvement however was that his spiritual power was increased to a shinigami standard with the capability to grow, the result was a modsoul that could be trained like a shinigami the effects of those would have been tremendous had not some ambitious scientists decided to use him later as a guinea pig.
Having been made to be a soldier, Flow was trained in the basic shinigami arts, swordfighting, kido, and shunpo. He also was taught certain earth-like abilities through the use of tapes. He learned how to be able to survive in the real world if he ever got sent there, by learning some languages, how to cook, basic social behavior, and some of the culture. However one scientist Professor Akitski soon grew to care for Flow and began sneaking in more advanced tapes that were beyond the basic curriculum such as television shows. Flow eager to learn more, quickly learned how to cook some advanced meals, began learning what was good and bad on television to the point of critiquing it, he learned about government, history and stories, it took awhile to learn all of these things people take for granted, but by the end of it Flow was a cultured person.
After graduating the Shinigami Academy, Flow began to work for the 12th Division, learning slowly how to invent along the way. Though at first unpopular with the squad members due to his differences, Flow soon earned their friendship with his cheerful persona. During this time Flow performed basic shinigami duties and got to know many shinigami personally.
Around 5 years into his inception into the 12th Squad some scientists eager to perform rumored hollowification experiments found a loophole in doing so by using Flow since technically he was considered an experiment and property and not a shinigami. Still knowing they would be in trouble with the law for doing so however, they took Flow against his will and spent about 3 months to turn him into a Vaizard, at the end of this session of time they succeeded but at a terrible cost to Flow, the Central 46 got wind of this and ordered the termination of MSST 000 effective immediately as well as the termination of the program that created him as well as the science involved that turned him into a Vaizard. However the night before his supposed execution, Professor Akitski snuck him an untraceable special gigai immune to most forms of expulsion except the way that Aizen used to obtain the hogyoku, and transported him to a Senkai Gate and told him to never come back, and with a tearful goodbye he left.
Arriving in the Sahara Desert around 25 years ago, Flow had to find his way around the world using the skills he learned, in doing so he learned more about humanity then any tape could ever show. Eventually the winds of fate blew him to the Vaizards who accepted him into their ranks. Now Flow strives to protect his people from oppression whether it is from despicable Hollows who just want to eat them or Shinigami who want to cleanse the world of them.

Role-Play Sample: Flow wake up.Professor Akitski said while shaken him awake. Huh,what what’s happening? Flow said drowsily. The Central 46 had issued a warrant for your arrest and subsequent execution err termination since you aren’t technicallythe professor did not get to complete his statement as Flow immediately got out of bed and said What!!. The professor settling him Calm down you think I wasn’t prepared for this, even you knew this might happen some day. Flow frowned, it was true but then smiled You would have a plan for this. The professor began walking away Let us leave this place follow me to the basement we will talk there. Flow followed obediently unaware of his fate.

In the basement the professor explained to Flow the properties of his Gigai who was already in it. Now it is immune to most forms of expulsion so you should be safe if you have to fight a fellow shinigami, it is also untraceable so you reiastu signature should be unsuspecting though it isn’t perfect any spiritual creature will find you if they concentrate hard enough. Flow nodded used to how Professor Akitski always spoke of his creations. So where’s yours, you better hurry they will find us soon. The professor put his head down and frowned The reason I am not getting in one is that I am not going. Flow frowned he had expected this, the professor was old-fashioned he had traveled the real world during the time of chivalry and honor and it had stuck on him. But!!. The professor looked back up No buts I can’t go, I have already crushed a fake pill that is virtually the same as yours, no one will be the wiser I will say I spared you a painful death, but if I leave with you they will know something’s amiss. Flow unusually smiled You know you always had everything planned out. The professor revealed the Senkai Gate Go you will end up in a remote part of the world so nobody will see you pop out of nowhere since your gigai is visible be mortals. As he walked toward the Gate, the professor hugged him I love you son I love you too ,father Flow replied. When they released they both had tears in their eyes. Now go!! As Flow began to walk to the gate he turned back and looked into his creator’s eyes and then jumped into the gate, unaware of his fate.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Flow MSST 000-Modsoul Vaizard   Sat 10 Oct 2009, 11:40 am

Interesting Concept.

Fibz... your call.
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PostSubject: Re: Flow MSST 000-Modsoul Vaizard   Mon 12 Oct 2009, 6:41 am

Interesting. I APPROVE this, but if you want an elite spot, then speak with Temp. Follow whatever test he gives you to a tee.

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PostSubject: Re: Flow MSST 000-Modsoul Vaizard   

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Flow MSST 000-Modsoul Vaizard
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