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 Nakamura Takashi

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PostSubject: Nakamura Takashi   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 4:04 am

Vizard Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Nakamura, Takashi

Age: 500

Visual Age:Mid-20's


Ex-Division: First

Personality: Takashi Nakamura, such a mysterious name. The man himself seems to be queit the abtruse Male and no one obtains the ability to read him like a book. A queit and self contained persona is what Takashi is known for and his name does not suit it, which is why friends tend to call him Valen. Takashi rarely has any dialogue and when he does, it will commonly be something relating to the tone of Psychology and/or Ethics. Takashi has one phrase "Boom" everytime he defeats an opponent, showing a slight bit of a cocky attitude. His confidence is at the average person's level, but his determination in himself and others seem to be high. He relys on himself and his zanpaktou comrade and will fight with his Zanpaktou spirit with connectivity and with plenty of heart. On the outside and somewhat within, the man is a quiet and mysterious figure, but deep within, he is a caring man, with a big heart full of determination.

Takashi has a slim build, standing as a scronny man with a height of 6'5. His skin tone is tan, nice color. His eyes are a sparkling green and his hair is down in bangs, black and is medium in length, going down to his neck. His cloak extends down to his boots with an opening in the front that reveals his black skinny jeans, three gun metal pants chains and gunner boots.


~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~
History/Background: As a child, Takashi found the academy easy, and surpassed his others without attempt. He graduated the academy at a young age, being the master of swords, Takashi wielded blades greatly as a child. After the academy he was the quickly assigned to the 11th division, the frontline division, and the division that frightened even older Shinigami. Takashi was not afraid and was going to go through with his duties and due to his impressive skills Takashi was quickly assigned as the 3rd seated officer of the eleventh Division. Takashi would always train with his captain to try to be the best, he wanted it all, he wanted to become the best in his division and always tried his hardest. One day, The Eleventh Division Captain decided to test all of the Shinigami of his Division to a match. He told them "land one scratch on me and you get to dine with me tonight". The captain's meals were very delicious, and dining with him was an honor to do. He gave each combatant five minutes to try to attempt the task, and sadly none of them were able to do so. It now came to Takashi's turn and he was nervous, the youngish shinigami thinking he could not accomplish the task. He had a good long and rough battle, Takashi trying his hardest to accomplish the given task. Takashi then, in the last 30 seconds of his fight against his captain quickly shunoed on accident and slashed at him, making a small cut upon his cheek. That night Takashi was the only one dining with his captain.

After that day, Takashi’s captain examined him closely, and always trained his abilities, as Takashi was the only one in his division who could pull off the Shunpo. The Eleventh Division captain had Takashi as a pupil, and usually trained him daily, making some of the other shinigami jealous. It was not long until Takashi of course became the Lieutenant of the division, quickly replacing the other one. But, it was not long until Takashi started having weird dreams of this, freaky like hollow, one that looked exactly like him, but with reversed colored skin and claws, wings and a tail. The hollow ran around killing people in the dreams and it made Takashi very weary and frightened of these dreams coming true. A few weeks after the dream, some Shinigami had come up missing and some had come up dead and it was not long until the Shinigami started telling a vicious legend of a “Screeching Hollow”. The Hollow looked a lot like Takashi as they explained, but they thought it wasn’t him and denied all facts. Takashi began to get very scared with the legends, and almost stopped sleeping, but could not help it; he would see the same hollow killing innocent Shinigami and the hollow harming all those he cared about. This would haunt Takashi for quite some time, but he could not help his dreams and he would just continue to rest his head and try his hardest not to think on the subject.

Soon through much more training and sword clashing with his captain, Takashi learned to use the technique Shunpo with ease, something that many Shinigami had not learned even as Lieutenants. The Lieutenant had recently been killed by the weird "hollow" legend and the Second Division captain requested for Takashi as his Lieutenant, this mean he would be the second in command of the Special Forces unit and he would be assigning missions to the special forces and leading missions along with them. This was a big job that was hard to do, but he would do it and he would enjoy the job, as he took the promotion and accepted it. Takashi stayed in the second division for at least 100 years, commanding the Special Forces better then even the Captain himself. The Captain of the Second Division at the time was lazy, and barely did any work with the Special Forces. The Captain Commander saw the laziness of the captain and decided to put his captainship on par, the same day that Takashi and the Special Forces were sent on a mission to figure out the mysterious mystery of this strange new hollow. The mission carried on for years, the second division and special forces usually surronded the soul society day and night, trying to get any information they could on the hollow. Takashi never slept during this period of time and the hollow attacks stopped. After the three years, Takashi was set to fight against the captain, and showed to have done immense training during this time, mastering shunpo, making an afterimage technique and even releasing his Bankai for the first time. He defeated the captain and finally got his rightful spot in the division.

Takashi continued to serve as the captain of the Second divsion, and was usually the main subject of the captain commander when he was talking to other captains. He was quick, he was strong, and he would come to be one of the greatest captains in the soul society. He also impressed others with his afterimage technique, as it was no normal one, but it was one of the fastest techniques to the Shinigami and Arrancar's eyes. He then earned the nick name "Blink" because of his master with the Shunpo. One day, the captain commander sent him on a special mission, to take down three Fraccion Arrancar. Takashi set off to kill the Fraccion because of their sudden lurking in the soul society and the trouble they were causing. Takashi and his Lieutenant showed up to the scene and with a "Blink" he took down all of the Fraccion level Arrancar down himself. The captain commander was highley impressed by Takashi and considered retiring to make Takashi the captain commander. The Captain Commander did something highley dangerous, by sending 2 Captains and their Lieutenants to commence a suprise attack on Takashi, the captain commander was trying to test the Captains Strength.

The captains and their lieutenants rushed at Takashi and he prepared to fight against them. The battle lasted for some time, blood and reiatsu flying all across the fields. After a long and harsh battle, Takashi came out the victor with the others on the ground and bleeding fiercely. The captain commander was pleased with this and had a personal meeting with Takashi for the very first time. The Commander talked about many things to Takashi, educating him on the ways of being a captain commander, and the casualties, norms and difficulties that will be faced as doing such. Takashi listened and showed his respect by nodding his head and agreeing with what the commander said. After the long talk the Captain Commander then placed his arm into the air, his hand and fingers fully extended and waiting for a shake from Takashi. The Captain Commander was old and ready to retire, therefore he offered position of Captain Commander to Takashi. Takashi was impressed and at the same time shocked, he did not believe he had what it took to be a Captain Commander but indeed he was offered the title, position and job. He shook the man's hand and the next day a ceremony crowning the new captain commander would be held.

Takashi became Captain Commander the next day. Huge ceremonies took place and every single Shinigami in the Soul Society attended. Takashi was then crowned the Captain Commander of the Soul Society. Takashi then went to sleep that night and once in hundreds of years he had another dream of the wicked hollow that had haunted him once before. The hollow had killed many shinigami and even Takashi’s own Lieutenant, Jazen. Takashi woke up the next morning, but instead of being sound asleep in his bed he was inside of a tree that looked over the Soul Society. Takashi was in shock as he would not know how this could happen. He then went into shock and quickly hopped out of the tree and ran toward his division headquarters. He saw a dead body lying on the floor, but it was not ordinary body, it was the body of his Lieutenant Jazen. Takashi was frightened at the occurring event and alerted the whole soul society. Takashi got all of divisions 13, 2, the Special Forces and division 10 to go on a hard mission to figure out who this strange hollow was. The Divisions took the command and went on the hunt. Takashi went to sleep every night, Division Captains having to replace Lieutenants and third seats and some of them even getting wounded by the hollow himself. Takashi then went through flashbacks, remembering how he had woken up in some spots that the hollow had went to sleep in, and Takashi then finally realized the he himself was the hollow.

When Takashi was in his teenage years, the previous Captain Commander that served before the one that crowned him told him about these powers, the powers of Cero and hollowfication. Takashi enjoyed the conversation and the man gave him a box which contained a mystical gem that allowed the gaining of hollow powers which was called the Hogyoku. Takashi would open the box when he got home and he rushed home with an excited spirit. Once Takashi got home he quickly opened the box and it was like he was in another dimension and he saw himself in the mirror, only this was not him, it was his inner hollow, an exact clone of him that was grey. He then took on a mask and turned into a strange being and unknowingly went on a rampage. He killed innocent shinigami, Lieutenants and even killed two captains. After he woke up he never remembered anything, the cero blast, the destruction, nothing, until this day as Captain Commander, he remembered nothing. He kept the information quiet without telling any captains, shinigami or anyone. That same day he went to work with a heart full of pride and trying to keep his cool. He trained his division and looked over the Shinigami and he then walked home from work. After that day, he opened the door to his humble abode and saw a dead body; it was none other than the body of his love interest Sarai.

Takashi yelled out in fright and sadness, dropping to his knees and burying his face into his hands, crying his eyes out more than any time he had ever in his life. Takashi screamed and yelled as the other Shinigami were sound asleep. As he then fell to the floor, suddenly three silhouettes revealed themselves from his back door, one of them having on glasses like the previous Captain Commander had. Well it was none other than the previous Captain Commander and he was chuckling. He stepped up to the collapsed Takashi, the Shinigami in shock, and he revealed his master plan. The Former Commander revealed the he had known that Takashi had become a hollow and revealed to him that the whole soul society knew and tricked him and that the previous Captain Commander was killed for the same reason and him and two other Captains stepped fourth from the shadows, revealing their appearances. They then all looked down upon the collapsed Captain and the three of them drew their swords, prepared to slay the :hollow". Takashi got very angry and then shunpo'd behind the previous Captain and knocked the others out, making it a one on one. The previous Captain Commander then removed his katana from the sheathe and quickly released the Bankai, bursting out of the top of the house and blasting out a fierce reiatsu shaped dragon at the house, destroying it. The Commander thought he had ended the life of the Shinigami, even smirking and seeming as if he was now going to walk off, but surely enough Takashi was not finished and the angry Shinigami busted out of the rubble with a mask on, but this was no ordinary one, but the mask of a hollow.

Takashi dashed towards the former and lashed many slashes and destructive hits towards him, easily surpassing the strength of the captain in his bankai. The former then quickly revealed another release to the hollow formed Takashi, a release called the Kyuu. The release was dangerous and only used in emergency situations. The former rushed at Takashi and was quickly on par with his strength, possibly surpassing him in some cases such as hand to hand. Takashi and the former put up a long, huge and destructive fight, both of them matching each other overall matching in strength. Both of them finally delivered final blows to each other, Takashi charging up a Cero and the former charging up a kido and both of them blasting it at each other and both of them flying away from the erupted explosion due to the collision of the blasts. The former captain landed on a building in the soul society, crashing into it and causing a destructive mess and Takashi flying into an unknown garganta that he had made. Takashi went flying into the garganta and came out not in Hueco Mundo but in Karakura town instead. He went flying onto a building in Karakura town, causing the same amount of damage as the former captain had. Takashi laid on the building, a vision shown upon him with him standing over the dead body of the former commander and that would now become his new mission and he would not die until the day he would actually kill this former captain and avenge his wife and would not let anyone get in his way of doing so.

Takashi had remembered of an organization that was destroyed a while ago called the Vizard and he re-opened the clan, residing in Karakura Town and Takashi looking after the followers which he had and the organization that formed. He really treasures them and would risk his life for any of theirs. His sole purpose and his mission still remain the same and he will never die until the day comes when he finally kills the Captain Commander that took the life of his love.

Role-Play Sample:

(I've gotten a bit rusty, bear with me here folks.)

Two people of the resistance stepped Two people of the resistance stepped through a Sekai gate into the torn up Rukongai, such a destroyed and unnourished environment is what surrounded them. Satoshi noticed two bystanders and really didn't care for them to be where they were. He looked around and tipped his head down with sadness and disgust. Rukongai, the place where he and his brother were born, was torn all to shreds. A tear had suddenly erupted from the corner of his eye and it dropped off of his smooth, tan face. The clear colored liquid dropped at such a fast pace that it was hard to catch it fall off of him and as soon as it hit the rough, unsoiled surface, his frown quickly became a grin.

“My goal, my mission, it is to revive Rukongai and Seiretei and the entire Soul Society under us, to restore my home and rid it of those idiotic fools that go by Arrancar, they are the reason that we live this way and for that they shall perish.” Satoshi stated as he pulled out a picture of his brother, Zeroshin and took a glimpse at the photo. His brother was corresponsive to him as they shared the same facial structures, but something would remain different, their destinies. Zeroshin had died and became a human while Satoshi had remained a Shinigami with his brother’s Zanpaktou, Karasu.

“I will avenge you my brother, I swear it” Satoshi thought to himself. He then peered over towards the other two persons that stood in the area. He sensed their reiatsu and what you know another Vaizard and Shinigami pair. How many of these casualties would be seen in just one day. The Shinigami was hurt extremely terribly and his reiatsu levels were low. The crow flew away into the sky as he suddenly transformed into an orb, it was Karasu. The Zanpaktou that Zeroshin had once owned and that Satoshi would now hold in his hand was now what he had inherited. Zeroshin was supposed to be the chosen one of 1000 years, but it was passed down to his brother, Satoshi. He quickly jolted rapidly towards the Shinigami and he knew he was going to heal him. Karasu had come to help Satoshi from the benefit of the doubt once again.

“Faites taire l'haleine de mes adversaires fous” called Satoshi as Karasu quickly transformed into a healing weapon. Satoshi took the weapon and shot the man with it and after several seconds KABOOM, the man was fully healed. He gave a friendly smile to the man and held his hand out to him, his revealed palm offering assistance to the young man as he inspected the man. His emotions were full of kindness and his expression was true, he had intended kindness towards the decapitated stranger with full excitement, something that was very uncommon from any Shinigami.

“Hello, I’m Satoshi Hakura, who might you be sir” Satoshi said as he awaited a reply from the now fully healed young Shinigami.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~

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PostSubject: Re: Nakamura Takashi   Mon 12 Oct 2009, 6:16 am

Your appearance needs a written description.

You say your ex-division was thirteen, but it isn't.

I've already told you the requirements for an Elite rank so that rp sample provided is somewhat voided.
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Approved~ Although, I'm still wanting you to beat those two or give me the sample size I asked for.
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Nakamura Takashi
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